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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


cave used as a stall;
-mar, m. neat-herd, herdsman;
-mark, n. cattle-mark;
-vara, f. cattle-hides.
naut-fall, n. = nauts-fall;
-f, n. cattle;
-fellir, m. loss (death) of cattle;
-hgg, n. the blow which fells an ox (n vil ek eigi ba hggsins).
nautn, f. use made of a thing (ofmikil n. skginum), = neyzla.
nautr (-s, -ar), m. (1) partaker (with another person); (2) donor, giver (gr tti mr nautrinn, er Hkon jarl var); (3) gift (following the gen. of the person from whom it comes); sverit konungs-nautr, the sword that was the king's gift;
naut-reki, m. herdsman, drover.
nauts-fall, n. a neat's carcase
-fr, n. a neat's fodder for the winter;
-h, f. ox- or cow-hide;
-rfa, f. tail of a cow or ox.
n (ni, na, nt), v. (1) to get hold of, reach, overtake, with dat. (Ingimundr hleypr n skginn ok nu eir honum ekki); n til e-s, to reach one (me sverinu); (2) to get, obtain (er hann ni konungs fundi); vr hfum eigi nt lgum, we have not had a lawful trial; (3) with infin., to be able, be allowed (ni engi mar at bera konungsnafn, nema hann einn); heilindi sitt ef mar hafa nir, if a man may enjoy his good health; (4) impers., kennimenn eir er vsa landi ni, those clergymen who were to be got in this country; (5) refl., nst, to be caught; ef at nist eigi, if that cannot be attained; recipr., to reach one another; ar var mrlent ok mttu eir eigi nst til, they could not come to close quarters.
n-, in compds. nigh, near.
n-bjargir, f. pl. the last service to the dead, closing the nostrils, eyes and mouth (veita e-m bjargir).
n-borinn, pp. near akin, closely related;
-b, f. dwelling near to, neighbourhood;
-bi, m. neighbour.
n-bönd, n. pl. the bonds in which a corpse in wrapped.
n (-ar, -ir), f. (1) grace, mercy, = miskunn; tku r hann tlendan ok kunnan nar nir, under thy protection; (2) pl. rest, peace, quietness; num, in peace, quietness (S. ba hann vera ar um nttina num); ganga til na, taka sik nir, to go to rest, compose oneself to rest.
na (a), v. to give rest and peace to, protect; refl., nast, to get rest.
na-hs, n. (1) house of rest, closet; (2) privy, = nhs.
n-hs, n. privy.
n-ugr, a. merciful.
nu-liga, adv. privately, quietly;
-ligr, a. peaceful, quiet.
n-frndi, m. near kinsman;
-frndkona, f. a near female relative;
-granna, f. female neighbour;
-granni, m. near neighbour.
n-grugr, a. corpse-greedy.
n-grenni, n. neighbourhood;
-grennis, adv. in the neighbourhood.
n-grindr, f. pl. the gates of the dead;
-grma, f. 'dead man's mask', scalp;
-gll, f. death-cry.
n-hvalr, m. narwhale.
ninn (pl. nnir), a. (1) near; nit er nef augum, nose is near of kin to eyes; (2) n. e-m, closely related to, a near kinsman of (eir menn eru r nnir at frndsemi).
n-kominn, pp. closely related, touching one nearly (etta ml er mr komit);
-kvmd, f. coming near to, proximity;
-kvmi, f. exactness;
-kvmr, a. (1) near about one's person, near to one (var lafr konungr honum sv kvmr, at); (2) attentive, favourable (hn er kvmust mnnum til heita); (3) minute, close (-kvmr skriptum); (4) exact, accurate (bi nkvm svr ok haldkvm).
nl (-ar, -ar), f. needle.
nlgast (a), v. refl. (2) approach, come near to (n. e-n, n. til e-s); (2) to come by, get (n. sitt gz).
n-liga, adv. (1) nigh, near at hand, near to; (2) almost, nearly (hann var ok nliga alls ess vss, er vi bar);
-ligr, a. near, close at hand;
-lg, f. (1) nearness, proximity; (2) presence;
-lgjast (), v. refl. to approach;
-lgr, a. (1) near at hand, close by (-lg hru); (2) touching nearly.
nm, n. (1) seizure, occupation (cf.

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