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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


virgil-nr, m. a corpse on a gallows
virki, n. (1) work,= verk; esp. in compds., ill-, spell-, str-, rek-virki; (2) stronghold, castle.
virkis-armr, m. wing of a castle;
-mar, m. defender in a castle.
virkja (-ti, -t), v. impers. = verkja.
virkr, a. (1) working; in compds., g-, har-, mikil-, str-; virkr dagr, work-day, week-day; (2) careful, painstaking (v. at e-u); (3) v. e-m, valued by, dear to (krr var hann ok v. konunginum).
virkt, f. (1) tender care strar lknai hann me mikilli v.; hann ba af eim (= h. ba ) virkta vinum snum ok frndum, he recommended his friends and kinsmen to their special charge; ok ba honum virkta vi konunginn r eir skildi, recommended him to the king before they parted; (2) good wishes; bija e-m virkta, to wish one all good wishes (sds ba honum margra virkta); (3) fondness, affection; spuri, hverja hluti H. hefi, er honurn vri mest v. , which were dearest to him; leggja alla v., to cherish them in every way; hafa e-n krleik ok virktum, to hold one in love and affection; (4) af or me v., af or me virktum, with special care (hann lt gera skip af virktum).
virkta-li, n. = -menn;
-mar, m. a chosen man, favourite man (-menn Sveins konungs); eir kvu hann vera -mann, they said he was a capital man;
-r, n. excellent advice;
-vel, adv. very well;
-vinr, m. intimate friend.
virku-liga, adv. carefully.
virtr, n. wort (in brewing).
visinn, a. wizened, withered.
visk, f. wisp (hlm-visk, sef-visk).
visna, (a), v. to wither (hnd visnai; visnu hnd).
vissa, f. certain knowledge, certainty (hafa vissu af e-u); gera e-m vissu af e-u, to give notice of.
vissu-liga, adv. certainly (vita -liga);
-ligr, a. certain (-lig vn).
vist (pl. -ir), f. (1) stay; hann fr til vistar til Hliarenda, he went to stay at H.; hann var vistum me fur snum, he stayed with his father; (2) abode (margar eru vistir gar ok margar illar); veita e-m v., to lodge one; (3) food, provisions, often in pl.; nga v. arf hann, he requires no food; v. ok drykkr, meat and drink; Hrapp raut vistir hafi, H. ran short off provisions at sea.
vista (a), v. (1) to lodge, find lodgings and food for (hann vistar kaupmenn nr skipi); (2) to furnish with food, provisions (at var httr, at menn vistuu sik sjlfir til ings); (3) refl., vistast, to take up a fixed abode, stay, sojourn (hann vildi hr v. um sumarit).
vista-byringr, m. store-ship;
-fang, n. provisions stores;
-far, n. domicile;
-ftt, a. n. running short of provisions (hann hafi, or honum var, -ftt);
-ferli, n. = -far;
-f, f. lack of provisions;
-gjald, n. contribution in food (leggja -gjald e-n);
-gntt, plenty of provisions;
-lauss, a. without provisions;
leysi, n. lack of provisions;
-malr, m. provision-bag.
vistar-far, n. domicile; fara -farl e-n sta, to go to stay at a place;
-gr, f. fare (eigi er hr vnd -gor);
-laun, n. pl. board-wages;
-mar, m. lodger, boarder;
-taka, f. forag ing;
-tekja, f. sojourning, boarding (bja e-m marga kosti um -tekju);
-veizla, f. boarding or housing of a person;
-vera, f. sojourn.
vista-skip, n. provision - ship;
-skortr, m. want of provisions.
vist-fang, n. = vistafang;
-fastr, a. having a fixed abode;
lauss, a. homeless, with no fixed domicile (ek em mar -lauss).
visundr (gen. -s or -ar, pl. -ar) m. bison-ox.
vit, n. (1) consciousness; hafa v. sitt, vita vits sns, to be in one's senses, be conscious; (2) intelligence, cognizance; . frra (allra) manna viti, within few (all) men's knowledge; (3) wit, understanding, reason; vel viti borinn, with a good understanding; ganga af vitinu, to go out of one's wits, go mad

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