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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


at-laga, f. (1) laying the ships alongside for attack in a sea-fight, attack, assault (also on land); (2) landing without notion of fight (jarl skipi sv fyrir um atlguna).
at-lt, n. compliance; atlt synda, indulgence in sin.
atltsamr, a. compliant (e-u).
atlogu-skip, n. a ship engaged in battle.
atmlasamr, a. fault-finding.
at-mli, n. blame, censure;
-rs, charge, attack ;
-rei, f. (1) riding at (2) charge of horse.
atreiar-ss, m. quintain-post.
at-rekandi, m. vigorous efforts, great exertions.
at-renna, f. running knot, noose, slip-knot.
atrennu-lykkja, f. = atrenna.
atri, n. movement; hann hafi allt eitt atriit, he did both things at once.
at-rr, m. (1) rowing towards; (2) rowing against the enemy (to make an attack).
atsamr, a. quarrelsome, contentious.
at-seta, f. residence ; hafa atsetu e-s staar, to reside, esp. of kings;
-setr, n.= -seta.
at-skelking, f. derision, ridicule.
atskiljanligr, a. various, different.
at-kjaldar, a. covered with shields.
atskjtar, a. situated; ilia atskjtar badly off.
at-skn, f. (1) onslaught, attack (2) run of visitors or guests seeking hospitality (fng vru ltil, en atskn mikil).
atsknar-mar, m., aggressor.
at-spurning, f. inquiry; leia atspurningum um e-, to make inquiries about a thing.
at-staa, f. (1) assistance, support; (2) zeal; (3) importunity, obtrusion
-staddr, a. situated, circumstance (vel, ilia atstaddr);
-stuning, f. -stuningr, m., -st, f. support, assistance;
-sgr, m., only in the phrase, bora frekan atsg til e-s, to lay vigorous claim to;
-svif, n. incident, bearing;
-tekinn. pp. = -staddr
-tekt, f. state, condition.
at-tönn, f. tusk, = vgtnn (cf. at, n.).
at-veizla, f. assistance (cf. 'veita at') ;
-vorknar, m. work, esp. in haymaking; var rgunnu tlat nautsfr til atverknaar, to toss and dry it.
at-vik, n. (1) esp. in plur., details, particulars; eptir atvikum, according to the circumstances of the case ; greina e-t me atvikum, circumstantially; (2) concession; (3) onset, assault,= atvgi.
at-vinna, f. (1) assistance, support; (2) means of subsistence.
atvinnu-lauss, a. without means of subsistence.
at-vist, f. presence, esp. the act of being present at a crime; vera atskn ok atvist, to be present and a partaker in the onslaught;
atvistar-mar, m. aider and abettor.
at-vgi, n. onset, onslaught.
atyra (-rta, -rr), v. to rebuke;
-yri, n. pl. abusive words.
au-, adverbial prefix to a great many adjectives, adverbs, and participles (opp. to tor-), easily;
-binn, pp. easily persuaded;
-bnn, a. easily moved by entreaty;
-bttr, pp. easily compensated for;
-eggjar, pp. easily egged on;
-fenginn, pp., -fengr, a. easy to get;
-fundinn, pp., -fyndr, a. easy to find;
-fundit (-fynt), easy to perceive, clear;
-frr, a. (1) easy to pass (-frr vegr) ; (2) easily accessible.
auga (a). v. to enrich (a. e-n e-u) refl., augast, to grow wealthy.
au-gengr, a. easy to pass (stgr -gengr) ;
-gtligr, a., -gtr, a. easy to get;
-grr, pp. easily done;
-heyrt, pp. n. easily heard, clear.
au-hf, n., -hfl, n. pl. riches, aufi.
auigr and auugr, a. rich, wealthy (a. at f) ; skip mikit ok auigt, with a rich lading.
auit, pp. n. of an obs. verb; e-m verr e-s au., it falls to one's lot; oss var eigi eirrar hamingju an., this good fortune was not destined for us; at mr veri lffs au. though life be granted to me; hafi au., they had won the day, vard eim eigi erfingja au., to them no heir was granted; au. f, means possessed.
au-kendr, pp. easy to recognize, of

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