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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


f. hearing, intelligence;
-staa, f. condition, state, circumstances;
-stilli, n., -stilling, f. management, agency; af nu -stilli, by thy guidance; allgott -stilli um mlaferli, successful conducting of suits.
tilstillingar-mar, m. abettor, in-citer (vinrinn ok hennar -mar).
til-sto, f. assistance, help;
-stefnan, f. causing (var etta mjk af -stofnan Hallmundar);
-stundan, f. inducement, exertion;
-string, f. = -stilli;
-sndum, adv. in appearance, to look on (fagr -sndum);
-sni, n. look-out, view;
-snis, adv., -snum, adv. = -sndum;
-ssla, f. management;
-sgn, f. information, guidance;
-tak, n. a laying hold of; gr -taks, good to resort to;
-taka, f. = -tekja.
tilt, a. n. peaceful; bera t. með tveim, to set goodwill between two.
tiltaka-gr, a. good to aid, = gr tiltaks; -samr, a. busy, active.
til-tala, f. (1) proportion; eptir rttri -tlu, in due proportion; (2) claim, = -mli, -kall (eiga -tlu til rkis);
-tekja, -tekt, f. (one's) doings or procedure ( grunai mjk um -tekjur jarls);
-teyging, f. inducement;
-tki, n. = -tekja;
-tkiligr, a. expedient (konungr spuri hann at, hvat -tkiligast vri);
-tkr, a. (1) liable to be seized (drpr ok -tkr, hvar sem hann verr stainn); (2) ready at hand, ready for use (sv at egar vri sverit -tkt, er hann vildi);
-verki, m. (1) desert, merit; (2) action, deed;
-verknar, m. = -verki;
-vk, n. circumstance;
-vsan, f. guidance, direction, instruction;
-vsning, f. = -vsan;
-tlan, f. intention, purpose;
-sking, f. adoption.
tilskingar-sonr, m. adopted son.
timbr, n. (1) timber (hann hafi ltit hggva skgi t.); (2) a set of forty skins.
timbra (a), v. to build (t. hs).
timbr-hgg, n. felling of timber;
-stofa, f. hall of timber;
-stokkr, m. timber-stock, beam;
-veggr, m. wooden wall.
tin, n. tin;
-diskr, m. tin plate.
tindttr, a. toothed, spiked.
tindr (-s, -ar), m. (1) spike, tooth of a comb; (2) mountain-peak (fjalli tindr).
tingl, n. ornamental headpiece (on a-ship); ra tinglit, ? to wag the head.
tin-knappr, m. tin-knob.
tinna, f. flint (taka eld me tinnu).
tin-smir, m. tinsmith.
titlingr, m. sparrow.
titra (a), v. to twinkle, wink (hann-titrar augunum).
titull, m. (1) dot, abbreviation; (2) inscription; (3) event, incident.
t (pl. -ir), f. (1) time; langa (skamma) t., for a long (short) while; also as vnasc. in phr. ann (r enna) t; (2) hour ( nundu t. dags); (3), plur. divine service, prayers (syngja tir); fylgja tum, fara (skja) til ta, to attend divine service.
ta (-ddi, -tt), v. impers., e-n tir, to long for, wish; mik fara tir, I long to go; refl., tast, to be in use.
ta-bk, f. breviary;
-frr, a. able to sing prayers;
-fr, f. church-going
-gr, f. divine service;
-hald, n. performance of tir;
-heyrn, f. the hearing of divine service;
-kaup, n. a priest's salary;
-lauss, a. without tir;
-mar, m. worshipper;
-offr, n. = -kaup;
-skipan, f. arrangement of divine service;
-skn, f. = -fr;
-veizla, f. = -gr.
t-hjalat, pp. n. much spoken of (-hjalat urn e-t); gera sr -hjalat vi e-n, to converse often with one.
tinda-lauss, a. void of news,without incident (eptir um sumarit varkyrt ok -laust);
-pati, m. loose rumour;
-saga, f. a report of tidings;
-spurn, f. hearing of news;
-sgn, f. report;
-vnligr, a.,
-vnn, a. fraught with great tidings.
tindi, n. pl. tidings, news, events; skalt eigi kunna fr tindum at segja, thou shall not be left alive to tell the tale; gerast (vera) til tinda, to happen, occur (verr ekki til tinda); mun etta vita tinda, this forebodes great tidings; er etta var tinda, when this happened.
tis, adv., in the phrase, vita, hvat t. var, to know what was the news.
tka (a), v. to be wont (hefi ek eigi

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