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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hangi, m. a body hanging on a gallows (hann settist undir hanga).
hani, m. cock.
hanki, m. hasp or clasp (of a chest).
hann, pers. pron. he.
hann-yrš, f. skill, fine work.
hann-ųrš, f. skill,fine work.
hanzki, m. glove.
happ, n. good luck.
happa-drjśgr, a. lucky;
-mikill, a. having great luck;
-rįš, n. happy counsel;
-verk, n. happy deed.
happ-aušigr, a. lucky;
-fróšr, a. wise in season;
-samr, a. lucky;
-skeytr, a. a good shot.
hapt, n. bond; see 'haft'.
hara, v. to stare, grin (?).
harša, adv. very (= haršla).
harš-angr, m. hard times, distress;
-brjóstašr, a. hard-hearted;
-bżll, a. a hard householder;
-drœgi, f. the being haršdrœgr;
-drœgr, a. hard to manage;
-eygr, a. hard-eyed;
-fari, m. 'fast-goer';
-farliga, adv. harshly, vehemently;
-fengi, f. hardihood, valour;
-fengiliga, adv. = haršfengliga;
-fenginn, a. = haršfengr;
-fengliga, adv. hardily, valiantly;
-fengr, a. hardy, valiant;
-fenni, n. hard snow;
-fœri, f. stubbornness;
-fœrr, a. hard to overcome;
-görr, a. (1) hardy, stout; (2) strong built (-gört skip);
-hendi, f. hard-handedness;
-hendiliga, adv. with hard hand;
-hendr, a. hard handed;
-hugašr, a. hard-hearted.
haršindi, n. pl. (1) hardness; (2) hardship, severity.
harš-kvęli, n. =harmkvęli.
haršla, adv. very (h. mikill, lķtill).
harš-leikinn, a. playing a hard, rough game; verša e-m -leikinn, to play roughly with one; -leikit, to be roughly treated;
-leikni, f. rough game;
-leikr, m. hardness, harshness;
-leitr, a. hard-looking;
-lķfl, n. hard life, chastisement;
-liga. adv.(1) forcibly, sternly; (2) fast (riša -liga);
-ligr, a. hard, severe;
-lundašr, a. hard-tempered;
-lyndi, n. hard temper;
-lyndr, a. =haršlundašr;
-mannligr, a. hardy, manly;
-menni, n. hardy man;
-móšigr, a. hard of mood;
-męli, n. hard language;
-męltr, a. = -oršr.
haršna, (), v. (1) to harden; (2) to become severe (of weather); to grow worse 'haršnaši matlķfi žeirra, they ran short of provisions.
harš-oršr, a. hard-spoken.
haršr, a. (1) hard (b. steinn, skafl); (2) hard, stern, severe (h. ķ skapi, ķ hjarta); (3) hardy; fólk hart ok illit at sœkja, hardy and difficult to assail; h. ķ horn at taka, hard to take by the horns, stubborn; h. bardagi, hard-fought battle; leika e-n bart, to treat one harshly; rķša hart, to ride fast.
harš-rįšr, a. (1) firm, determined (mašr vitr ok -rįšr); (2) severe, tyrannical;
-reišr, a. hard to ride on;
-rétti, n. hardship;
-ręši, n. (1) hardiness, hardihood, firmness; (2) hardness, harshness;
-skeyti, f. hard shooting;
-skeytr, a. (1) shooting hard; (2) hard, severe;
skipašr, pp. manned with hardy men;
-sleginn, pp. hard-hammered;
-slœgr, a. hard to mow (-slœgr teigr);
-snśinn, pp. 'hard-twisted', staunch, stubborn;
-sóttr, pp. hard to get, difficult;
-steinn, m. whetstone;
-tœkr, a. hard, exacting;
-śšigr, a. hard-minded;
-vaxinn, pp. strong-built, brawny;
-yrši, n. pl. hard words;
-yrki, m. hard worker;
-żšgi, f. hardness of heart, severity.
hark, n. noise, tumult.
harka, f. hardness, hardiness.
harka, (), v. (1) to scrape together (h. e-u saman); (2) e-m harkar, harkar fyrir e-m, things go ill with one; harkar um e-t, it goes badly; harkast um, to be in a bad way; (3) refl., harkast, to make a tumult.
harka-geta, f. coarse, scanty food;
-liš, n. rabble;
-menn, m. pl. tramps, scamps;
-samliga, adv. coarsely.
harki, m. rubbish, trash.
harma, (), v. to bewail; b. sik, to wail; impers., e-m or e-n harmar, it vexes one, one is vexed.
harman-liga, adv. sorrowfully;
-ligr, a. sorrowful.
harm-blandinn, pp. mixed with sorrow;
-brögš, n. pl. mournful deeds;
-dauši, m. sorrowful death;
-dauši, a. lamented
-daušr, a. lamented (vera

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