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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


aus-ker, n.=austrs-ker.
ausli, m.; see 'auvisli, usli'.
austan, adv. from the east; austan, blowing from east; fyrir austan (as a prep with acc.), east of; (2) without motion, on the eastern side (rj hli vru austan borginni) ; (3) with gen., to the east of (austan rinnar ; austan fjarar).
austan-fer, f. journey from the east;
-gols, f. light breeze from the east;
-kvma, f. arrival from the east;
-mar, m. a man from the east;
-ver, n. easterly gale;
-verr, a. eastern, easterly;
-vindr, m. east wind.
austar-liga, adv., -ligr, a. easterly.
austarr, adv. compar. more to the east;
austast, adv. superl. most to the east;
austastr, a. superl. most easterly, easternmost.
aust-firingr, m. one from the east of Iceland;
-firir, m. pl. the east firths of Iceland;
-firzkr, a. from the east firths (of Iceland);
aust-ker, n. = austrs-ker.
aust-mar, m. 'eastman', a man from the east; in Iceland and in the Orkneys, a man from Norway.
austr, n. (1) the east (sl austri; til austrs); (2) as adv., in the east (ek var a. ok na varak) ; towards the east ( vart a. sendr).
austr (-ra or -rar), m. (1) the act of baling out water; standa austri, to be engaged in baling; (2) bilge-water (skipit fullt af austri).
austr-tt, f. = austrtt.
austr-biti, m. a cross-beam near the baling place (in a ship).
austrfarar-knrr, m., -skip, n. vessel bound for the Baltic.
austr-fer: -fr, f. voyage to the east, esp. to Russia or the eastern Baltic.
austr-hlfa, f. (1) the eastern part; hennar (of Europe) -hlfa; (2) Asia (-austr-hlfa heimsins).
, m., -j, f. people of the east.
austr-kendr, a. easterly (var verit austrkennt).
austr-ker, n. scoop, = austrs-ker.
austr-ligr, a. eastern.
austr-lnd, n. pl. the East.
austr-ml, n. turn at baling.
austr-oka (a), v. to lavish, squander (-oka f snu).
austr-riki, n. the eastern empire, esp. the east of Europe; also of Asia.
austr-rm, n. the baling place in a ship.
austra-ker, n. scoot, bucket for bating out water.
austr-vegr, m. the east, esp. the eastern Baltic, Russia.
austrvegs-konungr, m. king of Russia; -konungar, the three kings from the east;
-mar, m. inhabitant of the austrvegr.
austr-tt, f. eastern region of the heaven, east.
aust-rnn, a. eastern, coming from the east; -rn gola, easterly breeze; -rnn mar-austmar; -rnn vir, timber from Norway.
aust-skota. f. scoop,=austrs-ker.
auvi, interj. alas! = aufi (auvi mr veslugri).
auvirast (a). v. refl., to become worthless, =afvirast.
auviri, n. (1) worthless wretch; (2) a law term, damage, anything impairing the value of a thing.
auviriligr, a. worthless, wretched.
auviris-mar, m. a worthless wretch.
auvirskapr, m. worthlessness.
auvisla-bt, f. compensation for damage.
auvisli (af, vesall), m., contr. ausli. usli; (1) a law term, damage; bta auvisla, to pay compensation for damage done; (2) hurt, injury in general; setja undan llum auvisla, to get off unscathed.
ax, n. ear of corn.
axar-, see 'xar-'.
ax-helma, f. stalk and ear of corn.
axlar-bein, n. shoulder-bone, shoulder-blade;
-litr, m. shoulder-joint.
axl-byrr, f. load borne on the shoulder (xl) ;
-hr, a. as high as a man's shoulder (axlhr e-m).
ay, interj. = auvi (ay mr veslugri).

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