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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


e.s; a. tt sna; a. vandri); to prolong (a. ing); aukanda ferr am e-t, something goes on increasing; eigi er at aukit (it is no exaggeration) at hann s sagr rkastr mar Islandi; orum aukit, exaggerated; aukin (more than) rj hundru manna; (2) to add, with dat, (jk ek v es mr var sar kunnara); a. synd synd ofan, to heap sin upon sin; a. e-u vi, to add; aukast orum vi, to come to words, to converse; with acc., a. n vandri (= num vandrum) hin fornu, to add new difficulties to old ones; impers., jk strum hans harm) his grief increased greatly; (3) to surpass, exceed; at er eykr sex aura, konungr hlft at er eykr, if it exceeds six ounces, the king takes half the excess.
auka (a), v. (a Norse form) = the preceding.
auka-gr, f.unnecessary work.
auka-hlutr, m. , at-hlat, in addition, to boot, = at auk.
aukan, f. increase, augmentation.
auka-nafn, n. nickname, additional name;
-smi, n. superfluous thing;
-tungl, n. intercalary moon ;
-verk, n. superfluous work.
auki, m. (1) addition, increase (a. fagnaar, pnsla) ; vera at moldar auka, to become dust, to die ; til auka, in addition, to boot ; frast alla auka (afls sns), to exert to the utmost one's bodily strength ; (2) seed, progeny, offspring, (eigi gaft mr auka er afkvmi) ; (3) produce of the earth (4) interest of capital.
auk-nefna (-da, -dr), v. to nickname;
-nefni, n. contemptuous name, nickname (eigi em ek bastarr nema at -nefni, of William the Conqueror).
aukning, f. increase.
aukvisi, m. degenerate person, laggard (einn er au. ttar hverrar).
auma, f. misery, in the phrase, sj aumu or aumur e-m, to take pity upon; cf. 'arma'.
aum -hjartar, a. tender-hearted, charitible.
aumingi (ja), m. miserable person, wretch (gu aumingi).
aumka (a), v. to commiserate, to feel pity for (a person, &c.).
aumkan, f. lamentation, wailing.
aum-leikr, m. misery, wretchedness;
-liga, adv. piteously, wretchedly;
-ligleikr, m. = -leikr; -ligr, a. poor, miserable (aumligr ok hrmuligr).
aumr, a. poor, miserable, unhappy, wretched,
aum-staddr, pp. in a poor, wretched state; miserably situated,
aura-, gen. pl. from aurar; see 'eyrir',
aura-dagr, m. pay-day ;
-lag, n. standard of money;
-ln, n. luck;
-lgan, f. squandering money, profuseness;
-lykt, f. payment;
-skortr, m. scarcity of money;
-taka, f. receipt of money.
aur-bor, n. the second plank from the keel of a boat.
aur-giti, m.; see 'rgti'.
aurigr (acc. aurgan), a. clayey, muddy.
aurr, m. moist earth, clay, mud (aurr etr iljar, en ofan kuldi).
aurria-bekkr, m. trout-stream;
-fiski, n. trout-fishery;
-net, n. troutnet;
-vatn, n. a lake with trout.
aurrii, m. salmon-trout.
aur-skr, m. 'mud-shoe', horseshoe;
-skria, f. landslip.
ausa (eys, js, jsum, ausinn), v. to sprinkle, pour, with dat.; r taka hvern dag vatn i brunninum ok ausa (viz. v) upp yfir askinn, pour it over the ash-tree; a. sld r netjum, to empty the nets of the herrings; fig., a. sauri e-n, to bespatter with abuse; a. e-m e-u augu upp, to throw ... in one's face; (2) a. e-n (or e-t) e-u, to besprinkle with a thing; a. e-n moldu, to sprinkle with earth, to bury; a. barn vatni, a sort of baptism in the heathen age (Sigurr jarl js sveininn vatni ok kallai Hkon); (3) with acc., to bale; a. skip upp, to bale the ship out; fig., a. bt sinn, to make wetter; (4) of a horse, to kick or lash out with the hind legs.
ausa, f. ladle; ekki er enn sopit, ausuna s komit, there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and lip.

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