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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


arma, f. pity; drttinn s rmu mannkyni, took pity upon.
arm-baugr, m. armlet, bracelet;
arm-bryst, n. cross-bow.
arm-fylking, f. = fylkingar-armr.
armingi (pl. -jar), m. poor fellow (-aumingi).
arm-leggr, m. arm (=armr).
armligr, a. pitiful, miserable.
armr (-s, -ar), m. (1) arm; leggja arma um e-n, to embrace (of a woman); koma arm e-m, to come into one's embraces (of a woman marrying); (2) the wing of a body, opp. to its centre; armar thafsins, the arms of the ocean, viz. bays and firths; armr fylkingar, a wing of an army.
armr, a. (1) unhappy, poor; (2) wretched, wicked; hinn armi Bjarngrmr, the wretch, scoundrel B.; hin arma kerlingin, the wicked old woman.
arm-skapar, pp. misshapen miserable, poor;
-vitki, f. compassion ;
-vitugr, a. charitable, compassionate; ltt armvitugr, hard-hearted.
arma, f. distress, trouble;
armast, v. refl. to distress oneself.
arnar-, gen. From 'rn';
-hamr, m. eagle's plumage ;
-hreir, n. eagle's nest, eyrie;
-kl, f. talon of an eagle;
-lki, n. eagle's shape;
-ungi, m. eaglet.
arning, f. tillage, ploughing (related to 'erja').
arn-sgr, m. the rushing, sound caused by the flight of an eagle.
ars, m. posteriors, -rass.
arta, f. a species of teal, garganey.
aska, f. ashes (mold ok a. ; dust eitt ok a.). Cf. sku-.
aska-smir, m. shipwright?
aska-spillir, m. ship spoiler?
ask-limar, f. pl. branches of an ash.
ask-mar, m. shipman, viking, pirate; cf. askr (3).
askr (-s, -ar), m. (1) ash, ash-tree; (2) ash-spear; (3) small ship (eir sigla burt einum aski) ; (4) wooden vessel or dish (strir askar fullir af skyri); (5) a Norse measure for liquids equal to four bowls (bollar or sixteen 'justur'.
ask-rakki, m. marten;
-vitr, m. ash-tree.
asna, f. she-ass.
asna-hfu, n. ass's-head;
-kjblki, m. jawbone of an ass.
asni, m. ass, donkey
at, prep. A. with dative. I. Of motion. (1) towards, against; Otkell laut at Skamkatli, bowed down to S.; hann sneri egginni at sgrmi, turned the edge against A. ; (2) close -up to ; Brynjolfr gengr alit at honum, quite up to him; eir kmust aldri at honum., they could never get near him, to close quarters with him ; (3) to, at; koma at landi, to come to land; ganga at dmi, to go into court; (4) along (= eptir); ganga at strti, to walk along the street; dreki er nir fr at nni (went down the river) fyrir strauminum; refr dr hrpu at si, on the ice ; (5) denoting hostility ; renna (skja) at e-m, to rush at, assault; geri at eim oku mikla, they were overtaken by a thick fog; (6) around; vefja motri at hfi sr, to wrap a veil round one's head; bera grjt at e-m, to heap stones upon the body; (7) denoting business, engagement ; ra at hrossum, at sauum, to go looking after horses, watching sheep; fara at landskuldum, to go collecting rents. II. Of position, &c.; (1) denoting presence at, near, by, upon; at kirkju, at church; at dmi, in court; at lgbergi, at the hill of laws; (2) denoting participation in; vera at veizlu, brullaupi, to be at a banquet, wedding; vera at vgi, to be an accessory in man-slaying; (3) ellipt., vera at, to be about, to be busy at ; kvalararnir, er at vru at pna hann, who were tormenting him ; var ar at kona nkkur at binda (was there busy dressing) sr manna; (4) with proper names of places (farms); konungr at Danmrku ok Noregi, king of; biskup at Hlum, bishop of Holar ; at Helgafelli, at Bergrshvli ; (5) used ellipt. with a genitive, at (a person's) house; at hans (at his house) gisti fjlmenni mikit; at Marar, at Mara's home;

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