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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


distinguished appearance;
-kenni, n. mark, distinction;
-kenniligr, a. easy to recognize;
-keyptr, pp. easily bought, cheap;
-kjrinn, pp. easily chosen, easy to decide on;
-kumall, a. tender, delicate, easily hurt or wounded; -kumall skapi, irritable;
-kvaddr, pp. easily moved (vru menn til ass -kvaddir).
au-kvisa, f., -kvisi, m. ; see 'aukvisi'.
au-kvr, a. easily talked over, easily moved, pliable.
au-kymli, f. weakness ( varp hn af sr -kymli konunnar).
au-kfingr, m. a man of great wealth.
au-lattr, pp. easily kept in check;
-ltinn, pp. of easy, affable manners, complaisant.
au-leg, f. wealth, riches;
-mar, m. wealthy man;
-mildingr, m. generous, free-handed man.
au-mjkliga, adv. (1) humbly; (2) easily;
-mjkligr, a. humble (aumjkligt bnarbrf);
-mjkr, a. (1) humble, meek ; (2) pliable, docile ;
-munar, pp. easily remembered;
-mkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to humble; au-mkja sik, to humble oneself ; (2) to make pliable;,
-mkt, f. meekness, humility.
aun, f. (1) wilderness, desert (friligar aunir) ; (2) uninhabited and uncultivated tract of land, waste (bygust margar aunir landsins); (3) deserted farm or habitation (s br ht san Hrappstum, ar er n aun; (4) desolation; rki mitt stendr mjk til aunar, is in a state of desolation ; liggja (leggja) aun, to lie (to lay) waste; (5) destruction (aun borgarinnar).
auna, f. (1) fate a. mun v ra, Fate must settle that; (2) good fortune; me aunu eirri, at orkatli var lengra lfs auit, by that good fortune that longer life was destined for Thorkel.
auna, f. desolation, = aun.
auna, (a), v. impers. to fall out by fate; ef honum aunai eigi aptr at koma, if he did not have the good fortune to return ; ef gu vill, at ess auni, that it shall succeed; sem aunar, as luck decides.
aunar-glutr, n. squandering, prodigality;
-hs, n. deserted house;
-mar, m. destroyer;
-al, n. impovetished estate;
-sel, n. deserted shieling;
-star, m. a desert place.
aunu-lauss, a. luckless;
-mar, m. lucky man, favourite of fortune;
-samliga, adv. fortunately.
au-nmiligr, a. easy to learn.
au-nmr, a. easily learned, soon got by heart.
aur, a. empty, void, desolate; hsin voru au, uninhabited; au skip (= hroin empty ships, all the crew being slain or put to flight; a. af mnnum, void of people; a. at yndi, devoid of pleasure, cheerless.
aur, m. riches, wealth; aur fjr, great wealth ; aur er valtastr vina, wealth is the ficklest of friends.
au-r, n. wealth = auri.
au-rinn, pp. (1) easily explained (of a dream); (2) easy to manage (of a boat);
-rr, a. pliable, yielding.
au-rann, n. rich house;
-ri, n. pl. means, property, wealth;
-salir, m. pl. rich (splendid) halls.
au-snn, pp. easily seen, evident;
-skilligr, a. easy to understand;
-skreir, a. =rskreir; -skr, a. easily damaged, delicate, tender;
-sttligr, a. (1) easy to perform, an easy task (tti etta eigi vera -sttligt); (2) that can easily be taken by force (borg -sttlig);
-sttr, pp. easy to win (mal -stt) ; austtr til bna, pliable, yielding.
au-stafr, m. poet. wealthy man.
au-sveipr, a. pliable, yielding.
au-sna (-da, -dr), v. to show, exhibit; refl., -snast, to appear clearly;
-sniliga, adv. clearly;
-sniligr, a. evident, clear;
-sning, f. making evident, explanation;
-snn, a. easily seen, clear, evident;
-sligr, a. = -sniligr;
-sr, a. =snn;
-tra, a. indecl., -trinn, a. credulous;
-tryggi, f. simplicity, credulity;
-tryggr, a. simple-hearted, credulous.
auugr, a.; see 'auigr'.

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