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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


and-spjall, n. (1) = andspilli; (2) pl. andspjll, answer, reply.
and-stefja (a),
v. to respond, answer;
-stefna (-da, -t), v.=stefja;
-streymi, n. adversity;
-streymr, a. strongly adverse (-streym rlg); Sighvatr var heldr -streymr um eptirmlin, hard to come to terms with;
-styg, f. disgust; e-m er -styg af e-u, one feels abhorrence for;
-styggiligr, -styggr, a. abominable, odious;
-svar, n. answer, reply, decision (vera skjtr -svrum);
-svara (a), v. (1) to answer (e-m) ; (2) to respond (-andstefja); (3) to answer for, be responsible for (e-u).
andsvara-mar, m. respondent, defender.
and-syptir, m. difficulty in breathing.
and-slis, adv. against the course of the sun, widdershins (-rangslis), opp. to 'rttslis '.
and-vaka, f. (1) sleeplessness; (2) wakefulness;
and-vaki, a. sleepless (liggja -vaki).
and-vana or -vani, a. destitute of, wanting, with gen. (aus andvani ok alls gamans) ;
-vanr, a.= -vani; and-vanr tu, famished for food.
andvara-gestr, m. unwelcome guest;
-lauss, a. free from care or anriety.
and-vara (a), v. to hand over (-afhenda).
and-vari, m. care, anxiety.
and-varp, n. (1) breath, breathing; (2) sigh;
-varpa (a), v. to heave a sigh (-varpa ndinni);
-varpan, f. sighing, sobbing.
and-vegi, n. throne (=ndvegi);
-verr, a. =ndverr;
n. head wind;
-veri, n., worth, equivalent, price; andviri hvalsins, the value of the whale.
and-virki, n. (1) hay, haystacks, croft ; nautafjldi var kominn i tn ok vildi brjta -virki, throw down the cocks; -virki (fodder) gekk ar upp fyrir hestum; (2) Norw. agricultural implements; viarkst, timbr, grindr, siea ea nnur -virki ; (3) fig., legit hafa mr -virki nrr gari en at berjast vi ik, I have had business more urgent than to that with you.
and-vitni, n. contradictory testimony;
-vgr, a. a match for (bann var eigi betr en -vgr rum eirra broera) ;
-yri, n. pl. objection, contradiction ;
-ra, f. resistance;
-ris, adv. adversely, unfavourably (ganga mun ykkr -ris) ;
-fa (-a, -t), v. to keep pulling against wind and tide so as to prevent a boat from drifting astern ;
-pa (-ta, -t), v. to reply against (ekki er ess getit, at rr andpti essarri vsu).
ang, n. fragrance (me una ok a.).
anga (a), v. to exhale odour or fragrance;
angan, f. sweet odour; a. Friggjar, the love of Frigg.
angi, m. sweet odour.
angi, m. prickle, sting (etta ml hefir anga).
angist, f. anguish.
angistar-r, n. year of misery;
-ney, f. great distress;
-timi, m. hour of distress.
angr (gen. -rs), m. grief, sorrow; gera e-m angr, to do one harm; vera e-m at angri = angra e-n.
(gen. -rs), m. in Norse local names, bay, firth.
angra (a), v. to grieve, vex, distress (mik hefir angrat hungr ok frost); with dat. (hvrt sem mr angrar reykr ea bruni); impers. to be grieved (angrai honum mjk) ; refl., angrast af e-u, to be vexed at, take offence at; a. vi e-n, to fall out with.
angrar, pp. sorrowful, sad, vexed (reir ok a.).
angran, f. sorrow, affliction.
angr-fullr, a. sorrowful, sad;
-gapi, m. rash, foolish person;
-lauss, a. free from care;
-ligr, a. sad;
-lj, n. pl. mourning songs, dirges;
-lyndi, n. sadness, low spirits;
-mast (a), v. refl. to be in low spirits ;
-samliga, adv. sorrowfully, sadly;
-samligr, a. = -fullr;
-samr, a. (1) troublesome (-sm fluga) ; (2) depressed, downcast; e-m er -saint, one is in low spirits;
-semd, -semi, f. depression of spirits;
-vri, f. dejection;
-i, n. moody temper, sullenness.
ankanna-fullr, a. full of faults;
-laust, adv. with flawless title (Mag-

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