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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a. narrow in circumference;
˙vÝg­r, pp. unconsecrated;
˙vÝgliga, adv. in a state unfit for war;
˙vÝgllgr, a. unmartial;
˙vÝgr, a. (1) unable to fight, disabled; (2) ˙. herr, an overwhelming, irresistible host;
˙vÝkianligr, a. unyielding;
˙vÝsa, f. doutbful bearing, hostility (sřna sik Ý ˙vÝsu vi­ e-n);
˙vÝsast (), v. refl. to show hostility against (˙. mˇt kirkju gu­s).
˙vÝsa-vargr, m. a sudden, unforeseen misfortune (var ■at ■eim hinn mesti -vargr).
˙-vÝsligr, a. unwise, foolish;
˙vÝss, a. (1) unwise, foolish; (2) ignorant of (˙. e-s); (3) unknown (˙vÝsir eru m÷nnum hŠttir hans); (4) uncertain, doubtful;
˙vŠgi, f. overbearing temper;
˙vŠgiliga, adv. unmercifully, violently;
˙vŠgiligr, a. not to be weighed;
˙vŠginn, a. unyielding, headstrong;
˙vŠgr, a. unmerciful (grimmr ok ˙.);
˙vŠnkast (), v. to grow less hopeful, of one's chance;
˙vŠnliga, adv. with small chance of success, unpromisingly, badly; horfa ˙., to look hopeless;
˙vŠnligr, a. unpromising,, leaving little hope of success;
˙vŠnn, a. (1) = ˙vŠnligr (˙vŠnt rß­); (2) not to be expected, not likely (■ykkir mÚr ˙vŠnna, at hann komi skjˇtt ß minn fund); ˙. til e-s, unlikely to a thing; e-t horfir ˙vŠnt, it looks hopeless;
˙vŠrast, v. refl. to become restless;
˙vŠr­, f. uneasiness, itch
˙vŠri, f. uneasiness, itch;
˙vŠrr, a. restless, uneasy; ˙vŠrt er mÚr, I feel uneasy; gera e-rn ˙vŠrt, to make uneasy, harass;
uvŠttr, f. (and m.) evil spirit, monster;
˙yfirfťriligr, a. impassable;
˙yfirstigligr, a. insurmountable;
, a. insurmountable;
˙yndi, n. feeling of restlessness, irksomeness, discontent sumir segja, a­ hˇn bafi tortÝmt sÚr af ˙yndi).
˙yndis-ˇrrŠ­i, n. an extreme measure, dire expedient.
˙-■akklßtr, a. ungrateful;
˙■akklŠti, n. ingratitude;
˙■akknŠmr, a. unthankful;
˙■arfi, a. needless, wanton;
˙■arfliga, adv. harmfully, mischievously;
˙■arfr, a. (1) unsuitable, useless (˙. e-m); (2) doing harm to one (˙. e-m); ti­indi mikil ok ˙■ˇrf, very bad news;
˙■efjan, f. stench, foul smell;
˙■efr, m. stench, foul smell;
˙■ekkiligr, a. repulsive, disagreeable;
˙■ekkr, a. disagreeable (flestum m÷nnum ˙.);
˙■ekt, f. (1) dislike (leggja ˙. til e-s); (2) a disgusting thing, offensive smell or taste.
˙■ektar-f÷r, f. hateful journey
-ligr, a. offensive, disgusting;
-svipr, m. slight, offenc        e (sřna e-m -svip).
˙■erri-samr, a. wet (sumar -samt).
˙-■essligr, a. not like that;
˙■ing-fťrr, a. unable to go to the ■ing;
˙■insliga, adv. in a manner unworthy of thee;
˙■jˇ­, f. evil people, rabble;
˙■jˇfligr, a. not likely to be a thief;
˙■okka (), v. to disparage; refl., ˙■okkast, to grow angry, annoyed, or discontented (with, or at a person or thing); ˙■okka­r, pp. disliked, abhorred; mÚr er ˙■okkat til ■eira, I loathe them.
˙■okka-dŠl, f. filthy hollow;
-fert, f. hostile journey;
-gripr, m. nasty thing;
-liga, adv. discontentedly;
-ligr, a. dirty, nasty;
-svipr, m. frowning mien, cross countenance;
-sŠll, a. unpopular, disliked;
-vÝsa, f. obscene ditty.
˙-■okki, m. dislike, disfavour, displeasure (fß ˙■okka e-s, af e-m);
˙■ol, n. impatience;
˙■olandi, pr. p. intolerable;
˙■olanligr, a. intolerable;
˙■oli, m. restlessness;
˙■olinmˇ­r, a. impatient;
˙■olinmť­i, f. impatience;
˙■olinn, a. unenduring;
˙■olligr, a. unbearable;
˙■oran, n. faint-hearledness;
˙■orstlßtr, a. not causing thirst;
˙■rifinn, a. unthrifty, sluggish;
˙■rifhatr, m. slothfulness, slugishness;
˙■rjˇtanligr, a. never ceasing;
˙■rjˇzkr, a. not refractory;
˙■rotinn, pp, never tiring;
˙■rotligr, a. never failing; inexhaustible;
˙■rˇttligr, a.feeble;
˙■rŠlsligr, a. not like a thrall;
˙■urft, f. scathe, harm (gera e-m e-t til ˙■urftar).
˙■urftar-ma­r, m. ill-doer, offender.
˙■vera-samr, a. scabbed.
˙■veri, m. scab, skin disease;
˙■ykkja, f. = ˙■ykt;
˙■ykkr, a. not thick;
˙■ykt, f. discord, ill-will;

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