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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


to be the cause of a thing;
-vega, adv. out of the right way, astray;
-vegar, pp. led astray, misled;
-vegar, -vegis, adv. = -vega; -velta, a. indecl. fallen on the back and unable to rise;
-vensla, f. expenses, outlay;
-vik, n. creek, recess;
-vinna, f. = afvensla.
af-vira (-ra, -rr), v. (1) to disgrace, dishonour (afvira nunga sinn); afvira fyrir e-m, to throw a slur on one; (2) to detest, abhor (afvira dirnar); refl., afvirast, to think it unworthy of oneself, with infin.
afviriligr, a. detestable, mean.
af-viring, f. disparagement, depreciation;
-vnn, a. unexpected, = vnn;
-vxtr, m. decrease, loss, opp. to 'vxtr'.
af-okka (a), v. to disparage, discredit, to bring into discredit (afokka fyrir e-m); refl., afpokkast e-m, to displease;
-okkan, f. (1) disparagement; (2) displeasure, dislike;
-vattr, m. washing off, ablution;
-a (-dda, -ddr), v. = afvira, afokka;
-ta, f. a great bully.
aga, v. impers., n agir vi, now there is a great uproar.
aga-lauss, a. (1) free from disturbances (var n allit kyrt ok agalaust) (2) undiminished;
-samligr, a. unruly
-samr, a. turbulent; agasamt mun vera herainu, ef, there will be uproar in the district, if.
agi, m. (1) awe, terror ( skelfr jr ll aga miklum); (2) uproar, turbulence (a. ok frir); (3) discipline, constraint.
agn, n. bait; ganga agnit, to nibble the bait;
-sax, n. a knife for cutting bait;
-r, f. barb of a fish hook.
aka (ek, k, kum, ekinn), v. (1) to drive (a vehicle or animal drawing a vehicle), with dat.; gott er heilum vagni heim at a., it is good to get home safe and sound; a. rennum eykjum, with three yoke of horses; (2) to carry or convey in a vehicle, to cart, with dat. or acc. (hann k heyjum snum yxnum; hann k skarni hla); a. saman hey, to cart hay; lkin vru ekin slea, carried in a sledge; (3) with the prep. or ; Freyr k kerru me gelti; rr . hesti eim, er hann hafi ekit ; (4) absol., to drive in a vehicle (fru eir sleann ok ku alla nttina); with acc. of the road (ku rgar brautir); (5) naut., to trim the sail (a. seglum at endilngum skipum); (6) to remove, with dat.; k hann af sr fjtrinum, worked it off by rubbing; k Oddr sr ar at, worked himself thither (of a fettered prisoner); a. e-m bug, or, a. bug e-n, to make one give way, repel; intrans. = akast, to move slowly; hvrrgi k (gave way) fyrir orum; a. undan, to retire, retreat; (7) impers., hart ekr at e-m, one is in great straits; ekr n mjk at, I am hard pressed; e-m verr nr ekit, one gets into straits, is hard pressed; refl., e-m ekst e-t tauma, one is thwarted in a thing.
akarn, n. acorn.
ak-braut, f. carriage-road;
-fri, n. driving gear, carriage and harness.
akkeri, n. anchor; liggja um akkeri, to lie at anchor; leggjast um a., to cast anchor; heimta upp a., to weigh anchor; a. hrfr vi, the anchor holds.
akkeris-fleinn, m. fluke of an anchor;
-lauss, a. without anchor;
-leggr, m. shank of an anchor;
-lgi, n. anchorage;
-st, f. = -lgi;
-stokkr, m. anchor-stock;
-strengr, m. anchor-rope, cable;
-sti, n. = -st.
akr (gen. akrs, pl. akrar), m. (1) field, corn-field (bleikir akrar en slegin tn) : (2) crop (eir hfu nirbrotit akra hans alla).
akra-vxtr, m. produce of the fields;
-geri, n. enclosure of arable land;
-merkil, n. field-boundary;
-skipti, n. parcelling out of fields;
-spillir, m. destroyer of fields.
akr-di, m. a kind of weed (galeopsis);
-deili, n. patch of arable land;
-for, f. plough-forrow;
-ger, f. agriculture.
akrgerar-mar, m. husbandman.
akr-geri, n. enclosure of arable land;
-hna, f. quail;
-karl, m. ploughman, reaper;
-kill, n. potherbs;

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