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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-burr, m. (1) charge; (2) salve, ointment; (3) pomp or bravery in dress (cf. 'berast mikit ').
-b, f. (1) tenancy; ef land spillist b hans, during his tenancy; (2) duties of a tenant.
bar-mar, m. an inhabitant
-skylda, f. duties of a tenant.
-bnar, m. tenancy (=b).
-byrg, f. responsibility; vera um e-t, to be responsible for; vera r . um e-t, to be exempt from responsibility in a case; hafa mikit ., have much at stake; e-t er byrgum vi mik, I am responsible for it.
byrgar-fullr, a. full of responsibility, responsible;
-hlutr, m. an object, matter involving risk, a responsibility;
-lauss, a. irresponsible, free from risk;
-ltill, a. involving little risk;
-r, n. responisible step.
-samligr, a. momentous, very important.
-byrgja (-a, -r), v. to make one answerable for, ( e-m e-t or e-t hendi e-m); refl., byrgjast e-t, to answer for, warrant.
-bli, n. tenancy, farm,= b.
an, adv. (1) before (lngu .); (2) a little while ago (Kolr fr fr,seli .).
r, adv. (1) already (ek hef r rit brullaup Mitt); (2) before, heretofore; litlu (lngu) ., a little while (long) before ; (3) = r en, previous to the time when, before, ere; eir hfu skamma hr seti . ar kom Gunnhildr, they had sat but a short while before G. came; du margir . eir kmi til fyrirheitsjarar, before they came to the land of promise . (4) until, till (at var svipstund ein . stofan brann) ; (5) sem ., nevertheless, for all that (hn ba hann at eigi gera, en hann tekr hana sem .).
reifing, f. sprinkling upon.
r-nefndr, pp. before mentioned.
-drykkja, f. the act of drinking to; sitja fyri drykkju e-s, to sit over against one as his drinking-mate (regarded as a mark of honor).
-drykkr, m. a wave dashing over a ship.
-eggja (a), v. to egg or urge on, to exhort ( e-m).
-eggjan, f. egging on, instigation.
eggjanar-ffl, n. a fool or tool egged on by another, (hafa e-n at -ffli);
-grejnir, f. pl. exhortations;
-p, n. encouraging shout.
-eggjari, m. instigator (eggjari glpa).
fa, f. disturbance, quarrel, strife.
-fall, n. (1) heavy sea (dashing over a ship); (2) law term, imposition of a fine (. sektar) ; (3) = felli, calamity, visitation.
falls-dmr, m. sentence of condemnation or punishment.
-fang, n. (1) laying hands upon, rough handling (var hann fyrir miklu spotti ok ifangi) ; (2) mulct, fine, incurred by illegal seizure of another man's goods; sex aura ., a fine of six ounces.
-fangi, m. = fang 2.
-fangr, m. ; see i-vangr.
-fastr, a. fastened to, joined to.
-ftt, a. n. defective faulty.
-felli, n. calamity; standa undir felli, to be under great hardship; hvert . jarl hafi veitt honum, what penalties the earl had laid on him.
, m. condemnation.
-fenginn, pp., -fengr, a. intoxicating, (. mjr, drykkr).
-flog, n. pl. brawl fighting.
-form, n. arrangement.
-forma (a), v. to arrange about a thing (um e-t).
-fram, adv. forwvard, onward; fll hann ., on the face; komst aldri lengra . fyrir honum um skldskapinn, he never got any further in his verse making; hldu eir leiina, they held forward on their way.
-fr, prep. From, = fr ( eim degi).
-frja, v.= frja e-n.
-frja, f. reproach, rebuke.
-fsi, f. gratification, satisfaction (oss er engi . at.)
-fra (-a, -r), v. to reproach.
-ganga, f.= gangr (veita e-m gngu).
-gangr, m. molestation, annoyance, assault, aggression.

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