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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


at at vsu hug sr); til vss, for certain (sj, vita kenna e-t til vss) fyrir vst = til vss.
vsu-helmingr, m. half a strophe;
-lengd, f. length of a strophe;
-or, n. a line of a strophe.
vs-vitar, pp. known for certain.
vta (-tta, -ttr), v. to fine, sconce (vttr ertu n skld, er kemr eigi undir bor).
vta-verr, a. worthy of punishment or fine.
vti, n. (1) punishment; skapa e-m. v. fyrir e-t, to punish one for a thing; f, taka v., to suffer punishment (orgils segir, at hn skal v. fyrir taka); lta sr annars v. at varnai, to be warned by another's woe; (2) fine, mulct,=fvti (gjalda v.); (3) sconce,= borvti; en er kom. at jlum, vru v. upp sg, but when Yule came the sconces were declared.
vtis-horn, n. sconce-horn or cup;
-lauss, a. without punishment, blameless;
-leysi, n. impunity.
vtka, v. to blame (v. e-n e-s).
vtt, adv. far, = va.
vxl, n., only in the phrase, vxl (1) passing by one another in opposite directions (bryggjur sv breiar, at aka mtti vgnum , v.); (2) across; standa v. ftunum, to stand cross-legged.
vxlingr, m. changeling, = skiptingr.
vxtr or vxltr, pp. changed, of a changeling (at hann myndi v. vera).
voga (a), v. to dare, venture.
voldugr, a. powerful,= vldugr.
va, (-dda, -ddr), v. to clothe.
vg (pl. -ir), f. mercy, forbearance (eiga ngrar vgar vn).
vgtar-lauss, a. merciless, exacting;
-laust, adv. without mercy.
vgi, n. weight, moment; vera ltils vgis, to be of small moment.
vgi-liga, adv. forbearingly, leniently;
-ligr, a. forbearing, lenient (-ligr dmr).
vginn. a. lenient, yielding.
vgja (-a, -t), v. (1) to give way to, with dat.; v. gngunni, to yield the road, when two meet one another; (2) absol., to give way, yield (jafnan vgir hinn vitrari); v. fyrir e-m, to give way to one (hn kvast aldri v. skyldu fyrir Hallgeri); v. eptir e-m, v. vi e-n, to yield to one; (3) to temper, with dat. (v. reii sinni); v. dmum, to temper judgement; v. ora atkvum, to forbear from words: (4) to spare, with dat. (orkell ba jarl v. bndum); (5) refl., vgjast, to yield, give way (betra er at v. tit gs en bgjast til ills); v. til vi e-n, to give way to one.
vgja (-i, -t), v. impers. to emit matter (vgr), suppurate (hendr hans hafi vgt ok ftr).
vg-leiinn, a. = vginn (vi e-n).
vgr, a. nicely balanced, of scales (vgar sklir).
vl, n. wailing.
vlan, f. wailing.
vla (a), v. to wail.
vna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to give one hope of, v. e-m e-s or e-u (v. e-m miskunnar ok eilfrar drar); (2) to ween, think ( kveld vni ek, at ek heiti feigr); impers., e-n vnir, at, one thinks that (vnir mik n, at eir hafi aptr snit); (3) v. e-n e-u, to charge one with a thing (v. e-n lygi); (4) refl., vnast e-s or e-u, to hope for (vnist hann ok ngra manna liveizlu); v. e-u, to boast of.
vnd (pl. -ir), f. prospect, expectation (er r vndir komit, at).
vndis-flk, n. wicked people;
-hfingi, m. wicked, bad chief;
-kona, f. harlot;
-mar, m. miscreant.
vng-brotinn, pp. broken-winged.
vngi, m. cabin on board a ship.
vngjar, a. furnished with wings.
vng-kni, m. the wing joint.
vngr (-jar, -ir), m. (1) wing (me vnjunum huldi hann landit allt) (2) wing of a budding', esp. of a church.
vni, n. prospect; tti llum mikils ills af v., every one thought that much evil might be looked for.
vning (pl. -ar), f. imputation.
vnkast (a), v. to bid fair, look well ,take a good turn (ykkir eim v. um sinn hag).
vn-leikr, m. bodily beauty ( var eim eintalat um. Helgu, ok lofai hann mjk -leik hennar).

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