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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


Note: These additions have been integrated into the .html and .RTF versions of the dictionary

-kol, -kul, n. iron chill or coldness.
-vera, f. 'dwelling-in' (kjsa sr sta til veru).
-vist, f. = vera; hs til vistar, a house to dwell in.
jarp-skamr, m. 'the brown pygmy' (viz. Erpr).
kafinn, pp. from 'kefja', fig. absorbed.
(lauga, v.); add, to coat, overlay (skjldr laugar rauu gulli).
l, f. (?) blood, (?) warmth.
(leggja, v.); add, l. nir f, to slaughter sheep (haf frjlst at, sem hefir niur lagt af f vru).
lind, f. source, spring; lindar logi, gold (poet.).
(lind, f. (1)); add, lindar vi, fre (poet.).
lendr, m. pl. wayfarers (ok brat lndum l).
(lyf, n.); add, ekki l., nought, not the least.
manns-li, n. a man's aid.
marka-menn, m. pl. 'forest-men', outlaws, robbers.
(ml, n.); add, (12) three months (m. ok misseri).
mj-fingrar, a. slender-fingered.
mun-r, n. dearest wish (hefk mns fur -r brotit).
m-fingr, a. = mjfingrar.
(mla, v.); add, m. sr konu, to court (woo) a lady (ef vilt r m. man).
(nenna, v.); add, n. e-m, to attend on one, to grant one's love to one.
neppr, a. (1) overcome, fainting; (2) deadly (?).
(nijar, m. pl.); add, ancestors.
njsnar-fr, f. spying journey.
(opt)-sinnis, -sinnum, adv. oftentimes.
(or)-svif, n. rumour.
(orka, v. 3); add, o. , to begin; orkum ekki fyrri, let us not be the first to attack.
organs-meistari, m. organ-builder.
(orma)-ltr, n. = orma-bli.
(orm)-ligr, a. fig. sly, cunning.
gn, f. poet. river; gnar ljmi, gold.
n, f. = vn (n es pess engi).
piningar-star, m. = pslarstar.
(pslar)-t, f. time of passion.
(prdikara)-brir, m. Dominican friar.
(prett)-vsliga, adv. deceitfully.
(purpura)-pell, n. costly stuff.
(rang)-leikr, m. = ranglti.
(rang)-semi, f. unrighteousness.
rati, m. the name of Odin's gimlet.
(raua, f.); add, (2) red colour; (3) blood.
(raust, f.); add, renna raustum, to sing.
(ra, v.); add, vel hefir r rizt, things have turned out well.
(ra-hagr, m. (1)); add, way of life (n vil ek breyta rahag okkrum); -leitan, f. asking in marriage.
(reifa, v. (4)), add, at mun eigi gu r., that will bear no good.
reini, m. stone horse, stallion.
rendr, a. brimmed (skjldr jrni r.).
rengi, n. the eatable fibrous substance from the plaited undersurface of the rorqual.
rtti, n. stretching; rifja r., rib-stretching.
(rttr, in.); add, (6) storm, heavy sea (fengu eir rtt mikinn; skipit var lekt ok oldi ilia rttinn).
rinna, v. = renna (rann).
(rma, v.); add, rmdi Grettir fram glfit, then G. stepped forth on the floor.
sann-rinn, pp. verily betrayed.
skegg-ld, f. age of axes (skeggld, sklmld); cf. 'skeggja'.
(skemma, f.); add, storehouse.
sk, n. lintel; hur vr ski, the door was shut.
skoll-vss, a. 'skilled in tricks', deceitful (-vs kona).
skuld, f. = skyld; fyrir ann (= ) s., at, because that.
slyra, f. fibre.
snfugr, a. = snefugr.
sonar-blt, n., etc., see 'snar-blt' (sonar- is probably the correct form = OE. sunor, herd of swine).
sveip-vss, a. treacherous, false.
sja (only pret. pl. su, pp. sr, sr), v. to fasten together (the outer planking in a ship or boat).
sing, f. sacrifice, sacrificial beast.

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