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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-kvsl, f. dung-fork, = mykikvsl;
-land, n. arable land;
-lengd, f. field's length (sv at akrlengd var millum eirra);
-lykkja, f. = -geri;
-mar, m. = -karl, akrgerarmar.
akrplgs-mar, m. ploughman.
akr-rein, f. strip of arable land;
-skipti, n. division of a field;
-skurr, m. reaping;
akrskurar-mar, m. reaper.
akr-sra, f. field-sorrel;
-tund, f. tithe paid on arable land;
-ver, n. price of a corn field;
-verk, n. fieldwork, harvest-work.
akrverks-mar, m. husbandman; tiller of the ground.
akta (a), v. (1) to number, tax, value (a. flkit, a. vsa eyri konungs); (2) to examine, search into (akti r ok ll leyni au, er hann m felast); (3) to devote attention to, to study (a. misligar rttir, bkligar listir); (4) to procure (a. hluti er hinum sjka henta); a. e-t inn, to furnish, supply; (5) to debate, discuss in parliment (n sem etta var aktat, gengu menn til lgrttu).
ak-tamr, a. tame under the yoke (griungr -tamr);
-taumr, m. esp. in pl. aktaumar, braces (straps) of a sail (cf. aka segli); rarinn hafi -taumana um herar sr, had the braces round his shoulders; sitja -taumuni, to manage the sail; fig., to have the whole management of a thing.
ala (el, l, lum, alinn), v. (1) to beget; born lu au, they begat children; brn au, er hann elr vi eirri konu, begets by that woman; (2) to bear, give birth to (ra l barn um sumarit); brn au ll, er alin eru fyrir jl, who are born before Christmas; alnir ok alnir ( = bornir), born and unborn, present and future generations; (3) to bring up (children); ala skal barn hvert er borit verr, every child that is born shall be brought up; adding the particle 'upp' skal eigi upp alla, heldr t bera arn etta, this child shall not be brought up, but be exposed to perish; of animals, to rear, breed (einn smsau, er hann l heima hsi snu); (4) to give food to, harbour, entertain (a. gest ok ganganda); gu elr gesti, God pays for the guests; (5) fig. in various phrases; a. aldr, a aldr sinn, to pass one's days; a. st to grieve, mourn (- sta) , a. nn of e-t or at e-u, to take care of, see to a. e-t eptir e-m, to give one encouragement in a thing (l hann eptir engum mnnum dir); a. ml, to press or urge a matter (n elr Gunnarr mlit vi r ok segir).
alas-festr, f. the last ounce (eyrir) of the sum 'fjrbaugr' to be paid by a convict in the Court of Execution.
al-aun, f. total devastation;
-aur, a. altogether waste;
-bata, a. indecl completely cured, quite well;
-berr, a. (1) quite bare, stark-naked; (2) manifest;
-bitinn, pp. bitten all over
-bjartr, a. quite bright, brilliant;
-blindr, a. stone-blind;
-blugr, a. bloody all over;
-breir, a. of the full breadth (albreitt lrept);
-brotinn, pp. quite broken, shattered;
-brynjar, pp. cased in mail;
-ba, v. to fit out, furnish or equip completely (alba kirkju), see ba;
-binn, pp. (1) completely equipped (ok er Bjrn var albinn ok byrr rann ); (2) albinn e-s, at gera e-t, quite ready (willing) to do a thing;
-bygr, pp. completely inhabited, at albygu landi, after the colinization was finished.
alda, f. a heavy (swelling) wave, a roller.
alda, gen. pl. from 'ld';
aldafars-bk, f. - De Ratione Temporum, a work by Bede (sv segir heilagr Beda -bk eirri, er hann geri um landaskipan heiminum).
alda-mt, n. pl. the meeting of two (lunar) cycles, change of cycles.
aldar, gen. from 'ld';
aldar-eli, n. everlasting possession (at -eli);
-fair, m. patriarch;
-far, n. spirit or manners of the age;
-mal, n. tenure for life;
-menn, m. pl. hinir fyrstu -menn vrir, our first ancestors;
-rof, n. end of ages;
-rg, n. strife of men;
-tal, n. age (gamall at -tali);
-trygir, f. pl. everlasting truce;
-opti, m. = aldavinr.

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