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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


úsjaldan, adv. not seldom;
úsjálfráđa, a. beyond one's own control; bezt at sér um ţat allt, er henni var úsjálfrátt, best gifted in everything that was not in her own power;
úsjúkr, a. not ill, well;
úskaddr, pp. unscathed.
úskap, n. (1) hostility, spleen, ill humour; (2) pl., úskóp, evil fate (verđa fyrir úsköpum).
úskapa-verk, n. ill-fated work, deed done by evil fate.
úskap-bráđr, a. calm-minded, well tempered;
-felldr, pp. disagreeable to one's mind, unpleasant; e-m er -fellt um e-t, one is displeased with;
-felliliga, adv. disagreeably;
-gćfr, a. not gentle, moody;
-léttr, a. not light minded; e-m er -létt, one is in bad humour;
-liga, adv. enormously; immoderately;
-ligr, a. against nature's order, monstrous, horrible;
-líkr, a. unlike in temper;
-stórr, a. not proud tempered;
-tiđr, a. not to one's mind;
-vćrr, a. restless of temper;
-ţekkr, a. unpleasant.
ú-skeifligr, a. not awry;
úskeini-samr, a. not hurtful;
-hćttr, a. not hurtful;
úskelfdr, pp. unshaken, undaunted;
úskelfr, a. untrembling;
úskerđr, pp, undiminished, whole, entire;
úskil, n. pl. unfair dealings, improper treatment (gera e-m ú.).
úskila-máđr, m. an unreadyman.
úskil-fenginn, pp. illegitimate (móđir -fengin);
-getinn, pp. not born in wedlock.
ú-skiljanligr, a. unintelligible;
ú-skilrikiliga, adv. unfairly;
úskilsliga, adv. unjustly;
úskilsamliga, adv. unjustly;
úskiptiligr, a. indivisible;
úskírborinn, pp. not born in wedlock;
úskírlífi, n. unclean life;
úskírr, a. (1) unclean, impure; (2) indistinct (úskírt rnál);
úskorađr, pp. unchallenged, without reservation;
úskorinn, pp. uncut;
úskuggasamligr, a. unsuspicious;
úskuldvarr, a. incautious in incurring debts;
úskundi, m. affront (gera e-m úskunda);
úskúađr, pp. unshod;
úskygn, a. dim-sighted;
úskygnleiki, m. dim-sightedness;
úskyldr, a. (1) not related; (2) e-m er e-t úskylt, it is not one's duty, does not concern one;
úskyldugr, a. undue.
úskyn-samliga, adv. unreasonably;
-samligr, a. (1) irrational, foolish; (2) unintelligent;
-samr, a. foolish;
-semd, f. unreason.
-semi, f. unreason.
ú-skyti (gen. úskytja), m. bad marksman;
úskýrr, a. (1) stupid; (2) indistinct;
úskćrleikr, m. want of transparency;
úsleginn, pp. unmown;
úsleitiliga, adv. unshrinkingly; drekka ú., to drink without heeltaps;
úslétta, f. unevenness;
úsléttr, a. uneven, unlevel;
úslitinn, pp. untorn, unbroken up;
úsljór, a. not blunt;
úslóttigr, a. not wily;
úslyngr, a. unskilled;
úslćliga, adv. not slowly, sharply (höggva ú.);
úslœgr, a. not sly, not cunning;
úslřkkviligr, a. inextinguishable;
úsmár, a. not small, great; e-m felir e-t úsmátt, a thing has no difficulties to one;
úsnilld, f. (1) folly,; (2) lack of eloquence;
úsnjallr, a. unskilled, unwise;
úsnjósamr, a. void of snow (vetr góđr ok ú.);
úsnotr, a. unwise;
úsnötrmannligr, a. dull, faint;
úsoltinn, pp. not hungry;
úsómi, m. dishonour, disgrace;
úsóttnćmr, a. not apt to be taken ill;
úspakliga, adv. tumultuously;
úspakligr, a. (1) unwise, foolish; (2) unruly, turbulent;
úspakr, a. (1) unwise; (2) restless, unruly;
úsparliga, adv. unsparingly;
úsparr, a. unsparing;
úspáligr, a. unprophetic;
úspeki, f. turbulence, uproar.
úspekt, f. turbulence, uproar.
úspektar-ferđ, f. raid;
-mađr, m. unruly person, peace-disturber.
ú-spilliligr, a. inviolable;
úspilltr,         pp. inviolate; unspoiled; taka til úspilltra mála, to fight out in real earnest;
úspurall, a. not inquisitive;
ústađfastr, a. unsteadfast;
ústađfesta, f. unsteadfastness;        
ústarfsamr, a. remiss in work, idle;
ústef        liga, adv. disorderly;
ústerkr, a. not strong, weak;
ústilling, f. vehemence;
ústilltr, pp. intemperate;
ústund, f.         disregard (leggja ú. á e-t);
ústyrk        jast (t), v. refl. to grow infirm;
ústyrkleikr, m. infirmity;
ústyrkr, m. weakness;
ústyrkr, a. weak,

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