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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


very great or big;
-styggr, a. very ill-humoured, very cross;
-styrkliga, adv. very stoutly;
-styrkr, a. very strong.
alls-valdandi, pr. p. of God, Almighty;
-valdari, m. almighty ruler;
-valdr, a. = -valdandi;
-vesall, a. utterly wretched.
all-svangr, a. very hungry.
all-svinnliga, adv. very wisely, prudently.
alls-v÷ldugr, a. = alls-valdr.
all-sŠttf˙ss, a. very placable, very eager for peace.
all-sťmiligr, a. very honourable.
allt, neut. from 'allr'; (1) right up to, all the way; Brynjˇlfr gengr a. at honum, close up to him; a. nor­r um Sta­, all the way north, round Cape Sta­; (2) everywhere; Sigr÷­r var konungr a. um ■rŠndal÷g, over all Drontheim; vˇru svÝrar a. gulli b˙nir, all overlaid with gold; (3) already; vˇru a. komin fyrir hann brÚf, warrants of arrest were already awaiting him; (4) of time, all through, until (a. til Jˇnsv÷ku) ; (5) a. til, a. of, far too (■˙ ert a. of heimskr); (6) a. at einu, a. eins, all the same, nevertheless (ek Štla ■ˇ ˙tan a. eins).
all-tillßtsamr, a. very indulgent;
-tÝ­rťtt, pp. n. very much talked of;
-ti­virkr, a. very quick at work;
-torfyndr, a. very hard to find;
-torfťrt, a. n. very hard to pass;
-torsˇttr, pp. very difficult to reach;
-tortryggiliga, adv. very suspiciously;
-trau­r, a. very slow, unwilling;
-tregr, a. very tardy;
-tr˙r, a. very true;
-tryggr, a. very trusty;
-undarligr, a. very strange;
-ungr, a. very young;
-˙beinskeytr, a. shooting very badly;
-˙blÝ­r, a. very harsh, unkind;
-˙brag­ligr, a. very ill-looking;
-˙dŠll, a. very untractable;
-˙fagr, a. very ugly;
-˙fimliga, adv. very awkwardly.
-˙framliga, adv. very timidly;
-˙frřnn, a very sullen ;
-˙frŠgr, a. very inglorious;
-˙gla­r, a. very gloomy, sad;
-˙hťgr, a. very difficult;
-˙h÷f­ingligr, a. very plebeian;
-˙kßtr, a. in very low spirits;
-˙knßr, a. very weak of frame;
-˙konungligr, a. very unkingly;
-˙kunnigr, a. quite unknown;
-˙lÝfligr, a. very unlikely to live;
-˙lÝkliga, adv. very unlikely;
-˙lÝkr, a. very unlike;
-˙mßttuliga, adv. very weakly;
-˙rß­inn, a. very undecided;
-˙rß­liga, adv. very unadvisedly or rashly;
-˙sannligr, a. very unjust, very unlikely;
-˙sßttf˙ss, a. very implacable;
-˙skyldr, a. far from being incombent on one (hitt Štla ek mÚr -˙skylt);
-˙spakr, a. very unruly ;
-˙svßss, a. very uncomfortable (var ■ß ve­r -˙svßst) ;
-˙sřnn, a. very uncertain, very doubtful;
-˙sŠligr, a. of very wretched appearance;
-˙vinsŠll, a. very unpopular;
-˙vÝsliga, adv. very unwisely;
-˙vŠnligr, a. of very unfavourable prospect;
-˙vŠnn, a. (1) very ugly; (2) very unpromising or unfavourable; neut., -˙vŠnt, very unfavourably;
-˙■arfr, a. very unprofitable, injurious (e-m).
all-valdr, m. sovereign, king (heilit all-valdar bß­ir!).
allvalds-konungr, m. = allvaldr.
all-vandlßtr, a. very difficult to please;
-vandliga, adv. very carefully, exactly;
-vant, a. n., e-m er -vant um, one is in a very great strait;
-varfťrr, a. very cautious, careful;
-vaskr, a. very brisk or gallant;
-ve­rlÝtit, a. n. very calm
-vegliga, adv. splendidly, nobly
-vegligr, a. very grand;
-vel, adv. very well;
-vesall, a. very miserable, vile;
-vingott, a. n. on very friendly terms (var -vingott me­ ■eim) ;
-vinsŠll, a. very popular;
-vir­uligr, a. very worthy, dignified;
-vitr, a. very wise;
-vitrliga, adv. very prudently;
-vÝ­a, adv. very widely;
-vÝgliga, adv. in a very warlike manner;
-vÝgmannliga, adv. very martially;
-vigmˇ­r, a. quite wearied out with fighting;
-vÝss, a. quite certain;
-vŠnligr, a., -vŠnn, a. very promising; ■ykkja -vŠnt um e-n, to be delighted with one;
-vŠnt, adv. very favourably (konungr tˇk ■essu -vaent);
-v÷rpuligr, a. of a very stately frame;
-v÷xtuligr, a. very tall ;
-■arfliga, adv. very pressingly; bi­ja -■arfliga,

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