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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


Note: These additions have been integrated into the .html and .RTF versions of the dictionary

afr, a. strong (a. tvau ss brotnai).
al-vtr, f. fairy maid, Valkyrie.
atri, n. movement; hann hafi allt eitt atriit, he did both things at once.
beiti, n. heather (beiti tekr vi bitsttum).
bekk-smr, a. adorning the bench.
bj, f. flat land; r Brs synir bjum of yptu, ere the sons of B. raised the ground.
bt-leysi, n. 'bootlessness'; lemja e-n til -leysis, past reparation.
braukun or brkun, f. ? violent behaviour (b. berserkja).
blva-fullr, a. hapless, cursed.
eld-ska, f. = eldsk, eldisk.
(feigr, a.); add, dead (fyllist fjrvi feigra manna).
f-skylmt, a. n. = fskylft.
fjl-ntr, a. useful in many ways.
fjr-lok, n. pl. end of life, death.
flaugun, f. flying, flight.
flk-djarfr, a. brave in battle;
-liendr, m. pl. wayfarers;
-ri, n. rule over people;
-vtr, f. 'battle wight', Valkyrie.
fri-drjgr, a. peaceful.
felt, adv. fearfully, in fearful mood (fra f. eygi).
geir-mmir, m. poet. warrior.
geir-njrr, m. poet. warrior.
genginn, pp. gone, dead.
geymiliga, adv. = gtiliga.
gfr, a. poet. bloodthirsty, savage.
glugga-ykkn, f. dense clouds with openings in them.
Grettis-haf, -tak, n. Grettir's lift.
(grunr, m.); add, um grun, by guile (sem etta vri eigi um grun grt).
gylfi, m. prince, king (poet.).
grttr, a. poisonous (g. er drykkrinn, i!).
hags-munir, m. pl. profit, advantage.
hald-kvmast (d), v. refl. to avail, be of use to (-kvmast e-m).
h, f. hide (hangir me hm).
hla, f. giantess; hlu skr, wolf (poet.).
hlf-neytr, a. 'half-good'; tti Birni eigi verr en -neytt, at, B. was out half-loath, though.
(heil-rr, a.); add, taking wholesome counsel.
heljast, v. refl. to work hard (hann heljast sklasm).
hjlm-vtr, f. 'helm-wight', Valkyrie.
hlaut-vir, m. rod immersed in sacrificial blood, divination rod.
hlr, a. famous, renowned (?).
hnit-broir, m. 'near brother'.
hrast, v. refl. to grow old and decrepit.
hrur, m. 'the swift one', poet. name of fire.
hrrast, v. refl. = hrast.
hugat, adv. frankly, sincerely (mla hugat).
(hverr, m.); add, holtria h., 'rock-cauldron', cave.
hvrfun, f. vacillation; h., wavering (var h. hugr minn of at).
hvtun, f. instigation, egging; ganga at h. e-s, to follow one's egging.
h-rg, n. servants' slander (quarrelling).
(httr, a.); add, (5) doubtful, uncertain.
(hfn, f.); add, (5) crew, = skipshfn.
iga, f. a kind of small bird.
inn-fjlgr, a. hot, burning (tr innfjlgt).
sarn-borg, f. iron plating of a ship

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