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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


leggja (legg, laga, lagir, lagr, laginn), v. (1) to lay, place (Mr hafi lagt hfu sitt kn Rannveigar); l. net, to lay a net; (2) to put; l. eld f, to put fire to; l. sul hest, to put a saddle on a horse; l. rar upp, to lay up the oars, give up pulling; l. ofan segi, to haul down, take in the sails; l. at jru, at velli (or vi jru, vi velli), to overthrow, slay, kill; l. hlut sinn, to lose one's lot, be worsted; (3) to lay, drop, of a beast (hvelparnir, er eigi vru lagir); (4) to lay, make, build; l. gara, to make fences; (5) to appoint, fix (l. stefnu, leika, bardaga); (6) to tax, value (hann lagi hlft landit fyrir sex tigi silfrs); l. e-n gildan, to award no fine for, put no price on; l. at lttu, to make light of; (7) to settle; l. sakar, to settle strife; l. lg, to lay down laws; l. lei sna, to take a direction; hann lagi mjk kvmur snar gr, he was in the habit of coming often to O.; (8) to allot, assign (r mun lagit vera at vera einvaldskonungr yfir Noregi); hvat mun til lkna lagt Siguri, what comfort is there appointed for S.?; r var lengra lf lagit, a longer life was destined for thee; (9) to lay out, pay, discharge; l. at vei, to give as bail; l. httu, to risk; l. mikinn kostna, to run into great expenses; l. lf , to stake one's life on a thing; l. f til hfus e-m, to set a price on one's head; (10) to lay a ship's course, stand of or on, sail, absol., or the ship in dat. or acc., lt hann blsa herblstr ok l. t r hfninni, and sailed out of the harbour; l. at, to land (lagi hann at vi Sundlfsstai); in a naval battle, to attack (lgu eir at eim); l. undir land, to stand in towards land; fig. to give in; l. (skip) rtt, to drift or run before the wind; (11) to set off, start; l. fltta, to take toftight; l. eptir em, to pursue; l. upp, to start on a journey; (12) to stab, thrust, with a weapon (. leggr hann spjti til bana); (13) impers. it turns, is driven in a direction (of smoke, smell, fire); hingat leggr allan reykinn, all the smoke blows hitherward; to freeze over, be covered with snow or ice ( er sa lagi vtn); l. nr, to be on the brink of; nr lagi at fru einu sinni, it had well nigh come to a disaster; (14) with preps.; l. e-t af, to cede, give up (H. brir hans lagi af vi hann sinn part eyjunni); to leave off, desist from (legg af han af versagr, sagi erkibiskup); l. af fna, to slaughter cattle; l. e-t aptr, to give back, return (bu mik leggja aptr taflit); l. at, l. at landi, to land; l. at e-m, to attack; l. e-t e-n, to impose, lay (a burden, tax) upon one (l. skatt, skyldir, yfirbt e-n); l. e-t vi e-n = l. e-t e-n; l. stund, kapp, hug e-t, to take pains about, great interest in, a thing; l. st, elsku, mtur e-t, to feel love, affection, interest for a thing, to cherish a thing or person; l. f, fund, hatr , to take dislike, envy, hatred to; l. mti e-m, to oppose, contradict one; l. e-t til, to furnish, contribute, as one's share (hvern styrk hefir mir mn til lagit me r?); l. ftt til, to say little, be reserved; l. lof til, to give praise to; l. gott (illt) til e-s, to lay a good (or ill) word to one, to interfere in a friendly (or unfriendly) manner; l. e-t til lofs e-m, to put a thing to a person's credit; l. e-t til ors, to talk about; l. e-m et til mlis, ors, to blame one for a thing; l. e-t undir or undir sik, to conquer, vanquish (Kntr konungr lagi allt land undir sik Noregi); l. e-t undir e-n, to submit a matter to a person, refer to (eir hfu lagit ml undir Njl); l. undir trna e-s, to trust; ok er at mjk undir hann lagit, it depends much on him; l. e-t undir egnskap sinn, to assert on one's honour; l. e-t upp vi e-n, to hand over to one; l. e-t eigi langt upp, not to make much of, to make light of (eigi legg ek slkt langt upp); l. e-t vi e-t, to add to (l. ara tlu vi ara); l. vi lf sitt, hfu sitt, to stake one's life; l. vi sekt, to fix a fine; (15) refl., leggjast, to lay oneself; l. nir, to lie down; to pass out of use, cease; eir hfu lagizt til svefns, they

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