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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


au-velda (a), v. to make easy, take lightly.
auvelda-verk, n. an easy task.
au-veldi, n. easiness, facility; me -veldi, easily.
-veldliga, adv. (1) easily, lightly, taka -veldliga e-u, to make light of; (2) without reluctance, willingly.
-veldligr, a. easy to overcome (hversu -veldlig s borg var);
a. -velliligr, a. (1) easy; (2) compliant.
au-vira, &c.; see ' afvira'.
au-vita, pp. n. easy to know, clear, evident;
-vst, a. n., = -vita.
au-rifligr, a. weakly, feeble.
au-fl, opulence, wealth, riches.
aufi, interj. woe! alas!; a. mr or a. mik, woe is me!
aufusa or aufsa, f. thanks, gratitude, satisfaction, pleasure; kunna e-m aufsu fyrir e-t, to be thankful, obliged to one, for a thing; gefa e-m aufsu, to thank; e-m er au. e-u, one is pleased, gratified, with ; ef yr er ar nkkur au. , if it be any pleasure to one ; var mnnum mikil au. v, were much pleased by it.
aufsa-gestr, m. a welcome guest, opp. to 'andvara-gestr' ;
-lauss, a. ungrateful, unthankful;
-or, n. thanks;
-svipr, m. friendly mien.
auga (gen. pl. augna), n. eye; lka (brega) upp augum, brega augum sundr, to open (lift up) the eyes; lka aptr augum, to shift the eyes ; renna (brega, leia) augum til e-s, to turn the eyes to; leia e-n augum, to measure one with the eyes; berja augum e-t, to take into consideration; koma augum e-t, to set eyes on, become aware of; hafa auga e-u, to have, keep, an eye upon; segja e-m e-t augu upp, to one's face, right in the face; unna e-m sem augum hfi sr, as one's own eye-balls; em vex e-t augu, one has scruples about nit er nef augum, the nose is neighbor to the eyes; gloggt er gests augat a guest's eye is sharp ; mrg eru dags augu, the day has many eyes; eigi leyna augu, ef ann kona manni, the eyes cannot hide it if a woman loves a man ; (2) hole, aperture in a needle (nlarauga), in a millstone (kvarnaruga) or an axe-head ; (3) pit full of water.
auga-bora, f. socket of the eye;
-brag, n. (1) twinkling of an eye, moment; einu augabragi, in the twinkling of an eye; (2) glance, look; snart -brag, a keen glance; hafa -brag af e-u, e-u, to cast a look at; (3) a butt for ridicule, hafa en at -bragi, to make sport of ridicule vera at -brag to become a laughingstock;
-bragligr, a. (1) momentary; (2) instantaneous;
-star, m. socket of the eye;
-steinn. m. apple (or pupil) of the eye.
augbr, f. eye-lashes ;
-dapr, a. weak-sighted;
-fagr, a. = augnafagr;
-lit, n. face, countenance; fyrir (or ) gsaugliti, before the face of God;
-ljs, n., in the phrase, koma -ljs, to come to light, appear;
-ljss, a. clear, manifest.
augna-bending, f. a warning look or glance;
-brag, n.= augabrag;
-fagr, a. fair-eyed, having beautiful eyes;
-fullr, a. full of eyes;
-gaman, n. delightfull of the eyes ;
-karl, m. pan of the hipjoint;
-kast, n. wild glance;
-lag, n. look;
-mein, n. disease of the eye;
-myrkvi, m. dimness of the eye ;
-sjldr, n. eyeball, pupil;
-skot, n. (1) look, glance of the eye; (2) measure by the eye (at augnaskoti);
-star, m.= augastar ;
-sveinn, m. a lad leading a blind man;
-verkr, m. pain in the eye;
-ungi, m. heaviness of the eye.
aug-sjndi, pr. p. seeing with one's own eyes; at augsjndum postulum snum, in sight of his apostles ;
-sjn, f. = augsn ;
-srr, a. blear-eyed, = sreygr;
-sn, f. sight; koma -sn e-m, to appear before him; -sn e-m, in the face of ;
-snast (d), v. refl. to appear clearly;
adv. visibly;
-sniligr, a. visible;
-snn, a.= au-snn, aug-ljss.
auk, adv. and conj. (1) besides, = at auki (hundra manna ok auk kappar hans) ; (2) also, = ok.
auka (eyk, jk, jkum, aukinn), v. (1) to augment, increase (a. viring

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