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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


n, adv., preceded by a negation, nor (eigi mlta ek etta fyrir r n honum); hvrki . . . n, neither . . . nor (hefir hvrki heyrt til hans styn n hsta); hvrgi eirra, nundar n orfinns, er jafnmenni fur mns, neither of the two, O. or Th., is my father's equal.
nean, adv. (1) from below from beneath (veittu eir atrr n. eptir nni); (2) without motion, beneath, underneath (skipit var meitt n.); fyrir n. (with acc.), below, beneath (kemr lagit ft fyrir n. kn).
nean-verr, a. lower, undermost; kom annat lagit bringuna, en annat -vera brynjuna, in the lower part of the coat of mail.
near-la, -liga, adv. low down, far below (n. jru).
nearr, adv. compar. lower, farther down (nkkuru n.).
neast, adv. superl. farthest down.
neri, a. compar. lower, nether ( nera strti); it nera, underneath (var ljst it efra, en dimt it nera).
nef (gen. pl. nefja), n. (1) the bone of the nose, nasal bone, opp. to 'nasir' (hann rak hnefana nasir mr ok braut mr nefit); (2) the nose (nit er n. augum); (3) beak, bill (of a bird); (4) head, person; um alla Svj guldu menn ni skatt, penning fyrir n. hvert, a penny per head.
nef-bjrg, f. visor;
-dreyri, m. bleeding at the nose;
-flr, a. pale-nebbed;
-gildi, n. (1) 'nose-tax', poll-tax (payable to the king); (2) a weregild, payable to the cognates of a person, opp. to 'bauggildi'.
nefgildis-mar, m. a cognate relative, recipient of 'nefgildi';
-skattr, m. poll-tax.
nef-gjld, n. pl. weregild, = -gildi (2).
nefl, m. nephew.
nef-langr, a. long-nosed;
-lauss, a. noseless;
-ltill, a. small-nosed;
-ljtr, a. with an ugly nose;
-mikill, a. big-nosed.
nefna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to name (nefndu inn fr); n. sik, to name one's name; n. e-n nafn, to name by name; Oddr er mar nefndr, there is a man mentioned, of the name of Odd; (2) to mention by name, point out (nefni ek til ess Bjrn ok Helga); (3) to name, appoint, order (nefndi konungr nkkura menn at ganga upp eyna); (4) a law term, to call (n. menn dm); to summon, cite (allir arir, eir sem annig vru nefndir); to levy (n. li r heruum); (5) refl., nefnast, to give one's name as, call oneself (hann nefndist Hrappr).
nefna, f. naming, nomination (cf. 'dmnefna').
nefnd, f. (1) a levy or contribution in men and ships (hann vill n. hafa r hverju fylki bi at lii ok skipum); (2) a body of daysmen or arbitrators; (3) name, designation (rare).
nefndar-dagr, m. fixed day (=nefndr dagr);
-li, n. levied forces;
-mar, m. a man named for the levy (-menn af Foldinni).
nefni-liga, adv. by name, expressly.
nefning (pl. -ar), f. nomination, levy.
nef-sr, a. long-nosed;
-skorinn, pp. with cut-off nose;
-stei, m. nebbed stithy, sharp-pointed anvil.
negg, n. heart (hjarta heitir n.).
negla (-da, -dr), v. to nail, fasten or stud with nails (A. negldi saman tihur sna); negldar brynjur, studded mail-coats.
nei, adv. no; kvea n. vi e-u, to say no to; setja vert n. fyrir e-t, to refuse flatly.
nei-kva (-dda, -ddr), v. to refuse (to do a thing).
neinn, pron. indef., = n einn; (1) any, following after a negation (aldrei sv, at honum vri nein raun ); ekki er etta fura nein, it is no apparition; ekki neins staar, not anywhere; (2) as subst. any one, anybody; ekki neitt, nothing.
neisa, f. shame, disgrace, = hneisa.
neisa (-ta, -tr), v. to put to shame (svviriliga neistr), = hneisa.
neiss, a. ashamed, covered with shame (n. er nkvir halr).
neisuligr, a. shameful, insulting (neisulig or).
neita (a, or -tta, -tt), v. (1) to deny, refuse, absol. or with dat. (hefi

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