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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


at hins beilaga lafs konungs, at St. Olave's church ; at Rnar, at Ran's (abode). III. Of time; (1) at, in; at upphafi, at first, in the beginning; at silnai, at parting, when they parted; at pskum, at Easter; at kveldi, at eventide; at inglausnum, at the close of the Assembly ; at fru, at the ebb; at flum, at the floodtide ; (2) adding 'komanda' or 'er kemr'; at ri komanda, next year; at vri, er kemr, next spring; generally with 'komanda' understood; at sumri, hausti, vetri, vri, next summer, &c.; (3) used with an absolute dative and present or past part.; at sr lifanda, during his lifetime ; at llum sjndum, in the sight of all; at heyranda hfingjanum, in the hearing of the chief; at upprennandi slu, at sunrise; at linum sex vikum, after six weeks are past; at honum nduum, after his death; (4) denoting uninterrupted succession, after; hverr at rum, annarr at rum, one after another ; skildu menn at essu, thereupon, after this; at v (thereafter) kmu arar meyjar. IV. fig. and in various uses; (1) to, into, with the notion of destruction or change; brenna (borgina) at sku, to burn to ashes; vera at ormi, to become a snake; (2) for, as; gefa e-t at gjf, as a firesent; eiga e-n at vin, to have one as friend; (3) by; taka sver at hjltum, by the hilt ; draga t bjrninn at hlustunum, by the ears; kjsa at afli, litum, by strength, appearrance; (4) as regards as to; auigarat f, wealthy in goods; vnn (fagr) at liti, fair of face; (5) as a law term, on the grounds of, by reason of; rya (to challenge) dm at mgum, kvi at frndsemi; (6) as a paraphrase of a genitive ; fair, mir at barni (= barns, of a child); aili at sk = aili sakar ; (7) with adjectives denoting colour, size, age of; hvtr, svartr, raur at lit, white, black, red of colour; mikill, ltill at str, vexti, tall, small of stature, tvtugr at aldri, twenty years of age; kr ar fyrsta, rum klfi, a cow that has calved once, twice; (8) determining the source from which anything comes, of, from ; Ari nam ok marga fri at uri (from her) ; iggja, kaupa, geta, leigja e-t at e-m, to receive, buy, obtain, borrow a thing from one ; hafa veg (viring) styrk at e-m, to derive honour, power, from one; (9) according, to, after (heygr at fornum si) ; at ri allra vitrustu manna, by the advice of ; at landslgum, by the law of the land; at vnum, as was to be expected ; at leyfi e-s, by one's leave; (10) in adverbial phrases; gra (vera grddr) at heilu, to be quite healed; bta af allt gras at snggu, quite bare; at fullu, fully; at vsu, surely; at frjlsu, freely; at eilfu, for ever and ever; at rngu, at rttu, wrongly, rightly; at lku, at smu, equally, all the same; at mun, at ri, at marki, to a great extent. B. with acc., after, upon (= eptir) ; sonr at taka arf at fur sinn, to take the inheritance after his father; eiga frnsdm at e-n, to hold a court of execution upon a person; at at (-eptir at), after that, thereafter; connected with a past part. or adj., at Gamla fallinn, after the fall of Gamli; at Hrungni dauan, upon the death of Hrungnir. at, (1) as the simple mark of the infinitive, to; at ganga, at ra, at hlaupa, to walk, to ride, to run; (2) in an objective sense; hann bau eim at fara, sitja, he bade (ordered) them to go, sit; gefa e-m at eta, at drekka, to give one to eat, to drink; (3) denoting design or purpose, in order to (hann gekk borg at kaupa silfr).
at, (1) demonstrative particle before a comparative, the, all the, so much the; hn grt at meir, she wept the more; ykkir oss at lkara, all the more likely; ert mar at verri (so much the worse), er hefir etta mlt ; (2) rel. pron., who, which, that (= er); eir allir, at au tiindi heyru, all those who heard; sem eim er ttt, at (as is the custom of those who) kaupferir reka.

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