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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


dans, m. (1) dance, dancing; (2) dance-tune; slį d., to strike up a dance-tune; (3) ballad (žeir gųršu um hann dansa marga).
(), v. to dance.
danaka, f. Danish (language).
danskr, a. Danish; dönsk tunga, the Danish (or old Scandinavian) language.
dans-leikr, m. dance, dancing.
dapi, m. pool, puddle, a nickname.
dapr (acc. dapran), a. downcast, sad; of things, dreary (d. dagr, daprar nętr, döpr heimkynni).
daprast (), v. refl. to become faint; daprašist honum sundit, the swimming became difficult for him.
dapr-eygšr, a. weak-sighted.
-ligr, a., dismal, sad; daprlig įsjóna, a sad look; daprlig kona, a dismal-looking woman; daprligir draumar, dismal dreams.
darr, n. spear, dart.
darrašr, (gen. -ar), m.= -darr; vefr darrašar, web of spears, woof of war.
dasašr, pp. weary and exhausted (from cold or bodily exertions).
dasast (), v. refl. to become weary and exhausted.
datta (), v. to throb; dattaši hjarta hans viš, his heart sank.
dauša-bönd, m. pl. (1) bonds of death; (2) wrappings for the dead, winding sheet;
-dagr, m. death day, dying day.
-dómr, n. sentence of death;
-drep, n. plague;
-dreyri, m. blood of death;
-drukkinn, pp. dead drunk;
-drykkr, m. deadly draught;
-dvól, f. delay of one's death;
-dœgr, n. death day;
-dœmdr, pp. doomed to death;
-fleinn, m. deadly shaft;
-fylgja, f. 'death-fetch'; an apparition boding one's death;
-jörd, f. hell, opp. to 'jörš lifandi manna', 'udįinsakr', paradise;
-kraptr, m. deadly power;
-kvöl, f. death-pang;
-kyn, n. manner of death;
litr, m. colour (pallor) of death;
-mašr, m. a man doomed to death; vilja hafa e-n at -manni, to seek his life;
-mark, n. sign of death;
-mein, n. mortal disease;
-net, n. the net of death (drauga -net at e-m);
-orš, n. = banaorš; segja -orš e-s. to relate one's death;
-pina, f. capital punishment (žola -pķnu);
-rįš, n. the planning of a person's death, = banarįš;
-róg, n. deadly slander;
-skattr, m. tribute of death;
-skellr, m. death-blow; į nęsta dag eptir datt honum -skellr, he was surprised by death;
-skuld, f. the debt of nature (gjalda -skuld);
-slag, n. death-blow; veita e-m -slag, to strike one dead;
-slig, n. deadly strain (of the muscles or tendons, of a horse);
-snara, f. snare of death;
-sonr, m.=-mašr;
-steytr, m. -slag;
-stingr, m. deadly thrust; setja e-m -sting, to kill one;
-stund, f. hour of death;
-svefn, m. deadly swoon, fatal sleep;
-sverš, n. fatal sword;
-sök, f. (1) cause of one's death; (2) matter of death, a deed deserving death;
-tįkn, n. token of death;
-śtlegš, f. penalty of death:
-verk, n.= -sök 2.
dauš-dagi, m. death, manner of death:
-drukkinn, pp. = daušadrukkinn;
-fœrandi, pr. p. death-bringing, deadly, (-fœranda gras, eitr).
dauši, m. death; taka dauša, to meet one's death, die; d. ferr į e-n, one is surprised by death; draga e-m til dauša, to cause one's death; sį vegr, er til dauša dregr, that leads to death; liggja fyrir daušanum, to be dying or on the point of death.
dauš-leikr, m. (1) deadness, lifeless-ness; (2) the state of being mortal, mortality;
-liga, adv. mortally;
-ligr, a. (1) deadly, fatal (-ligr harmr, -lig synd, -ligt eitr); (2) liable to death, mortal (-ligr mašr).
daušr (gen. daušs), m. = dauši (drepa, brenna, e-n til daušs).
, a, (1) dead; verša, vera, d., to become dead, die; falla nišr d., to drop down dead; ganga d., to reappear (of ghosts), = ganga aptr; (2) inanimate (dautt fé, 'kvikfé').
dauš-staddr, a. dying, at the point of death;
-strį, n. pl., in the phrase, liggja į -strįm, to be dying (cf. 'lķkstrį', 'nįstrį');
-vįna, a. indecl. = daušvęnn 2;
-vęnn, a. (1) deadly, fatal (-vęnn drykkr); (2) sinking

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