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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


at, conj., that; (1) introducing a subjective or objective clause; ■at var einhverju sini, at H÷skuldr haf­i vinabo­, it happened once that H.; vilda ek, at ■˙ rÚ­ist austr Ý fj÷r­u, I should like you to go; (2) relative to ' svß ', denoting proportion, degree; svß mikill lagama­r, at, so great a lawyer, that; (3) with subj., denoting end or purpose, in order that (skßru ■eir fyrir ■ß (viz. hestana) melinn, at ■eir doei eigi af sulti); (4) since, because, as (=■vÝ at); (5) connected with ■ˇ, ■vÝ, svß ; ■ˇ at (with subj.), though, although ; ■vÝ at, because, for; svß at, so that; (6) temp., ■ß at (=■ß er), when; ■egar at (=■. er), as soon as; ■ar til at (= ■. t. er), until, till; ß­r at (=a. en), before; (7) used superfluously after an interrog. pron. or adv.; Olafr spur­i, hvern styrk at hann mundi fß honum, what help he was likely to give him; in a relative sense; me­ fullkomnum ßvexti, hverr at (which) ■ekkr ok ■Šgiligr mun ver­a.
at, negative verbal suffix,= -a; varat, was not.
at, n. an incited conflict or fight (see etja); odda at, Yggs at, battle.
ata (a­), v. to stain, smear.
atall (÷tul, atalt), a. fierce; ÷tul augu, fierce, piercing., eyes.
at-beini, m. assistance, help.
atblßstrar-ma­r, m. instigator.
atbur­a-lauss, a. eventless, uneventfull.
at-bur­r, m. (1) occurrence, event; ver­r sß atbur­r, at, it so happens that; drßp Bßr­ar ok ■ß atbur­i er ■ar h÷f­u or­it, and the events that had happened there; (2) incident, circumstance; Ë sag­i honum alla atbur­i (all the circumstances, particulars) um sitt mßl; Ý hverjum atbur­um, under what circumstances; me­ hverjum atbur­um, in what manner, how; (3) chance, accident; slÝkt kalla ek atbur­, en eigi jartegn, such a thing I call an accident, and not a miracle; af atbur­, by chance; accidentally; me­ atbur­, by chance; per adventure, perhaps; (4) attack; (5) gesture (me­ atbur­ kalla­i hann mik til sÝn) ; var hˇn en fri­asta jungfr˙ ok vel at atbui­um, of good manners, well-bred.
at-b˙na­r, m. proper outfit, equipment, etc.; veita atb˙na­ dau­um m÷nnum, to lay out dead bodies.
at-dj˙p, n. deep water close to shore.
-dj˙pr, a. deep close to the shore.
at-drßttar-maðr, m., mikill -ma­r, a good housekeeper.
at-drßttr, m. provisions, supplies for household use ; haf­i hann atdrßtt at ■eirra b˙i, he supplied their household; atdrŠttir ok ˙tvegar, ways and means.
at-dugna­r, m. assistance, help.
at-eggjan, f. egging on, = ßeggjan.
at-fall, n. rising tide, flood-tide.
atfanga, gen. pl. from atf÷ng, provisions;
-dagr, m. -kveld n. the day, or evening, preceding a church festival; atf. jˇla, Christnias Eve;
-lauss, a. destitute of means of subsistence, without resources;
-ma­r, m.= atdrßttarma­r.
atfara-laust, a. n. without onslaught or armed aggression (see atf÷r).
atfarar-dˇmr, m. sentence of execution (for payment);
-■ing, n. court of execution.
at-fer­, f. proceeding, conduct, behaviour (skynsamlig atfer­) vÝkjast eptir atfer­um enna fyrri frŠnda ■inna, to follow their (good) example; (2) activity, energy; assault; veita e-m atfer­ to set upon one; (4) a law term, execution (me­ dˇmrofum ok atfer­um).
atfer­ar-bˇt, f. improvement of conduct;
-gˇ­r, a. well-behaved;
-leysi, n. inactivity, idleness;
-ma­r, m. energetic man.
atter­ligr, a. fit or manly.
at-ferli, n. action, proceeding, procedure hann spur­ist fyrir um aiferli hera­smanna, what they were doing;
-flutning, f. conveyance to a place, supply;
-frÚtt, f. asking, inquiry.
atfrÚttar-ma­r, m. inquirer (e-s, after something).
at-fundull, a., faultfinding, censorious;
-fylgi, n., -fylgja, f. help,

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