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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


n a. mnum einga syni, what has my only son at heart? sagi sr a. (that he was busy) um daga; vera a. til e-s, to be eager for.
antikristr, m. antichrist.
anza (a), v. (1) to heed, take notice of (a. e-u) ; (2) to reply, answer (a. til e-s).
apa (a), v. to mock, make sport of, to befool (margan hefir aur apat) ; refl., apast at e-u, to become the fool of.
apaldr (gen. -rs or -a, pl. -rar or -ar), m. apple-tree.
apaldrs-garr, m. orchard;
-klubba, -kylfa, f. club made of apple-tree;
-tr, n. apple-tree.
apal-grr, a. dapple-grey.
api, m. (1) ape, monkey; (2) fool (margr verr af aurum api).
apli, m. bull = jorr, graungr.
appella, appellera (a), v. to cite, summon to the pope.
apr (pr, aprt), a. (1) hard, sharp; en aprasta hr, the sharpest fighting; aprastr vi at eiga, the worst to deal with; (2) sad, dispirited.
aprligr, a. cold, chilly (-ligt ver).
aptan, adv. from behind, behind, opp. to 'framan'; greip hann a. undir hendr honum, from behind; fyrir a., as prep. with acc., behind; ek hj varginn sundr fyrir a. bguna, just behind the shoulders.
aptann (gen. -s, dat. aptni; pl. aptnar), m. evening;
s um aptaninn, late in the evening; mir a., middleeve, 6 o'clock.
aptan-drykkja, f. evening carouse;
-kveld, n. = aptann;
-langt, adv. all the evening;
-skra, f. twilight;
-stjarna, f. evening star;
, m. evensong, vespers.
aptansngs-ml, n. the time of evensong.
aptan-tiir, f. pl. = aptansngs tir;
-timi, m. the time of evening.
aptari, a. compar.=eptri.
aptarla, adv. behind, far in the rear.
aptarr, adv. compar. farther back.
aptast, adv. superl. farthest back.
aptastr, a. superl. farthest back.
aptna (a), v. impers. to become evening; refl., aptnast = aptna.
aptr, adv. (1) back; fara (sna, koma, senda, skja, hverfa) a., to go (turn &c.) back; reka a., to drive back, repel; kalla a., to recall, revoke; (2) backwards; fram ok a., backwards and forwards, to and fro; eir settu hnakka bak sr a., they bent their necks backwards; (3) lka (lta) a., to shut, close; hli, port, hur er a., is shut; (4) at the back, in the rear; at er mar fram, en dr a., the fore part a man, the hind part of a beast; bi a. ok fram, stem and stern (of a ship); Sigurr sat a. kistunni, S. sat aft on the stern-chest; (5) again ; Freyja vaknar ok snerist vi ok sofnar a., and falls asleep again.
aptra (a), v. to take back, withdraw, recall; a. fer sinni, to desist from, give up; a. sr, to withdraw, waver, hesitate.
aptran, f. withdrawal, keeping back.
aptr-bati, m. convalescence; vera -bata, to be on the way to recovery;
-bati, a. convalescent, getting better, recovering;
-beiiligr, a. reciprocal;
-borinn, pp. born again, regenerate;
-byggi, m. (esp. pl. -byggjar opp. to frambyggjar) a man in the stern in a ship of war;
-drttr, m. reflux of the tide (-drttr hafsins) ;
-drepa, f. relapse, shock;
-elding, f. dawning;
-fer, f. journey back, return;
, f. bringing back;
-fr, f. =-fer;
f. -gangr, m. ghost, apparition;
-gjald, n. repayment;
-hald, n. checking, holding back.
aptrhald-samr, a. saving, close.
aptrhalds-mar, m. one who impedes the progress of a thing.
aptr-hlaup, n. runing back;
-hnekking, f. repulse;
, m. haunch;
-hvarf, n. (1) return; illr -hvarfs, disinclined to face the enemy again; (2) relapse, apostasy; (3) turning away from sin (rare);
-kall, n. recalling, revocation;
-kast, n. hurling back, repulse;
-kaup, n. repurchase;
-kome or -kvma, f. coming back, return;
-kvmt, a. n. admitting of return; esp. eiga -kvmt, to be allowed to return (from exile);
-lausn, f. redemption ; right of redeeming;
-mjr, a.

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