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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


dag-messa, f. day-mess (held at 'dagml');
-mgr, m. 'son of the day', poet. man.
dagr (gen. dags, dat. degi; pl. dagar), m. (1) day; at kveldi skal dag leyfa, at eventide shall the day be praised; dagr kemr upp austri, sezt vestri, the day rises in the east, sets in the west; ndverr d., the early day, forenoon; mr d., midday; hallandi d., declining day; at kveldi dags, s dags, late in the day; sannr (em d., true as day; dag, today; sor um) daginn, during the day; sama dags, the same day; annan dag, the next day, annars dag, (another day; hindra dags, the day after, tomorrow; dag fr degi, hvern dag fr rum, from day to day; dag eptir dag, day after day; ntt ok dag, night and day; dgunum optar, more times than there are days, over and over; deyjanda degi, on one's death-day., (2) pl., days, times; ef arir dagar (better days) koma; gir dagar, happy days; (3) esp. pl., lifetime; dgum e-s, um daga e-s, in the days of, during or in the reign of; eptir minn dag, when I am dead (gaf honum alla sna eign eptir sinn dag); mtti hann eigi lengr gefa en um sna dagi, than for his lifetime; ra (taka) e-n af dgum, to put to death.
dag-r, n. (1) Convenient time (for doing a thing) (2) leita -ras, to be an observer of days or times (menn skulu eigi leita -rs at sslu snni);
, m. day's rowing;
-sannr, a. plain (true) as day; segir -sanna (=hit -sanna), the obvious truth.
dags-brn, f. the-first streak of daylight, daybreak.
dag-setr, n. nightfall (um kveld nr -setri).
dagsetrs-skei, n. the time about nightfall,
dag-sett, pp, n., er -sett var, when the day was at an end, at nightfall.
dags-hald, n. the celebration of a day;
(gen. -helgar), f. hallowedness of a day.
dag-skemtan, f. pastime;
-skjarr, a. shunning the daylight;
-sltta, f. day's mowing (= three quarters of an acre of grassland).
dags-ljs, n. daylight;
-magn, n., at -magni rnu, in full daylight;
-munr, m. a day's difference (sv at -mun sr ).
dag-starf, n. day's work;
-stingr, m. daybreak (rare);
-stjarna, f. the morning star;
-stund, f. (1) day light, a whole day; (2) an hour of the day;
-sttt, a. n. fixed as to the day (eigi hfum vr fundit -sttt, nr signar Thomas var kjrinn til erkibiskups).
dags-upprs, f. dawn, daybreak;
-verk, n. = dagstarf.
dag-tir, f. pl. day-service;
-tmi, m. the time of daylight.
dag-veizla, f. help to win the day.
dagverar-bor, n. day-meal table (sitja, sna, at -bori);
-drykkja, f. the drinking, after dagverr, = dag-drykkja;
-ml, n. the time of the day-meal.
dag-verr (-verar, -veri, pl. -verir), m. 'day-meal' (the chief meal, taken at the time of 'dag-ml'), = dgurr.
-villr, a. not knowing what day it is, = daga villr;
-vxtr, m. growth of a day; vaxa -vxtum, to grow visibly day by day;
-ing, n. appointed meeting, conference;
-inga (a), v. negotiate (vi e-n um e-t);
-ingan, f. (1) negotiations (2) agreement between parties.
dala (a), v. impers. to become dented (dalai ekki n sprakk).
m. = -byggi;
-byg, f. dale-country;
-byggi (pl. -jar), m. dweller in a dale;
-land, n. dale-ground.
dalmatika, f. dalmatic.
dalr (gen. dals, dat. dal or dali, pl. dalar or dalir), m. dale, valley (djpir dalir).
dals-botn, m. bottom (= head of a dale);
-mynni, n. mouth of a dale.
dal-verpi, n. little dale.
Dana-konungr, m. King of the Danes;
-virki, n. the Danish wall.
Danir, m. pl the Danes.
Danmrk, f. Denmark.

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