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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-ns konungr hafi rki einn saman ok ankannalaust).
ann-, in several compds.= and-.
anna (a), v. to be able to do (a. e-u) cf. 'annast '.
annarligr, a. strange, alien.
annarr (nnur, annat), a., indef. pron., ord. numb.; (1) one of the two,
the one (of two ); Egill essi hefir ara hnd (only one hand) ok er kaliar einhendr; ara hnd, on the one side ; a.... a. one ... the other (ht a. Srli, en a. orkell) ; (2) second; f. annat sinn, for the second time; hggr hann egar annat (viz. hgg), a second blow; (3) the next following; ru hausti, the next autumn ; annat sumar eptir; fig., next in value or rank; annat mest hof Noregi, the next greatest temple; fjlmennast ing annat eptir brennu Njls, the fullest assembly next to that after the burning of N.; (4) some other (hn lk glfinu vi arar meyjar) ; orarinn ok tu menn arir, and ten men besides; hann var rvari af f en nokkurr a., than anybody else; (5) other, different; l er a. mar, ale (a drunken man) is another man, is not the same man; au hfðu annan trna, a different religion; (6) in various combinations ; a. slikr, such another, another of the same sort; gekk a. til at rum (one after another) at bija hann ; hverja ntt ara sem ara, every night in turn; annat var or Finns harara en annat, each word of Finn was harder than another; arir ... arir, some... others; einir ok arir, various; ymsir ok arir, now one, now another (nefna upp ymsa ok ara) ; hvrr (or hverr) . . annan, each other, one another (htu hvrir rum atfrum); vi au tindi uru allir glair ok sagi hverr rum, one told the news to another, man to man.
annarra-brra, gen. pl. used ellipt. in the sense of children of 'nsta brra', third cousins;
-brtri, m. third cousin.
annarr hvrr, indef. pron., one or other of two persons, either (drepa annan hvrn eirra sona Skallagrms); at ru hvru, every now and then, arir hvrir, one or other of the two parties ; neut. used as adv, annat hvrt ... ea, either... or.
annarr hverr, indef. pron. every other alternately; annan hvern dag, every other day; annat hvert or, every other (second) word; at ru hverju, every now and then.
annarr tveggi, annarr tveggja, indef. pron. one or other of the two annarr hvrr; er arir tveggju eru lengra burt komnir en rdrag, when either of the two parties has got further away than an arrow's flight; annat tveggja ... ea, either ... or.
annars, gen. from 'annarr', used as adv. otherwise, else (stendr a. rki itt mikilli haettu).
annarsligr, a.-annarligr.
annarstaar, adv. elsewhere, in another place = annars staar.
annast (a), v. refl. (1) to take care of (ml etta mun ek a.) ; (2) to provide for, support (a. brn, maga); a. sik, to support oneself; (3) a. um e-t, to be busy about, to occupy oneself with (a. um matreiu).
annll (-s, -ar), m. chronological register, annals.
ann-bo, n. agricultural implements.
ann-frir, m. cessation from lawsuits during the spring farming.
ann-kostr, m. -nnkostr.
ann-kvista, v. to take care of.
annmarka-fullr. a. faulty, full of faults;
-lauss, a. faultless.
ann-marki, m. (1) defect, flaw, fault ( leyndir -marka honum) ; (2) adversity ( gaft mr varyg farslu, huggan -marka).
ann-rikt, a. n., eiga -rkt, to be very busy;
-samligr, a. toilsome, laborious;
-samt, a. n., e-m er -samt, one is very busy;
-semd, f. business, care, concern; bera mikla -semd fyrir e-u, to be concerned about.
annt, a. n., e-m er a., eager, onerous; mrgum var a. heim, many were eager to get home; hv mun honum sv a. at hitta mik, why is he so eager? ekki er a. um at, it is not pressing; hvat er

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