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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vakka (a), v. to stray hover about, = vafka (eir ltu v. vi skipin).
vakna (a), v. to awake, wake up(er hann vaknai, rann dagr upp); menn vknuu vi, er hann gekk t, men woke up just as he went out; v. vid e-t, to recognize, recollect ( vaknai konungr vi tt eira).
vaknan, f. awakening.
vakna-skeit, n. vigil-time.
vakr (vkr, vakrt), a. watchful, alert, wakeful (v. bnahaldi).
vakr-liga, adv. nimbly;
-ligr, a. watchful, lively;
-lyndr, a. frisky.
vakta, (a), v. to watch, with acc.
val, n. choice; hann spuri hverjar sgur vali vri, what stories there were to choose among; engi vru vl v, there was no chance of that.
vala-ript, f. French cloth.
val-baugar, m. pl. French rings, foreign gold; cf. 'Valir'.
val-bl, n. blood from the slain (valr);
-br , f. flesh of the slain (manna -brir).
val-bygg, n. foreign barley.
val-bst, f. some part of a sword.
vald, n. (1) power, authority (r hafi vald til ess at ra essu at sinni); eiga (f) v. yfir e-m, to have (get) power over one; gefast v. e-s, ganga (koma) , v. e-s, to submit to one; (2) power, dominion ( tk til v. Sviakonungs); (3) pl. vld, the cause or origin of a thing; kenni ek r vld um at, I charge it on thee; af mnum vldum, of my doing
valda, (veld, olla or volda, valdit), v. (1) to wield, with dat.; ef ek em sv sterkr, at ek m eigi v. sverinu, that I cannot wield the sword; (2) to rule over; en ar Heimdall kvea v. vum, there they say H. rules over the fane; (3) to cause, be the cause of, with dat. or absol. (eigi vissu menn, hvat v olli); essu mun Svanr v., this must be Swan's doing.
valdandi, m. wielder, ruler
, m. wielder, ruler (sigrs valdari).
vald-borg, f. stronghold.
valdi, m., in 'ein-, flkvaldi
valdi, a., v. e-s = valdr e-s.
valdr, m. wielder, ruler.
valdr, a., v. e-s, the cause of, guilty of (tt sjlfr sr ess eigi v.).
val-dreyri, m.=valbl;
-dreyrugr, a. gory with blood of the slain.
valds-ligr, a. powerful, mighty;
-mar, m. mighty man, ruler.
val-dr, n. carrion-beast, esp. wolf;
-dgg, f. 'the dew of the slain', blood;
fall, n. the fall of the slain;
-fr, m. father of the slain, Odin;
-galdr, m. charms, spells to raise the dead;
-gjarn, a. greedy for carrion, of the wolf;
-glaumr, m. the swarm of the slain in Valhalla;
-grind, f. the gate of Valhalla.
val-knot, f. walnut.
val-hll, f. (1) the hall of the slain, Valhalla; (2) a great hall of a king.
valin-kunnr, a. (1) impartial; (2) honest, respectable.
Valir, m. pl. the inhabitants of France (other than the Franks); Vala mlmr, Vala ript, gold or costly stuff from France.
val-kyrja, f. a chooser of the slain, Valkyrie;
-kstr, m. a heap of slain
Val-land, n. France.
vallari, m. destitute person, tramp, beggar; vagabond, wanderer.
vallar-sn, f. outward appearance (miklir eru eir at -sn).
vall-gangr, m. excrements;
-grinn, pp. grown with turf (-grnir bakkar)
-rr, a. proud of gait.
val-mr, f. - valkyrja.
valneskr, a. French, = valskr.
valr, m. the slain (ltu eir ba um val arm, er ar hafi fallit).
valr (-a, -ir), m. hawk, falcon.
valr, a. round, oval.
val-raur, a. blood-red, crimson
-rauf, n. plundering the slain;
-rof, n. plundering the slain;
-rnar, f. pl. obscure runes;
sinni, n. the company of the slain.
valska, f. the French language,of vlsk tunga;
valskr, a. French; valskar mss, rats.
val-slngva, f. 'war-sling' ' catapult;
-stefna, f. war-meeting, battle;
-tivar, m. pl. gods of the slain.
valtr, a. easily upset, unstable, unsteady (vlt er essa heims hamingja).
val-veitr, f. hawking.

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