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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


money; (6) with verbs, gera e-t t. skaps e-m, to do a thing to please one; jafna e-u t. e-s, to compare it with; gera vel, illa t. e-s, to treat one well, badly; (7) of time; t. elli, to old age; t. dauadags, till one's death day; lir sumarit t. tta vikna, the summer passed till eight weeks were left; t. ess er, ar t. er, until; allt t., all the time till; (8) ellipt. and adverbial usages; vera t., to exist; fala hey ok mat, ef t. vri, if there were any left; hvrttveggja er t., there is a stock of both; eiga t., hafa t., to possess; at , sem helzt var t., ready to hand; vera t. neyddr, to be forced; skilja t., to reserve; vera fyrstr t., to be the first to do a thing; (9) too (t. ungr, t. gamall, eigi t. vlendr); eigi t. mikit, not too much, not very much; va t. snotr, not too wise; helzt t. (helzti), mikils t. (mikilsti), by far too much.
til-aflan, f. providing of supplies.
tilannaar-mar, m. furtherer.
til-beini, m. furtherance, help;
-bija, v. to worship;
-bo, n. offer;
-bragi, n. contrivance, behaviour;
-brigi, (1) change; (2) nature, natural or hereditary disposition (ykkir Egill vera merkiligr mar, sem lkligt er fyrir -briga skum);
-bnar, m. arrangement, preparation;
-drttr, m. (1) attraction; (2) occasion;
-efni, n. business, affairs, deserts; hann vissi -efni sn, he understood his own affairs;
-felldr, pp. fit, convenient;
-felli, n. occurrence, circumstance, accident, case;
-felliligr, a. suitable;
-fer, f. admittance;
-flutning, f. supply;
-fyndiligr, a. suitable;
-fyndinn, a.fault-finding;
-fsi, f. desire, longing;
-fysiligr, a. desirable;
-fst, f.=-fsi;
-frr, a. able (=frr til);
-fng, n. pl. means, supplies;
-fr, f. attack, = atfr;
-gangr, m. (1) circumstances, grounds; (2) recourse;
-gengiligr, a. accessible;
-gjf, f. dower, bridal gift;
-gr, f. desert, merit; eptir -grum, according to one's deserts; fyrir enga -gr, utan vrrar i-grar, without provocation;
-grning, f.= -gr;
-halir, . favourable (to);
-heyriliga, adv. duly, properly;
-heyriligr, a. due, proper;
-hliligr, a. due, becoming;
-hneiging, f. bent, inclination;
-httni, f. venture, risk;
-kall, n. claim (eiga -kall til e-s);
-koma, -kvma, f. coming, arrival;
-komandi, a. coming, arriving; m. new-comer.
tilkomu-lauss, a. of no consequence;
-mar, m. new-comer.
til-kvma, f. = -koma;
-kvi, n. addressing one in verse;
-kvmd, f. consequence, importance.
tilkvmdar-mar, m. a person of consequence or importance.
til-lag, n. (1) help, contribution; (2) counsel, advice;
-laga, f. = -lag.
tillaga-fr, a. reserved in counsel;
-gr, a. well-disposed; -gr inna strri mla, a good counsellor in important matters;
-illr, a. evil-disposed, interfering in a hostile way.
til-lt, n. compliance;
-ltsamr, a. yielding;
-ltsemi, f. compliance;
-leiing, f. inducement;
-leitinn, a. = leitinn;
-leitni, f. attempt;
-lit, n. (1) glance, look; illt -lit, a dismal look; (2) opinion;
-lokkan, f. allurement;
-lotning, f. reverence;
-lystiligr, a. desirable;
-lti, n. deference; hafa -lti vi e-n, gera e-m -lti, to show deference to;
-mli, n. (1) claim (eiga rtt -mli til Noregs); (2) request;
-raun, f. trial, experiment (gera -raun);
-r, n. onset; veita e-m -r, to assault one;
-runing, f. clearing the way for a thing; af -runing e-s, by ones efforts;
-ri, n. (1) assault; veita e-m -ri, to assault; (2) boldness, daring (mun oss sigrs vera auit, ef oss skortir eigi r ok -ri).
tilris-mar, m. a daring man.
til-ra, f. discussion, consultation (r var mjk lng -ra um at ml);
-setning, f. arrangement;
-sigling, f. shipping to a place;
-sj, -sj, f. attention, care, supervision;
-skip-ar, pp. fixed, appointed;
-skipan, f. arrangement, disposition;
-skyldan, f. (1) one's deserts, due; (2) compulsion;
-slgja, f., -slgr, m. profit, = slgr;
-skn, f. (1) crowding; (2) attack;

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