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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ill, a. very wanton;
-gerla, adv. very clearly, precisely;
-gerviligr, a. very manly;
-gestrisinn, a. very hospitable;
-geysiligr, a. very impetuous;
-glađliga, adv. very joyfully ;
-glađr, a. very joyfull;
-glatt, adv. very bright (ljós brann -glatt)
-gleymr, a. very gleefull, in high spirits (verđa -gleymr viđ e-t) ;
-glćsiligr, a. very shiny, splendid;
-glřggsćr, a. clearly visible, very transparent;
-glřggt, adv. very precisely (vita e-t -glřggt);
-góđr, a. very good;
-góđvćnliga, adv. very promisingly;
-grimmr, a. very cruel or fierce;
-grunsamliga, adv. very suspiciously,
-gřrla, adv. = -gerla;
-gřrviligr, a.= -gerviligr;
-harđr, a. very hard, stern;
-heimskr, a. very silly, stupid;
-herđimikill, a. very broad-shouldered;
-hjaldrjúgr, a. very talkative;
-hógliga, adv. very gently;
-hraustr, a. very valiant;
-hrumliga, adv. very infirmly (from age);
-hrćddr, a. very much afraid;
-hrćđinn, a. very timid;
-hugsjúkr, a. very much grieved, anxious;
-hvass, a. blowing very hard (var -hvast í norđan);
-hyggiligr, a. very prudent judicious;
-hćđiligr, a. very scofflng;
-hćldreginn, a. very slow in walking, dragging the heels;
-hœgliga, adv. gently, meekly (svara -hœgliga);
-iđinn, a very diligent;
-illa, adv. very badly:
-illr, a. very bad;
-jafnlyndr, a. very calm, even-tempered.
al-ljóss, a. (1) quite light; dagr aljóss, broad daylight; (2) quite clear.
all-kaldr, a. very cold;
-kappsamliga, adv. with very much zeal, very liberally;
-karlmannliga, adv. very manfully;
-kaupmannliga, adv. in a very businesslike way;
-kátligr, a. very funny;
-kátr, a. very merry;
-kerskiligr, a. very funny, pleasant;
-kynligr, a. very strange;
-kćrr, a. very dear, beloved;
-langr, a. very long;
-laust, adv. very loosely;
-lágr, a. very low, short of stature;
-léttbrúnn, a. of very cheerful countenance;
-léttmćlt, pp. n. very cheerfully spoken;
-léttr, a. very light ( in weight);
-líkliga, adv. in very agreeable terms;
-líkligr, a. very likely;
-líkr, a. very like;
-lítill, a. very little;
-lyginn, a. much given to lying;
-mannhćttr, a. very dangerous;
-mannskœđr, a. very murderous;
-mannvćnn, a. (a man) of very great promise;
-margliga, adv. very affably;
-margmćltr, a. very talkative;
-margr, a. very numerous; pl. allmargir, very many;
-margrœtt, pp. n. very much spoken of;
-málugr, a. very loquacious;
-máttfarinn, a. very much worn out;
-máttlítill, a. very weak;
-meginlauss, a. very void of strength
-mikill, a. very great;
-misjafnt adv. very variously, in very different ways;
-ljóss, a. very light;
-mjór, a. very slim, slender;
-mjök, adv. very much;
-nauđigr, a. very reluctant;
-nauđuliga, adv. very dangerously (-nauđuliga staddr);
-náinn, a. very near, nearly related;
-nćr, adv. very near;
-nćrri, adv.= -naer.
al-lođinn, a. shaggy all over;
-lokit, pp. n. entirely gone.
all-opt, adv. very often;
-orđfátt, a. n., gera allorđfátt um, to be very chary of words as to;
-ógurligr, a. very frightful.
allr (öll, allt), a. (1) all, entire, whole; hón á allan arf eptir mik, she has all the heritage after me ; af öllum hug, with all (one's) heart; hvitr a., white all over; bú allt, the whole estate; allan daginn, the whole day; í allri veröld, in the whole world; allan hálfan mánuđ, for the entire fortnight; with addition of 'saman'; lit saman féit, the whole amount; um ţenna hernađ allan saman, all together; (2) used almost adverbially, all, quite, entirely; klofnađi hann a. í sundr, he was all cloven asunder, kváđu Örn allan villast, that he was altogether bewildered; var Hrappr a. brottu, quite gone; a. annarr mađr, quite another man; (3) gone, past; áđr ţessi dagr er a, before this day is past; var ţá öll ţeirra vinátta, their friendship was all over; allt er nú mitt megin, my strength is exhausted, gone; (4) departed, dead (ţá er Geirmundr var a.) ; (5) neut. sing. (allt)

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