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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


with a hook, with acc. (. krkti mann Sturlu at sr me xinni); (3) to go in circuits, in windings (fjrrinn krkti ymsa vegu inn landit); (4) vera inni krktr, to be shut in.
krf (gen. krafar, pl. krafir), f. claim, demand.
krm (gen. kramar; pl. kramar), f. long or wasting illness.
krptugr, a. strong, vigorous.
krpturligan, adv. with might and main (ra k., viz. rr).
kufl, in. cowl, cowled cloak;
-httr, m. cowl;
-matr, m. cowl-man.
kuflungr (-s, -ar), m. cowl-man.
kuggr (-a, -ar), m. large (foreign) merchant-ship, 'cog'.
kukl, n. juggling, sorcery.
kuklara-skapr, m. = kukl.
kuklari, juggler, wizard
kul, n. breeze (fagrt k.).
kulda-samr, a. cold, chilly;
-vatn, n. cold water;
-vetr, n. cold weather.
kuldi, m. (1) cold; pl. kuldar, continued cold weather (vru frost mikil ok kuldar); (2) fig. coldness, frigidity (kenna kulda af e-m.).
kult, n. quill, counterpane.
kul-vss, a. sensitive to cold.
kumbl, kuml, n. (1) mark, sign, badge; (2) sepulchral monument, cairn (au liggja bi i kumli).
kumbla, kumla (a), v. to bruise, wound (srr ok kumlar).
kumbla-smir, m. 'wound-maker', warrior, hero (poet.).
kumbl-bi, m. cairn-dweller.
kumbl-dys, f. little cairn.
kumpnn (-s, -ar), m. (1) fellow, companion; (2) the male organ.
kumpss, m. = kompss.
kunna (kann, kunna, kunnat), v. (1) to know, understand ( kannt margt at er eigi kunnu arir menn); (2) to know (by memory); lj ek au kann, er kannat jans kona, I know songs, such as no king's daughter knows; (3) to know a person; unni honum hverr mar, er hann (acc.) kunni, every man that knew him loved him; (4) spec. phrases; k. hf at um e-t, k. hf sitt, to know the Proper mean, to behave with moderation; uxarnir kunnu heim, the oxen found their way home; k. enga mannraun to have no experience of men; k. e-m kk, aufusu, to be thankful, obliged to one; (5) k. sik, to know oneself (s er svinnr, er sik kann); to behave well (G. kvest mundu meia hann, ef hann kynni sik eigi); (6) k, sr e-t to understand, have clear knowledge of (something as concerning oneself or touching one's own interest); k. sr margt, to be skilled in many things; k. fyrir sr = k. sr; also ellipt. know how to conduct oneself; (7) with dat. to know; ek kan skapi Gunnhildar, I know Gunhild's temper; (8) k. e-n e-s or um e-t, to blame a person for a thing (eigi huga ek, at hann mtti mik pessa k.); eigi er hann um at at k., he is not to be blamed for it; (9) to be pleased or not with a thing; Eyjlfr lzt v nafni mundu vel k., E. said he should be well pleased with that name; (10) to be able, with infin.; skalt eigi k. fr tindum at segja, thou shalt not escape to tell the tale; (11) to chance, happen; hvar sem ik kann at at bera, wheresoever thou may happen to arrive.
kunnandi, pr. p. knowing (margs k.).
kunnandi, f. knowledge, accomplishments (nkkurs konar list ea k.).
kunnasta, f., kunntta, f. knowledge; magical lore.
kunnttu-1eysi, n. ignorance;
ltill, a. ignorant.
kunn-gra (see gra), v. to make known (=gra kunnigt).
kunnigr, a. (1) known; gra kunnigt to make known; mr er kunnigt um e-t, I know, have knowledge of; (2) versed in magic art, = fjlkunnigr; (3) akin to (s-, lf-, go-kunnigr).
kunningi (pl. -jar), m. acquaintance (vinir ok kunningjar).
kunn-kona, f. female acquaintance;
-leiki, m., -leikr, m. (1) knowledge, intelligence; gra e-m e-t -leika inform a person of; e-m er -leiki e-u, e-t er e-m. kunnleika, one knows, is acquainted with; (2) intimacy, familiarity (-leikar eru me eim,

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