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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


usual to make when a new name was given to any one (hvat gefr žś mér at –festi?);
-fręgr, a. famous, renowned;
-gipt, f. bestowing of title and rank;
-gipta (-pta, -ptr), v. to name, call.
nafni, m. namesake (finnast žeir nafnar jafnan).
nafn-kenna (-da, -dr), v. to name;
-kunnigr, a. renowned;
-ligr, a. appropriate as a name;
-toga (), v. to name, mention, speak of.
nafra-skjóša, f. gimlet-bag;
naga (), v. = gnaga.
nagga (), v. = gnadda.
nagl (gen. nagls, pl. negl), m. nail.
nagli, m. nail, spike (naglar ķ skipi).
nagls-rœtr, f. pl. root of the nail.
nakinn, a. naked, = nųkvišr.
nakkvar, adv. somewhere.
nakkvarr, nakkverr, pron. any, = nekkverr, nökkurr).
nara (pres. nari), v. to linger.
nasa-, gen. pl. from 'nös',
-dreyri, m. bleeding at the nose;
-lęti, n. pl. snuffling;
-vit, n. the sense of smell.
nas-björg, f. = nefbjörg;
-brįšr, a. hot-headed;
-raufar, f. pl. nostrils.
nauš, f. (1) need, distress; ķ naušum staddr, in distress, distressed; meš naušum, with great difficulty; (2) bondage, = įnauš (seldr ķ nauš); (3) pl. shackles, fetters (hann vissi sér į höndum höfgar naušir).
nauša (), v. to rustle, = gnauša.
nauša-kostr, m. dire choice;
-mikill, a. very severe (vetr –mikill).
nauša-mašr. m. bondsman.
nauša-sętt, f. an enforced agreement (taka –sętt af jarlinum).
nauš-beita, f. sailing close to the wind (leggja ķ –beitu);
-beygja (-ša, -šr), v. to force, compel, subdue;
-fölr, a. very pale.
naušga (), v. to compel, force, with dat. (n. mönnum til blóta).
nauš-gjald, n. forced payment;
-göngull, a. helping (women) in need (þęr nornir, er naušgönglar eru).
naušigr (acc. naušgan), a. unwilling, reluctant (Žyri fór mjök naušig); taka konu naušga, to ravish, mér er e-t naušigt, it is against any will, I do not like it.
nauš-kvįn, f. unwilling wife.
naušleyta-mašr, m. near kinsman.
nauš-leyti, n. close affinity, relationship (vera ķ –leytum viš e-n);
-liga, adv. painfully;
-ljótr, a. hideous;
-mašr, m. husband;
-mįgr, m. an enforced 'mįgr';
-oka (), v. to compel, force;
-pķna (-da, -dr), v. to force by torments.
naušr, f. necessily, need; ef mik n. um stendr, if I am in need.
nauš-reki, a. drifted by a storm;
-skilja, a. indecl. doomed to part;
-skilnašr, m. forced parting, forced divorce;
-staddr, pp. distressed, = ķ naušum staddr;
-syn (gen. –synjar, pl. –synjar), f. need, necessity (er –syn at drepa nišr illu orši); ganga –synja sinna = ganga eyrna (eyrenda) sinna;
-synja (), v. impers., e-n –synjar, one stands in need of.
naušsynja-erendi, n. pressing business;
-för, f. pressing journey;
-hlutir, m. pl. necessaries;
-lauss, a. unnecessary; at –lausu, without necessity (Ž. hafši at –lausu gengit į vaild Hrafns); without impediment, in case there be no lawful hindrance;
-sżsla, f. pressing business;
-verk, n. needful work (hér hefir žś mikit –verk unnit).
naušsyn-liga, adv. necessarily;
-ligr, a. necessary.
naušu-liga, adv. (1) in need; -liga kominn, staddr, in straits; (2) with difficulty; komast –liga undan, į brott, fį –liga foršat sér, to have a narrow escape;
-ligr, a. hard, difficult.
naušung, f. compulsion, constraint.
naušungar-eišr, m. an oath taken under compulsion;
-kostr, m. compulsory terms;
-laust, adv. without compulsion;
-mašr, m., vera –mašr e-s, to be under another person's thumb;
-sętt, f. compulsory agreement (cf. 'naušasętt').
naust, n. boat-house, boat-shed.
naut, n. neat, cattle (menn hafa žar mart nauta ok sauša).
nauta-beit, f. pasture for cattle;
-brunnr, m. well for watering cattle;
-ferill, m. cattle-track;
-fjöldi, m.,
-flokkr, m. drove of cattle;
-gęzla, f. the keeping of cattle;
-hellir, m. a

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