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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ambtt, f. (1) bondwoman; (2) concubine.
ambtta-fang, n. tussle between bondwomen.
ambttar-barn, n., (-dttir), f. child, daughter of a bondwoman;
-ligr, a. vile, like an ambtt;
-mt, n. expression (mien) of a bondwoman (er eigi -mt henni);
-sonr, m. son a bondwoman.
ambo, n.= andbo, annbo.
amma, f. grandmother (fur-mir, mur-mir).
ampli, m., amppll, jug (ampulla). '
amra (a), v. to howl or yell piteously (of cats).
an, conj. than (an old form for en').
and-, a prefix denoting whatever is opposite, against, towards, and fig. hostile, adverse; often spelt an- or ann-.
anda (a), v. to breathe, live (mean eir megu a.) ; refl., andast, to breathe one's last, die;
, pp. dead; hún var ndu, had breathed her last.
anda-gift, f. inspiration ;
-kast, n. breathing;
-lauss, a. without breathing (lifa -lauss);
-liga, adv. spirtually;
-ligr, a. spiritual (-lig fa).
andar-, gen. from 'nd';
-auga, n. spiritual eye;
-daui, m. spiritual death;
-drttr, m. breath, respiration.
andar-egg, n. duck's egg;
-fygli, n. ducks.
andar-gjf, f. = -gift;
-gustr, m. breath of wind;
-heilsa, f. spiritual welfare;
-kraptr, m. strength of mind;
-rm, n. breathing time;
-sr, n. mental wound.
andar-steggi, -steggr, m. drake.
andar-sn, f. vision;
-tak, n. breath;
-vani, -vanr, a. breathless, lifeless.
and-blsinn, p . blown up, inflated with wind or air.
and-bo, n. utensil (- annbo).
and-dyri, n., -dyrr, f. pl. porch.
and-fang, n. reception, hospitality.
and-flur, f. pl. fright; vakna me -flum, to awake in a fright.
and-ftingr, m. (1) a person whose feet are turned backwards ; (2) pl. and-ftingar, Antipodes.
and-hlaup, n. suffocation.
and-hvalr, m. bottle-nosed whale.
andi, m. (1) breath, breathing; a. Ingimundar er ekki gr, his breath smells, is foul; (2) current of air (a. handar innar); (3) gramm., aspiration (linr, snarpr a.); (4) soul (gu skapai lkamann ok andann); gjalda gui sinn anda, to die; (5) spirit, spiritual being; hreinn a. an unclean spirit; heilagr, a., the Holy Ghost.
and-kostr, m. see annkostr.
and-lauss, a. breathless, lifeless.
and-lt, n. (1) death ( er fregn andlt mitt); (2) the last gasp ; var konungr nr andlti, was almost breathing his last.
andlts-dagr, m., -dgr, n. day of death;
-sorg, f. grief for a death;
-t, f. , -timi, m. time of death.
and-liga, adv. spiritually;
-ligr, a. spiritual (biskup hefir andligt vald til andligra hluta).
andlit, n. face countenance.
andlits-bjrg, f. visor;
-blia, f. mild expression of the countenance;
-mein. n. cancer in the face;
-skepna, f. form or make of the face;
-skp, n. pl. = -skena var vel skpum, had well formed features;
-vnn, a. fine-featured;
vxtr, m. form of the face, features;
and-marki, m. see annmarki.
and-mlugr, a. contentious, quarrelsome;
-mli, n. pl. contradiction, objection.
and-nes, n. promontory, headland;
-ora, a. indecl., at verða andora, to come to words with;
-f, n. paddling with the oars, so as to keep a boat from drifting (cf. andfa).
and-rammr, a. having foul breath.
andrar, m. pl. snow-shoes.
andrj, f. tumult, uproar.
and-ri, m. pulling against tide and wind; eir tku (ttu) mikinn
-ra, they had a hard pull;
(-ra), m. = andri ;
-saka (a),
v. to reprimand (hann -sakai sveinana harliga);
-sakan, f. reprimand, rebuke;
-skoti, m. (1) opponent, adversary ; (2) the devil, satan.
and-spilli, n. colloquy, discourse.

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