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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


rugr, a. sagacious, shrewd.
ru-ligr, a. = rligr;
-nautr, m. counsellor;
neyti, n. body of cousellors; council.
r-valdr, m. ruler;
-vandr, a. honest, upright;
vendi, f. probity, honesty;
gr, a. open to advice, pliable (rgir snum rgjfum).
rr, rfr, n. roof, = rjfr, rfr.
rmr, a. hoarse (hss ok r.).
rn, n. (1) any unlawful seizure or holding of property; (2) robbery, plundering; (3) plunder, booty.
Rn, f. goddess of the sea (R. er nefnd kona gis); Rnar dtr, the sea-nymphs; the waves of the sea.
rn-fengi, n., -fengr, m. booty, plunder (-fengr jaza jtuns).
rns-f,n. proceeds of plunder;
-fengr, m. = rnfengr;
-flokkr, m. band of highwaymen;
-hnd, f. robbing hand (stela me rnshendi).
rn-skapr, m. rapine.
rns-mar, m. robber.
rs, f. (1) race, running (ek setta hestinn r.); taka (hafa, hefja) r., to take to one's heels, run off (tk Egill egar rs fr bnum); (2) course, channel (um leyniligar jararinnar rsir); (3) company, host (allar rsir heilagra manna).
rs-fimr, a. fleet (of a horse);
-hallr, a. steeply sloping.
refi, n. staff, cudgel.
refill (dat. refli, pl. reflar), m. tapestry, hangings.
refil-stigr, m. mysterious path.
refjur, f. pl. cheats, tricks.
refju-samr, a. tricky (hann var refjusamr fjrreium).
ref-keila, f. she-fox, vixen.
refla (a), v. to make enquiry.
reforma-stt, f. ringworm disease.
ref-ormr, m. ringworm.
refr (-s, -ar), m. fox.
refsa (a, or -ta, -tr), v. to punish, with dat. of the person (r. e-m); with acc. of the thing (r. ningsverk).
refsan, f., refsing, f. punishment.
refsingar-dmr, m. sentence of punishment;
-laust, adv. without punishment, unpunished;
-leysi, n. remissness in punishing;
-mar, m. punisher;
-sver, n., -vndr, m. sword, wand of punishment.
refsinga-samr, a. given to punishing (mnnum tti hann harr ok r.).
refsi-ing, n. a kind of criminal court (in old Sweden).
regi, f. cowardice;
-ligr, a. obscene (-lig kvi);
-mar, m. coward.
regin (gen. ragna), n. pl. the ruling powers, the gods, = rgn.
regin-dmr, m. the mighty doom, the last judgement;
-grjt, n. the holy stones, altars;
-kunnigr, -kunnr, a. sprung from the gods;
-nagl, m. sacred nail (in a temple-pillar).
regla f. (1) rule; (2) rule of a religious order; (3) bar (of gold).
reglu-brir, m. friar, brother (of a religious order);
-hald, n. convent life, discipline; ganga undir -hald, to enter an order;
-ligr, a. belonging to convent life;
-star, m. monastery.
regn, n. rain (r. hafi verit mikit).
regna (-di, -t), v. to rain, = rigna.
regn-bogi, m. rainbow;
-l, n. rainshower;
-ligr, a. rainy, likely to rain;
-samr, a. rainy;
-skr, f. shower of rain;
-vatn, n. rain-water.
rei (pl. -ar), f. (1) ride, riding (var honum fenginn hestr til reiar); vera einn r., to ride alone; eir vru beztir hestar at r., they were the best of riding-horses; var ok sn r. eirra, they were seen riding; (2) vehicle, carriage, chariot (rr r. , er hann ekr, en hafrarnir draga reina); (3) clap of thunder (v nst flugu eldingar ok reiar).
reia (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to cary on horseback; hverr reiddi yr yfir Markarfljt, who put you across M.?; (2) r. e-t um (of) xl, to carry a thing (poised) on one's shoulder (heinn hafi hann fyrir vpn ok reiddi of xl); (3) to make one rock, shake, push (reiit hana af baki, sv at hn falli lkinn ofan); (4) to toss, of wind and waves (btinn undir honum reiddi vindr ok straumr norr me landi); impers. to be tossed about (reiddi ymsa vega); tk at r. saman skipin, the ships began to drive against one another; e-u reiir e-n veg af, it ends (turns

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