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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


perfectly good;
-grr, quite grey;
-grinn, pp. perfectly healed;
-grnn, a. quite green;
-gullinn, a. all-golden; .
-gft, adv. fully.
al-gra--al-grvi, see algera, &c.
al-heiinn, a. utterly heathen;
-heilagr, a. all-holy;
-heill, a. (1) completely whole, entire; (2) perfectly healthy (alheill at lkam);
-heilsa, f. perfect health;
-handa, f. a metre having two pairs of rhymiig words in every line;
-hending, f. -henda; -hendr, a. with full rhyme in every line (tvau kvi alhend);
-hreinn, a. quite pure, clean;
-huga, a. indecl. wholehearted, in full earnest;
-hugat, pp. n. resolved, fully determined; ef r er at alhugat, if you are in real earnest; adv. in earnest, sincerely (irast alhugat);
-hugi, m. earnest; etta er alhugi minn, I am in real earnest;
-hugligr, a. sincere;
-hungrar, a. starving, famished;
-hsa (a), v. to build fully;
-hvitr, a. quite white;
-hsa (-ta, -tr), v. =-hsa; alhst, with all the buildings finished;
-hsi, n. all the farm-buildings;
-hgr, a. quite easy; smooth (alhgt tungubrag).
ali-bjrn, m. tame bear;
-dr, n. domestic animal;
-fskr, m. fish fattened in a pond;
-fugl, m. tame fowl;
-gs, f. tame goose.
alin (gen. sing. alnar or lnar; pl. alnar or lnir), f. = ln; (1) the old Icelandic ell (about half a yard) ; (2) unit of value, an ell of woollen stuff (a. vamls), = one sixth of an ounce (eyrir).
ali-saur, m. home-fed (pet) sheep;
-svn, n. tame swine.
al-jafn, a. quite equal;
-jrnar pp. shod on all four feet;
-keyptr. pp. dearly bought, = fullkeyptr;
-klnar, m. a full suit of clothes;
-kristinn, a. entirely Christian;
-kristnar, pp. completely christianized;
-kunna, a. indecl. (1) universally known, notorious (sem alkunna er orit); (2) fully informed; unz alkunna, until I know the whole;
-kunnigr, a., -kunnr, a. notorious;
-kyrra, a. indecl. completely calm, tranquil.
all- may be prefixed to almost every adjective and adverb in an intensive sense, very, extremely;
, a. n. very eager;
-apr, a. very harsh;
-austtligr, a. very easy to accomplish ;
-auveldliga, adv. very easily;
-auveldr, a. very easy;
-gstr, a. very famous;
-hyggjusamliga, adv. very anxiously;
-kaftiga, adv. with much ardour;
-kaft, adv. very fast (ria -kaft);
-riliga, adv. very oppositely ;
-risltill, a. very timid;
-stligr, a. very hearty, intimate;
-beinn a. very hospitable;
-beiskr, a. very harsh, bitter;
-bitr, a. very sharp;
-bjartr, a. very bright, splendid;
-bjgr, a. very much bent;
-bliliga, adv. very kindly;
blr, a. very mild, gentle;
-brgrr, a. very precocious;
-brosligr, a. very laughable, funny;
-digr, a. very big;
-djarfliga, adv. very boldly;
-drengiliga, adv. very gallantly;
-drmt, adv. very boastfully;
-drr, a. very dear;
-eigulegr, a. very precious;
-einarliga, adv. very frankly, sincerely;
-eldiligr, a. of a very aged appearance;
-fagr, a. very bright, fair
-fast, adv. very firmly; drekka -fast to drink very hard;
-fastorr, a. very true to one's word;
-fmligr, a. of very few words;
-fmennr, a. followed or attended to by very few persons;
-frinn, a. very chary of words;
-feginn, a. very glad;
-fegin-samliga. adv., very gladly;        
-feigligr, a. having the mark of death plain on one's face;
-feitr, a. very fat;
-fmikill, a. very costly;
-fjarri, adv. very far, far from;
-fjartekit., pp. n. very far fetched;
-fjlkunnigr, a. very deeply versed in sorcery ;
-fjlmennr, a. followed or attended by very many people; in very great numbers;
-fjlrtt, pp. n. very much talked of;
-forsjll, a. very prudent;
-frekr, a. very daring;
-frir, a. very beautiful;
-frr, a. very learned;
-frgr, a. very famous;
-fss, a. very eager;
-fsiligr, a. very desirable.
All-fr, m. father of all (a name of Odin).
all-gamall, a. very old;

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