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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kringlu-skurđr, m. tonsure;
-sótt, f. the staggers (in sheep).
kringr, a. easy; svá var honum k. skáldskapr sern öđrum mönnum mál sitt, verse-making was as easy to him as speaking to other men.
krisma (), v. to anoint.
krisma, n., krismi, m. chrism.
krismu-ker, n. chrismatorv.
Krist-fé, n. 'Christ-fee' (property given for the support of the poor).
kriati-liga, adv. in a Christian-like way;
ligr, a. Christian(like).
Kristin-dómr, m. Christendom, Christianity (also 'kristinn dómr').
kristinn, a. Christian; kristin lög, ecclesiastical law.
Krist-mađr, m. champion of Christ.
kristna. (), v. (1) to christianize; (2) to christen, baptize.
kristni, f. Christianity, Christendom.
kristni-bođ, n., Preaching the Gospel;
-bođan, f. Preaching the Gospel;
-hald, n. keeping Christianity;
-lög, n, pl. = kristin lög;
-spell, n. breach, profanation of Christianity.
Kristr (gen. Krists), m. Christ.
krikar, m. pl. groin.
krjúpa (krýp; kraup, krupum; kropinn), v. (1) to creep, crouch (vóru dyrnar svá lágar, at nćr varđ at k. inn); (2) to fall prostrate, kneel (ţá er vér krjúpum til hans međ iđran).
krof, n. cut-up carcase of a slaughtered animal (cf. sauđarkrof).
kropna (), v. (1) to be crippled; (2) to be clenched, stiffened (var höndin kropnuđ at bréfinu).
kropning, f. kneeling.
kroppa, (), v. to crop, pick.
kroppin-bakr, m. hump-back.
kroppr (-s, -ar), m. the body, trunk (kroppr arnarins).
kross (pl. -ar), m. (1) cross, crucifix; (2) sign of the cross; í k., cross-wise, in the form of a cross (leggja hendr í k.); rétta sik i k.).
krossa. (), v. to mark with a cross; refl., krossast, to take the cross (as a crusader).
krossa-laust, adv. without making the sign of the cross.
krossan, f. taking the cross.
kross-festa (-sta, -str), v. to fasten to the cross, crucify;
-festing, f. crucifixion;
-hús, n. house containing a cross;
-mađr, m. warrior of the cross;
-mark, n. sign of the cross;
-messa, f. Cross-mass, twice a year, in the spring (-messa um várit), the 3rd of May, Invention of the Cross, and in autumn, the 14th of Sept., Elevation of the Cross;
-tiđir, f. pl. Hours of the Cross.
króka-spjót, n. barbed spear.
krók-faldr, m. a form of women's head-dress;
-fjöđr, f. barbed head of a spear;
lykill, m. hook-shaped key.
krókóttr, a. (1) crooked, win krókótt á, winding river; (2) cunning, crafty.
krók-pallr, m. corner seat.
krókr (-s, -ar), m. (1) hook (nef hans var mikit ok krókr á); (2) barb, on a spear or arrow-head (cf. krókaspjót, krókör); peg (ţeir tóku reip ofan ór krókum); (4) a fire-hook; (5) curve, bend, winding; rista krók, not to go straight; gřra sér króka, to make a detour; (6) corner (nú gangit ţér í krókinn hjá húsinu).
krók-stafr, m. crooked stick.
krók-ör, f. barbed arrow.
krumma. f. clownish hand, paw.
krummi, m. a pet name of a raven.
krúna, f. (1) crown; (2) shaven crown, tonsure.
krúna (), v. to crown.
krydd, n. spice.
kryfja (kryf, krufđa, krufđr and krufinn), v. to open up, disembowel (ţá krufđi hann hana sinn).
krymma, f = krumma.
kryppa, f. hump, hunch.
kryppill, krypplingr, m. cripple.
krysia, (krusta), v. to crouch, linger.
krytja (krutta, krutt), v. to murmur, grumble (k. um e-t.)
krytr, m. noise, murmur.
krćki-ber, n. crowberry.
krćsast (t), v. to . fare sumptuously.
, m. = krókstafr.
krœkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to hook, with dat. (hann krœkti handarstúfinum í kistuhringana); krœkt er saman beinum í ţér, thy bones are hooked together, i.e. badly knit; (2) to grasp (drag)

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