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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


backing, support;
-fyndiligr, a. blameable, reprehensible;
-fyndli, f. censoriousness;
-frsla, f. exertion, activity.
atfralu-mar, m. a man of vigour.
at-fr, f. (1) proceeding, method, (2) attack; gera atfr at e-m, veita e-m atfr, to make an attack upon; (3) a law term, execution (dmr ok atfr) ;
-ganga, f. (1) attack, onslaught; veita e-m atgngu, to attack ; (2) help, assistance;
-gangr, m. (1) fighting, combat; (2) inroad, intrusion; veita e-m atgang, to intrude upon; (3) help, cooperation.
atgangs-mikill, a. energetic.
atgeirr, m. bill or halberd.
atgengiligr, a. acceptable, inviting.
at-ger, at-gervi, see atgr, atgrvi.
at-geyminn, a. careful, mindful, attentive;
-geymsla, f. attention, heedfulness;
-gzla, f. care, caution.
at-gr, f. (1) achievement (essa heims atgrir) ; (2) accomplishment, ability ; (3) surgical operation (cf. gora at meini); (4) pl., measures, steps taken; litlar atgrir, small measures; var eigi vnt til atgra, there were few expedients.
atgra-lauss, a. inactive, idle; -laust er um e-t, no steps are taken;
-mar, m. a ready man.
atgrar-mar, m. = atgrvimar
-mikill, a. active, energetic;
-vinr, m. a. friend in deed.
at-grvi, f. (or neut.), accomplishments, ability.
atgrvi-mir or atgrvis-mar, m. a man of great (physical) accomplishments.
athafnar-lauss, a. inactive;
-mar, m. an enterprising man.
at-hald, n. (1) constraint, restraint; (2) ascetic abstinence.
athalds-mar, m. ascetic;
-taumr, m. constraining force.
at-hjkan, f. nursing, attendance on a sick person.
at-hlaup, n. onset, attack; einu athlaupi, in one rush (in a battle); tkst n egar athlaup, a hand to handfight.
at-hltr, m. mockery, laughing-stock;
-hlgi, n. -hltr;
-hlgiligr, a. ridiculous.
athuga-lauss, a. heedless, careless;
-leysi, n. heedlessness;
-ltill, a. rather heedless.
at-hugall, a. heedful, thoughtfull, carefull.
athuga-mar, m. devout person
-samliga, adv. attentively;
-samligr, a. (1) attentive; (2) = -verr;
-samr, a. heedful, attentive ;
-verbr, a. worthy of attention.
at-hugi, m. attention, meditation; af llum athuga, carefully ; flytja fram bnir snar me athuga, with devotion; leia e-t athuga, to reflect upon, to take into consideration.
athugliga, adv. attentively.
at-hvarf, n. courteous attentions to any one, in the phrases, gra e-m athvarf, gra at athvarfi vi e-n.
at-hyggja, f. attention (me allri hugarins athyggju);
-hygli, f. heedfulness, attentiveness;
-hyllast, v. refl., to cultivate one's friendship; to side with (e-n);
-hfl, n. conduct, behaviour, proceeding ( llu snu athfi) ;
-hfiligr, a. fit, fitting;
-hfn, f. (1) doings, business; fengin var eim nnur athfn, occupation; (2) behaviour, conduct;
-kall, n. demand, claim;
-kast, n. rebuke, reproach.
atkeri, m. anchor; see 'akkeri'.
at-koma, -kvma, f. (1) arrival; (2) pain, visitation;
-kominn, pp. situated (vel, illa atkominn).
atkva-lauss. a. unimportant, of no consequence;
-mar, m. a man of importance;
-mikill, a. of weight, influential.
at-kvi, n. (1) technical term; skal skja sem jfssk fyrir utan atkvi, with exception of the technical terms, without calling it theft ; (2) word, expression; (3) sound, pronunciation (atkvi nafns hvers eirra) ; (4) decision; var v vikit til atkva Marar, referred to Mard's decision; S. veitti atkvi (ordered, decreed), at htta skyldi verkum; af atkvi guanna, by the gods' decree; (5) spell, charm; atkvi Finnunnar, the spell of the Finnish witch.

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