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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


to beg very hard;
-ttr, a. very crowded;
-rekligr, a. of a very robust frame;
-ungliga, adv. very heavily; taka -ungliga e-m, to be very hard upon;
-ungr, a. (1) very disagreeable, hard; (2) hostile, badly disposed towards (til e-s) ;
-ykkr, a. very thick; fllu eir -ykkt, in great numbers;
-fr, a. very furious;
-giligr, a. very terrible ;
-str, pp. greatly excited;
-rordr, a. very frank, outspoken;
-ruggr, a. very unflinching.
almanna-byg, f. a well-peopled district;
-fri, n. public way;
-lei, f. public road;
-lof, n. universal praise;
-skript, f. general confession;
-stofa, f. the common hall, opp. to 'litla stofa';
-tal, n. (1) common reckoning (at -tali) ; (2) general census;
-vegr, m. high road, = jvegr, jlei.
al-mttigr, a. almighty ;
-mttr, m. almightiness, omnipotence;
-menni, n. the people, public;
-menniliga, adv. generally, commonly;
-menniligr, a. general, common.
almenning, f., almenningr, m. (1) common land; (2) common or public pasture; (3) public thoroughfare (in Norse towns) ; (4) the people, public in general; (5) levy, conscription; fullr (allr), hlfr almenningr, a full (complete) or half levy of men and ships.
almennings-brf, n. proclamation;
-drykkja, f. public banquet;
-far, n. public ferry;
-gata, f. public road;
-glfar, m. pl. common gloves;
-hs, n. a house for the use of travellers;
-mrk, f., -skgr, m. public forest;
-strti, n. public thoroughfare;
-tollr, m. public tax;
-tr, f. Catholic faith (= almennilig tr);
-vegr, m. public way ;
-l, n. common ale.
almennr, a. common, general, public.
al-mgi, m. the commons, common people (konungrinn ok almginn) ;
-mgr, m.= al-mgi;
-mli, n. (1) common saying, general report; at er almli, at, all people say (agree) that; (2) saying, proverb; tt almlit sannaist, at murbrrum veri menn lkastir, though the saying proved true, that;
-mltr, pp. spoken by all; -maelt tindi, common news ; (2) of a child that has learnt to talk;
-mtti, n. =almttr.
al-naktr, a. quite naked.
alna-ml, n. measure by the ell (see alin).
al-nr, a. quite new;
-nktr, a. =alnaktr.
al-ogat, a., -ogi, m., -ogligr, a., see -hugat, -hugi, -hugligr.
alr (-s, -ir), m. awl; skjlfa tti hsit, sem als oddi lki, as if it were balanced on the point of an awl.
al-raur. a. quite red;
-rinn, pp. quite determined;
-rnn, a. utterly plundered;
-reyndr, pp. fully proved.
alri, m. elder tree, see eiri.
al-roskinn, a. quite grown up;
-rotinn, a. quite rotten;
-rmdr, pp. rumoured by all; alrmt er, every one says;
-sagr, pp. spoken of by all;
-stt, f., alsttum sttir, completely reconciled;
-sttr, a. fully reconciled;
-sekr, a. an outlaw in the greater degree = skgarmar;
-sia, a. indecl., er Kristni var alsia, when the Christian faith had become universal;
-skip-ar, pp. (1) of a ship, fully manned; (2) of a bench, quite full;
-skjaldar, a. closely set with shields;
-skrifar, pp. written all over;
-skygn, a. fully seeing;
-skyldr, a. quite bound in duty, obliged; (2) quite binding;
-slitinn, pp. quite worn out;
-slkr, a. quite the same;
-smar, pp. completely built;
-snaur, a. very poor;
-snotr, a., -spakr, a. all-wise, very clever;
-stfr, pp. (a metre) in masculine rhymes;
-stfingr, m. an animal with close-croped ears (= afeyringr);
-svartr, a. quite black;
-sveittr, a., -sveitugr, a. perspiring all over;
-svir, -svinnr, a. all-wise ;
-skn, a. altogether free or guiltless (al-skn saka) ;
-skna, f. complete rehabilitation;
-sll, a. altogether happy;
-stt, f., -stti, n. complete reconciliation.
altari, n. and m. altar.
altaris-blja, f. altar-cloth;

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