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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


acc. ; sitja mijan bekk, to be seated on the middle bench; skyldi konungs sti vera ann bekk ; (3) denoting parts of the body ; bita e-n , barka, to bite one in the throat; skera e-n hls, to cut one's throat; kalinn kn, frozen, (frost-bitten) up to the knee. II. of time ; (1) connected with 'evening, morning, the seasons' with the article ; kveldit, every evening; sumarit, every summer; vetrinn, in the winter-time; the plur., however, is much more common in such cases; ntrnar, by night, everynight: morgnana, in the morning, every morning; kveldin, in the evening; vrin, in spring; sumrin, in summer; haustin, in autumn (cf. A. II. 1.); dagr' is always used in sing. with the art. suffixed; daginn, during the day-time, every day in turn; (2) denoting a movement onward in time ; er lei vetrinn (daginn, kveldit, nttina). as the winter, &c., wore on. III. fig. and in various relations; (1) on, upon, to; bja vxtu fit, to offer interest on the money; f e-n, to make an impression upon ; koma ru vi e-n, to enter into talk with, to speak with; (2) of colour, complexion, in respect of, in regard to: hvtr, jarpr, dkkr hr, having, white, brown, dark hair; dkkr hrund, of dark complexion; (3) denoting skill, dexterity; hagr tr, a good carpenter; hagr jrn, mlm, an expert worker in iron, metals; fimir boga, good at the bow; meistari hrpusltt, a master in harp-playing; mikill rtt, highly accomplished; frimar landnmssgur ok forna fri, a great scholar in history and antiquities ; (4) denoting dimensions; h (lengd, breidd, dpt), in height (length, breadth, depth) ; (5) denoting instrumentality bjargast snar hendr, to live on the work of one's own hands; vega skllir, to weigh in scales; nefna e-n nafn, by name; (6) denoting manner; essa lund, in this wise; marga (ymsa, alla) vega, in many (various, all) respects; esp. of a language ; mla, rita e-a tungu, to speak, write in a tongue; Irsku, in Irish; (7) in some phrases the acc. is used instead of the dat. ; hann lt ekki sik finna, he showed no sign of motion ; (8) in distributive sense ; skal mrk kaupa gzlu k er oxa, a mark ... for every cow; (9) connected with nouns, in prepositional and adverbial phrases; hendr e-m, against; hla e-m, at one's heels, close behind; , bak e-m, at the back of, behind; braut, away; vxl, so as to cross, cross-wise.
(gen. ar, pl. r, gen. , dat. m), f. river; hr kemr til svar, here the river runs into the sea, fig.,= this is the very end.
-auki, m. (1) increase; (2) interest of money, yield, profit; (3) reward.
-austr (-rs), m. abusive language.
-barning, f. (1) thrashing, flogging, (= barsm); (2) assault (of the Evil One), temptation.
-batan, f.= bati.
-bati, m. profit, gain.
-bersemi, f. disposition to accuse.
-bltsinn, pp. inspired (bk guliga blsin).
-blsning, f. (1) breathing upon (me elds .) ; (2) gramm., aspiration ; (3) inspiration ;
-blstr, m. (1) breathing upon; (2) inspiration.
bta-dmi, n. abbacy, abbotship;
-kosning, f. election of an abbot;
-ligr, a. abbatial;
-sonr, m. son of an abbot;
-sttt, f. the rank, dignity of an abbot;
-stofa, f. abbot's parlour;
-sti, n. seat of an abbot;
-vald, n. the power, dignity of an abbot.
bta-vant, a. n. in need of improvement, imperfect (ar er honum tti -vant um kristnihaldit).
, m. abbot.
-breia, f. -breizl, n. bed-covering, counterpane.
-brigr, a.= afbrigr;
bbra, v.= afbra;
-bri, f = afbri.
burar-kli, n. pl. fine clothes, showy dress;
-kona, f. a showy, dressy woman;
-mar, m. showy person, dandy;
-mikill, a. puffed up, showy;
-samligr, -samr, a. showy.

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