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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ek ar gum gripi neitt); (2) to deny, forsake (hann neitai gus nafni).
neitan, neiting, f. denying, denial.
nekkverr, pron. any ( nekkhverjum hlut), = nakkvarr, nkkurr.
nema, conj. (1) except, save, but; origa ek segja nema r einum, I dare not tell any one save thee alone; engi nema, no but, no (not any) other than (Grani vildi undir ngum manni ganga n. Siguri); (2) with subj. unless; engir ttu lgligir dmar dmdir, nema hann vri vi, unless he had a hand in them; (3) save that; n. ek hlsaa herjans stilli einu sinni, save that I once fell on the king's neck; (4) veit ek eigi n., hverr veit n., I don't know, (who knows) but that; may be, perhaps (hverr veit n. ek vera va frgr um sir); (5) v at eins, n., only in the case, if; rit r v at eins n. r s allir sem ruggastir, do not attack them unless you are all most steadfast and dauntless; (6) n. heldr, but rather (eigi m at menn kalla, n. heldr hunda); (7) nor, = n, hvrki sver n. xi, neither sword nor axe.
nema (nem; nam, nmum; numinn), v. (1) to take, take in use, take possession of (ef nemr r jr slandi); n. lnad, to take possession of land, as a settler (hann nam Eyjafjr allan); n. konu, to carry off, abduct a woman; n. sta or staar n.); n. yndi, to find rest in a place (hvrki nam hann yndi slandi n Noregi); (2) n. e-n e-u, to bereave one of a thing (n. e-n hfi, aldri, fjrvi); (3) to reach, touch (pilzit var sv stt, at nam hl); hvrt nam ik ea eigi, did it touch thee or not? tt ik ntt um nemi, though the night overtake thee; (4) to amount to, be equivalent to (honum tti landaun n.); (5) as an auxiliary verb, with infin.; hann nam at vaxa ok vel dafna, he grew apace and throve well; inn nam at ganga, he stepped in; (6) to percieve, catch, hear, of sound; var sv mikit hlj, at engi nam annars ml, that no one could hear the other's voice; eigi skulu vr at ml sv n., we shall not understand it so; (7) to learn (n. lg, fjlkyngi); to learn by heart (vsur essar nmu margir); n. e-t at (or af) e-m, to learn, get information, about a thing from one (Glmr hafi numit enna atbur at eim manni, er ht Arnr); (8) with preps. and advs.; n. e-t af, to abolish (var s heini af numin sem nnur); n. brott konu, to carry off a woman; n. eptir e-u, to imitate; n. e-t fr, to except (nema konur ea eir menn, er hann nmi fr); n. e-t upp, to pick up (nam ek upp rnar); n. vi, to resist, make a stand (hann vill enn vi n., tt lismunr vri mikill); to stop, halt (ar nmu eir Hrafn vi nesinu); n. vi e-u, to touch (gaddhjaltit nam vi borinu); to be a hindrance to (ef at nemr vi frinni, at ykkist hafa f of ltit); impers., nemr vi e-u, there is an obstacle, or stop (en er eir kmu at kirkjudurum, nam ar vi); (9) refl., nemast e-t, to refuse, withhold from doing; n. frina, to refuse to go; n. orsendingar hans, to disregard his messages; also with infin. (hann ba hann eigi n. me llu at gra sem bndr vildu).
nenna (-ta, -t), v. to be minded or inclined, be willing, feel disposed, with dat. or infin. hann nennti eigi starfi v ok hyggju); mun ek eigi n. ru en fara mti eim, I can no longer forbear going against them; Hrafn nennti eigi at starfa, H. did not care to work, was lazy; with subj., ek nenni eigi, at, I cannot bear that (nenni ek eigi, at at s mlt, at); n. e-m, to attend on one, to grant one's love to one.
nenning, f. activity, energy.
nenningar-lauss, a. slothful, lazy;
-leysi, n. slothfulness, inactivity.
neppr, a. (1) overcome, fainting; (2) deadly (?).
nes (gen. pl. nesja), n. ness, headland (n. mikit gekk s t).
nes-hfi, m. headland;
-konungr, m. 'ness-king', petty king;
-nm, n., nema - nm, to make a 'ness-raid';
-oddi, m. point of a ness.
nest, n. travelling provisions.
nes-tangi, m. the point of a ness.
nest-baggi, m. provision-bag, wallet;
-lauss, a. without provisions

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