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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


alda-skipti, n. change of time;
-tal, n. (1) chronology; (2) computation of time (by the various chronological cycles).
al-daua, a. indecl. dead and gone, extinct (eptir daua Haralds var aldaua hin forna tt Danakonunga); aldaua arfr, inheritance to which there is no heir alive.
alda-vinr, m. old, trusty friend.
aldin, n. tree-fruit (nuts, acorns, apples) ; fig., blezat s a. kviar ns, the fruit of thy womb.
, pr. p. bearing fruit.
aldin-falda, a. indecl. wearing an old-fashioned head-dress.
aldin-garr, m. garden, orchard.
aldini, n. = aldin.
aldin-lause, a. bearing no fruit (-laust tr).
aldinn, a. old (inn aldni jtunn).
aldin-skgr, n. wood of fruit-trees
-tr, n. fruit-tree;
-vir. m. fruitbearing trees.
aldr (gen. aldrs), m. (1) age, life, time; sautjn vetra at aldri, seventeen years of age ; ungr at aldri, young; ungum aidn, in (one's) youth; gamals aldri, in (one's) old age; hniginn at aldri, in the decline of life; hniginn efra aldr, stricken in years; lttasta aldri, in the prime of life lifa langan aldr, to enjoy a long life nema, rna e-n aldri, to take one's life; tna (slta) aldri, to lose one's life; (2) old age; vera vi a., to be up in years; aldri farinn or orpinn, very old; (3) long period, age (eptir marga vetr ok mikinn a.); allan a. through all time, always; of a.,um a. (ok fi), for ever and ever; after a negation, ever (vlka gersemi hfum vr eigi st um a.); hverr um a. var sv djarfr, who ever was so bold?
aldrar, a. elderly (ldru kona).
aldr-dagar, m. pl., um -daga, for ever and ever (= um aldr);
-fremd, f. everlasting honour.
aldri, adv. (1) never (a. skal ek hean ganga fyrr en hann rss upp); (2) ever, after a preceding negative or a comparative (er n rvnt at vr munum a. f dr skotit) ; geru verra en aldri fyrr, worst than ever before.
aldrigi (aldri-gi, dat. of aldr with the negative suffix -gi), adv.= aldri.
aldr-lag, n. (1) one's appointed lot or fortune, destiny; (2) end of life, death; vera e-m at -lagi, to bring one to his end.
aldr-lok, n. pl. end of life, death;
-mli, m. tenure for life;
-nari, m. poet. name of fire;
-runar, f. pl. life-runes, charms for preserving life;
-sttr. a. on terms of peace forever ;
-slit, n. pl. end of life, death (til -slita).
aldre-munr, m. difference in years.
aldr-stamr, a. fey, doomed to death
-tili, m. loss of life, death;
-tjn, n. loss of life;
-tregi, m. life-long sorrow.
ald-rnn, a. elderly, aged.
aldyggiligr,-dyggr. a. faithful;
-dli, a. very easy to deal with, gentle.
aleiga, f. one's entire property;
aleigu-ml, n., -sk, f. a suit involving a person's whole property.
al-eya (-dda, -ddr), v. to lay totally waste, devastate;
-eya, f. devastation; gera aleyu, to turn into a wilderness;
-eya, a. indecl. altogether waste, empty, void of people ar var aleya at mnnum); hann brennir ok gerir aleya landit, makes the land an utter waste.
al-fari, a. fara (ra brott) al-fari, to go away (ride off) for good;
-farinn, pp. worn out, far gone;
-feginn, a. very glad;
-frjls, a. quite free;
-frdr, a. very wise;
-fullr, a. quite full;
-finn, a. quite rotten ;
-fr, m. father of all (name of Odin);
-gangsa, a. indecl. quite common;
-geldr, a. quite gelded;
-gera (-a, -r). v. to finish, make perfect.
alger-leikr, m. perfection;
liga, adv. completely, fully;
-ligleikr, m. = -leikr.
al-gerr, a. perfect, complete ; finished;
-gervi, f. (1) perfection; (2) full attire;
-gildi, n. full value.
algildis-vitni, n. competent witness.
al-gjafta, a. indecl. stall-fed;
-gleymingr, m. great glee; sl algleyming, to become very merry;
-gr, a.

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