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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


skval, n. noisy talk.
skvala (a), v. to shout, brawl.
n. noisy talk, clamour.
skvaldra (a), v. to talk noisily.
skyggr, pp. bright, polished (hjlmr s. sem gler).
skyggja (-a, -r), v. (1) to overshadow; (2) with dat., s. e-u vi e-u, to screen against (s. e-u vi slu); (3) to polish, with acc. (s. sver au, er r eru forn).
skygn, a. (1) seeing (hann hafi fengit sn sna ok var s. mar); (2) sharp-sighted (E. var einsnn ok manna skygnastr).
skygna (-da), v. to pry, spy; s. um e-t, at e-u, to spy after, look for; refl., skygnast um, to look about (skygndist hann n um fast).
skygni, n. shed, cover.
skygning, f. looking about.
skygn-leikr, m. eyesight, power of vision (augun me bjrtum -leik).
skygnur, f. pl. wide open eyes (H. rak s. landit).
skykkjum, dat. pl. as adv., ganga s., to go rocking; gekk jrin undir eim s., the earth went rocking, under them, of an earthquake.
skyld, f. (1) tax, due (heimta saman skyldir konungs); (2) incumbrance on an estate; (3) reason, sake; fyrir mna s., for my sake.
skylda (a), v. (1) to bind in duty, oblige (konungrum skyldai til at flytja lkin til graptar); (2) s. til e-s, to deserve, merit.
skylda, f. (1) due, tax, tribute (fekk hann aan engar skyldur n skatta); (2) duty (er at yvarr rttr ok s. at verja rki vrt); (3) relationship (eigi veit ek, at me okkr s nein s.).
skyldar, pp. bound, obliged (ek em s. til at reka konungs eyrendi).
skyldar-embetti, n. obligatory service;
-erendi, n. urgent business.
skyld-bundinn, pp. duty-bound;
-leiki, m. relationship;
-liga, adv. duly, dutifully;
urfa -liga, to stand in pressing need of;
-ligr, a., e-m er e-t -ligtt, it is one's duty.
skyldr, a. (1) bound, obliged (ef r veitit mr at, ver ek s. til at gra yvarn vilja); (2) due (veita konungi skylda jnustu); (3) urgent, pressing (skylt erendi); mr er skylt, it's my bounden duty (at mun konungi skylt ykkja, at ek fara); (4) related; s. at frndsemi, related by kinship; mr er marinn s., the man is near akin to me; skyld frndsemi, near kinship.
skyldu-erendi, n. urgent business.
skyldug-leikr, m. relationship.
skyldugr, a. (1) bound, obliged (s. at gra e-t); (2) due (skyldug hlni); (3) vera s. e-m, to owe to one.
skyldu- hlni, f. due obedience, homage;
-liga, adv. (1) in duty, dutifully; (2) necessarily (urfa -liga);
-ligr, a. obligatory.
skylmast (d), v. refl., to fence with a weapon (s. me skjld ok sver).
skylming (pl. -ar), f. fencing.
skyn (pl. -jar), f. sense, knowledge, understanding; vita, kunna, hafa s. (or skynjar) e-u, to have knowledge of, understand (Flosi kvazt eigi vita s. , hverir lgmenn vri mestir); hann kunni allra s. borginni, he knew all the people in the town; bera s. yfir e-t, to have knowledge of a thing, understand it; gjalda s. fyrir e-t, to give account of, account for; Loki sagi s. llum gripum, explained all the objects.
skyn, n. = skyn, f. (kunna gott s.).
skynda (-nda), v. (1) to hasten, with dat. (s. fer sinni); s. sr, to hasten, make haste; (2) to hasten, = s. sr (hann skyndi til skipa).
skyndi, f. haste (me mikilli s.).
skyndi-brlaup, n. hasty marriage;
-kona, f, loose woman;
-liga, adv. in haste, speedily;
-ligr, a. sudden (-ligr daui).
skynding, f. speed, haste; af skyndingu, in haste, speedily.
skyndir, m. haste; bera skyndi at um e-t, to make haste with.
skyndi-r, -ri, n. hasty plan or deed.
skynja (a), v. (1) to perceive, make out, understand (eir skynja skjtt, hverir hfingjar vru vinir Magnss konungs); (2) to search into, inquire (. ba menn sna s., ef hann yrfti

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