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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


f. altar-book;
-brk, f. altarpiece;
-bnar, m. altar-furniture;
-dagr, m. anniversary of the consecration of an altar;
-dkr, m. altar-cloth;
-embtti, n. service of the altar;
-frn, f. offering on the altar;
-glf, n. the floor round an altar;
-horn, n. corner of an altar;
-hs, n. chapel;
-kli, n. altar-cloth;
-lkneski, n. image placed on an altar;
-messa, f. mass at an altar;
-star, m. the place where an altar stands;
-steinn, m. altar-slab;
-stika, f. candlestick for an altar;
-jnusta, f. altar service.
al-tjaldar, pp. hung all round with tapestry ;
, a. = alhugat.
al-, f (older form l) affection, sincerity.
alar-mar, m., -vinr, m. sincere or devoted friend.
al-valdr, a. = allvaldr.
alvara, f. (1) seriousness, earnest; taka e-t fyrir alvru, to take it in earnest; vissa ek eigi, at r var a., that you were in earnest; (2) affection = al ; er ll hans a. (inclination) til lafs konungs.
alvar-liga, adv. (1) seriously, earnestly; (2) heartily (fagna e-m -liga) ; (3) entirely (-liga hreinn);
-ligr, a. hearty, affectionate (-lig vintta).
al-vaskligr, a. most valiant, martial;
-vaxinn, pp. quite grown up;
vapnar, pp. in full armour;
-vtr, a. thoroughly wet, wet through;
-al-verki and -verkja, a. indecl. Aching, feeling pains all over the body.
al-virkr, a. alvirkr dagr, a full working day.
-vst, a. with full certainty;
-vitr, a. all-wise;
-vtr, f. fairy maid, Valkyrie.
-vpni, n. complete arms; bafa alvpni, me alvpni, (to be) fully armed.
alvru-liga, adv. earnestly, sincerely;
, a. =alvarligr;
-samliga, adv. = -liga
-samligr. a. sincere, devoted (-samlig jnusta).
al-yrkr, a. = alvirkr (dagr);
pp. thatched all over;
-iljar, pp. completely wainscotted or panelled.
alingi, n. the annual parliament or general assembly of the Icelandic Commonwealth (held in June).
al-ingis, adv. quite, altogether (= ollungis).
alingis-dmr, m. court of justice at the alingi ;
-for, f. journey to the a.;
-helgun, f. inaugeration of the a.;
-lof, n. permission, leave, given by the a.;
-ml, n. parliamentary rules or proceedings;
-nefna, f. nomination of judges in courts of the a.;
-rei, f. journey to the a.
-sttarhald, n. the keeping of alingisstt.
al-j, f. people in general (alj manna).
al-ykkr, a. quite thick, foggy (ver alykkt).
al-a f. (1) the whole people (bau hann alu rkis sns at gfga lkneskjuna); (2) people in general, the majority or bulk of the people (var at heit fest ok jtat af altri alu); vera ltt vi alu skap, to be upopular; (3) the common people (nau ok lfrelsi gekk yfir flk allt, bi rka menn ok alpu).
al-ast, (dd), v. refl., alast til e-s, to incline towards, attach oneself to;
-i, n. =a.
, n. the common people;
alligr, a. common, general; -ligr mar = mennskr mar, a common man; lgri ru, in ordinary speech; hitt vri -ligra, more plain.
alu-drykkja, f. common banquet;
-lei, f. high-road (= almannalei);
-lof, n. general praise, popularity;
-ml, n. general report;
-tal, n. common reckoning, opp. to 'rmtal';
-vpn, n. ordinary weapon;
-vegr, m.= -lei;
-viring, f. public opinion;
-vitni, n. universal testimony;
-yss, m. general tumult.
al-gr, a. quite acceptable or pleasing (to one);
-str, pp. quite excited, stirred up.
ama (a), v. to vex, molest; refl., amast vi e-n, e-t, to inconvenience, trouble (muust lismenn ltt vi hana) ; to object to, disapprove, show dislike to (a. vi byg e-s).
amalera (a), v. to enamel (foreign word).
amban, f. (Norse) =mbun.

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