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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lis vi); s. vr or um vr, to inspect the guard.
skyn-lauss, a. senseless; -laus skepna, -laust kvikendi, an irrational being, brute;
-leysi, n. want of sense;
-ltill, a. small of intellect;
-samliga, adv. sensibly, rationally;
-samligr, a., -samr, a. (1) rational, reasonable; (2) wise, sagacious.
skyn-semd, f. reason; vera me fullri -semd, to be in one's right senses ( er vr erum drukknir ok me fullri -semd); kunna litla -semd, to have little understanding (kunnum vr litla -semd til at skipa sv strum mlum); hafa -semd af e-u, to have knowledge of; muntu synja ess me -semd, then thou must deny it, giving reasons for it; gjalda -semd e-s, af e-u, to give account of; krefja e-n -semdar fyrir e-t, af e-u, to call one to account for a thing.
skynsemdar-atfer, f. rational proceeding;
-lit, n. regard to reason;
-geymsla, f. use of reason;
-gjald, n. giving an account of;
-grein, f. discernment;
-ml, n. arguments;
-skipan, f. rational order;
-svar, n. satisfactory answer;
-vit, n., vera me -viti, to be in one's right senses.
skyn-semi, f. = -semd; mikil -semi er at rifja vandliga at, much knowledge is wanted to explain all that.
skynugr, a. sagacious (vitr ok s.).
skyr, n. a kind of curdled milk.
skyr-askr, m. curd-bowl.
skyr-bjgr, m. the scurvy.
skyr-br, n. dairy;
-ker, n. curd vessel;
-kyllir, -ktil, m. 'curd-bag'.
skyrpa (-ta, -t), v. to spit (s. vi).
skyrsi, n. portent, phantasm.
skyrsi-ligr, a. monstrous, abnormal.
skyrta, f. shirt, a kind of kirtle.
skyrtu-bla, n. shirt-lap;
-ermr, f. shirt-sleeve (undir skyrtuermi hans);
-gr f. the making of a shirt.
skyti, m. marksman, shooter, harpooner (s. allra manna beztr).
skytningr, m. inn or club, where each guest paid or contributed his own scot (hann veitti allri hir sinni
mat ok mungt, sv at engi mar urfti skytning at ganga).
skytnings-stofa, f. inn, tavern.
sk (gen. pl. skja), n. cloud; skjum efri, above the clouds.
sk-drpnir, m. poet. the air.
skfa (-a, -r), v. to shove, push, with dat. (ltit mik vera kyrra ok skfit mr hvergi); with acc. (eir skfu skurgoin af stllum).
sk-fjall, n. mountain of clouds.
-flki, m. cloudlet.
skja (a), v. to cloud, cover with clouds; impers., en n skjar heldr, but now it clouds over.
skjar, a. (1) cloudy (skjat ver); (2) shaded (s. hjlmr).
skla (-da, -dr), v. to screen, shelter, protect, with dat. (hvalr skldi skipinu vi verinu).
sk-lauss, a. cloudless (-laust ver).
skli, n. shelter, protection.
skli-hgg, n. damaging cut, with an axe (ar l trstobbi mikill ok -hgg mikil).
skling, f. screening, sheltering.
skra (-a, -r), v. to explain, expound, set forth, interpret (kvest s. mundu fyrir honum, ef hann vildi vita); s. spurdaga, to solve or answer a question.
skring, f. explanation, elucidation.
skr-ligr, a. bright-looking, intelligent, clever;
-mltr, a. clear-voiced.
skrr, a. (1) clear, evident, manifest (me skrum sannindum); neut., skrt, as adv. clearly, distinctly (Arnrr kver skrt etta); (2) clever, intelligent (s. mar ok skld gott).
skkja (-ta, -t), v. to check.
skldinn, a. skilled or versed in poetry (ltt em ek s.).
sk-mar, m. = skmar.
skr, m. horse, poet. (s. skkuls).
skra or sköra, f. fray, quarrel.
skra-hsi, m. a case for holding a pair of shears.
skri, n. pl. a pair of shears.
skr-leikr, m. brightness;
-liga, adv. purely, clearly.
skrr, a. (1) pure (s. meydmr); (2) clear, bright, serene (s. himinn, skrt ver); (3) transparent; (4)
clear, distinct (skr rdd).
skva (a), v. to stride on (poet.).

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