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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


purpose, = tla sr (hann tlast at fara til Jmsborgar); . e-t fyrir, to intend to do a thing (vr skulum halda til njsn, hvat lafr tlast fyrir).
tlan, f. (1) thought, meaning, opinion (hverja . hafi r um fri enna); (2) plan, design (brst s ., sem r var gr um atlguna); (3) reason, meaning; at er engi ., there is no use thinking of that; (4) estimate (mevi fjldi en hgt vri at telja ea . koma).
tlanar-mar, m. steward, = bryti, rsmar;
-verk, n. task.
tni, f. gluttony.
-lstr, m. gluttony.
tr, a. eatable (allt at er tt er).
tt (pl. -ir), f. (1) quarter of the heaven, direction, = tt (flugu au brott bi samt smu .); (2) one's family, extraction, pedigree (hann var snskr at .); aan eru komnar rla ttir, the race of thralls; telja . til e-s, to trace one's pedigree to; e-t gengr i ., it is hereditary; (3) generation ( ina riju ea fjru .).
ttar, pp. descended (hn var ttu r Mostr); . vel, well-born, of good family.
ttar-brag, n. family trait;
-btir, m. betterer of one's family;
-fer, f. origin, descent;
-fylgja, f. family guardian spirit;
-gift, f. family luck;
-gripr, m. heirloom;
-haugr, cairn, family tomb;
-hgg, n. family blow, calamity;
-mt, family likeness (er at mt me okkr);
-nafn, n. hereditary title;
-rttr, m. hereditary right;
-rki, n. hereditary kingdom;
skar, n. a loss (by death) in a family;
-skmm, f. a disgrace to a family (of a person);
-spillir, m. family spoiler, disgracer;
-svipr, m. = -mt;
-tal, n. pedigree, genealogy.
-tala, f. pedigree, genealogy.
tt-blkr, m. lineage, family;
-bogi, m. lineage;
-borinn, pp. (1) born, native; ar -borinn i rndheimi, a native of Th.; vel -borinn, well-born, of good family; (2) born to, entitled to by birth; -borinn til lands, a rightful heir of the land; (3) legitimate (sonr -borinn).
tterni, n. (1) descent, extraction, origin (ekki var margra manna vitor hans .); sureyskr at ., by birth; telja . til e-s, to reckon one's pedigree up to a person; (2) family, kindred, kinsmen (par er . hans allt).
tt-flk, n. relations, kinsmen;
-frr, a. well versed in pedigrees;
-frsla, f. adoption;
-gangr, m. succession;
-geigr, m. family calamity;
-gengr, a. characteristic of one's family, born in the blood (e-m er e-t -gengt);
-gr, a. of good family;
-gi, n. goodness of origin, rank, high birth;
-gfugr, a. of noble extraction;
-hagi, m. = tthagi;
-hringr, m. lineage, pedigree.
ttingl (pl. -jar), m. kinsman.
tt-jr, f. native country;
-kvsl, f. a line, branch of family;
-land, n. one's native land;
-leggr, m. stem, lineage;
leia (-dda, -ddr), v. to legitimate (a natural child);
-leiing, f. legitimation (of a natural child);
-leiingr, m. a legitimated child;
-leif, f. patrimony;
-lera, a. indecl. degenerate;
-leri, m. a degenerate person, a discredit to a family;
-lir, m. a link in a pedigree;
-menn, m. pl. kinsmen;
-nafn, n. a (Christian) name usual in a family;
nir, m. descendant;
rif, n. = -leggr;
-smr, a. of low extraction;
-strr, a. high-born;
-stri, f. greatness of extraction;
-vig, n. slaying of a kinsinan;
-vsi, f. knowledge of genealogies.
va, adv. (1) never (s er . egir); Gsli kva vsu, er . skyldi, G. repeated a verse that he never should; (2) at any time, ever; . ekki, never, = va-gi; (3) not (jr fannst . n upphiminn).
va-gi, adv. never, = va ekki.
var, adv. = afar, far.
-verligr, a. everlasting.
vi (gen. vi), f. (1) age, time; hann var konungr yfir Nregi langa ., for a long time; um aldr ok ., for ever and ever; alla ., for all time, ever; in forna (nja) ., the old (new) era; (2) lifetime (helzt at allt um hans .); (3) a life-story, biography = vi-saga (hann ritai . Nregs konunga).
vi-dagar, m. pl life-days; -liga,

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