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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-daui e-m);
-dgg, f. sorrow-dew, tears (poet.);
-fenginn, pp. affected by grief;
-flaug, f. baneful shaft;
-fullr, a. = 'harmsfullr';
-kvli, n. pl., torments.
-kvl, f. torments.
harmr (-s, -ar), m. sorrow, grief.
harm-saga, f. tidings of grief;
-samligr, a. sad, mournful.
harms-auki, m. addition to one's grief;
-fullr, a. sorrowful, distressed;
-lttir, m. relief.
harm-sk, f. cause of grief, sad case;
-sngr, m. dirge;
-tiindi, n. pl. = harmsaga;
-tlur, f. pl. lamentations;
-runginn, pp, filled with grief;
-rtinn, a. swollen with sorrow.
harneskja, f. harness, armour.
harpa, f. (1) harp (leika, sl hrpu); (2) harp-seal (era hlums vant, kva refr, dr hrpu at si).
hasla, (pl. hslur), f. pole of hazel wood;
hasla, (a), v. to mark out by hazel-poles; h. e-m vll, to challenge one to a pitched battle or duel.
hastar-liga, adv. suddenly.
hast-orr, a. harsh-spoken.
hata, (a), v. (1) to hate (h. e-n); (2) to damage, destroy (poet.); (3) refl., hatast vi e-n, to be full of hatred against one.
hatr, n. hatred, enmity.
hatr-liga, adv. hatefully;
-ligr, a. hateful;
-samligr, a. hateful hostile.
-samr, a. hateful hostile (-samr e-m).
hatrs-fullr, a. hateful hostile.
hattr, m. hat;= httr.
haur, n. poet. earth.
hauga-eldr, m. cairn fire;
-ld, f. the age of cairn-burial, opp. to 'bruna1d', the age of burning the dead.
haug-brot, n. breaking of a cairn;
-bi, m. 'cairn-dweller', ghost;
-fra (-a, -r), v. to bury in a cairn;
-ganga, f. the breaking into a cairn.
haugr (-s, -ar), m. (1) mound; (2) sepulchral mound, cairn.
haug-setja (see setja), v. = haug-fra.
haugs-glf, n. floor of a cairn;
-gr, f. cairn-making.
haug-star, m. heathen burial-place;
-tekinn, pp. taken from a cairn.
haugs-ld, f = hauga-ld.
hauka-veir, f. hunting with hawks.
hauk-ligr, a. hawk-like (of the eyes),
haukr (-s, -ar), m. hawk; fleygja hauki, to fly a hawk.
haukstaldr, m., poet. man, hero.
hauld-, hauldr, see hold-, hldr
haull, m. rupture, hernia.
hausa-kljfr, m. skull-cleaver (nickname);
-mt, n. pl. sutures of the skull.
haus-brot, n. skull-fracture,
-fastr a. seated in the skull;
-filla, f. the skin of the skull.
hauss (pl. hausar), m. skull
haust, n. harvest season, autumn.
hausta (a), v. to draw near autumn.
haust-blt n. sacrificial feast in autumn;
-bo, n. autumn feast;
-dagr, m. day in autumn; at or -degi, in autumn;
-grma, f. autumn night;
-heimtur, f. pl. getting in sheep in autumn;
-langr, a. lasting all the autumn;
-mnar, m. autumn' month, September;
-vking, f free-booting expedition in autumn;
-ing, n. autumn assembly;
-l, n. autumn (drinking) festival.
h, interj. Eh! what do you say!
h, f. after-grass after-math.
h, f. hide (hangir me hm).
h-altari, m. high altar;
beinn, a. high-legged, long-legged;
-bjarg, n. high rock;
bogar, a. high-curved (of a saddle).
h-bora (a), v. to fit with rowlocks.
h-borur, f. pl. rowlocks.
h-brk, f. a kind of hawk;
-brkast (a). v. refl. to puff oneself up.
h, n. scoffing, mocking.
h-degi, n. midday, noon.
hdegis-skei, n. noon-tide.
h-samr, a. scofflng;
semi, f. mockery (me hrpyrum ok h.).
háðugr, a. shameful, disgraceful.
hu-ligr, a. (1) scornful, abusive (-lig or); (2) disgraceful (-ligt verk).
hung, f. shame, disgrace.
hungar-or, n. pl. scornful words.
h-yri, n. pl. = hi-yri.
h-fjall, n. high mountain;
-fleygr, a. high-flying;
-flr, f. full flood, high flood-tide;
-fttr, a. high-legged;
-leikr, m. highness;
-leitligr, a. sublime;
-leitr, a. looking upwards; fig. lofty, sublime.
hla, f. giantess; hlu skr, wolf (poet.).
hlfa, f. (1) region, part (verldin

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