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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


reptiles; hann brst orms lki ok skrei nafars-raufina, he transformed himself to a serpent and crept into the auger-hole; of persons (hann skrei upp fjruna); s. undir skegg e-m, to creep under another's beard, to humble oneself; saman ningar skra, 'birds of a feather flock together'; (2) of a ship, to glide, sail ( skynjar eigi, hvrt skipit skrr undir r ea eigi); (3) to slide on snow-shoes (skrei Arnljtr sem hann fri lauss) (4) fig. s. til skarar (see 'skr'1 ).
skrn, n. shrine (of a saint).
skrn-gr, f. shrine-making;
-lagning, f. enshrinement;
-leggja, v. to enshrine;
-smir, m. Shrine-maker.
skrpa-hfu, n. monster-head.
skrpi, n. grotesque monster, phantom;
-ligr, a. monstrous.
skrpindi, n. pl. = skrpi.
skrj (skrja), v. to sneak about (Narfi skrji um it ytra).
skrjpr, a. weak, frail.
skrokkr, m. body, carcase.
skrpa-maðr, m. hypocrite.
skrpar, m. pl. sham, hypocrisy.
skrpa-stt, f. feigned illness.
skrum, n. swaggering talk.
skruma (a), v. to swagger, chatter.
skrumari, m. swaggerer, braggart.
skr, n. (1) tackle, gear; (2) ornament, apparel (skrddr konungligu skri); (3) furniture of a church; (4) costly stuff (sem af skri einu vri gr seglin).
skr-hosa, f. hose made of a costly stuff (skr);
-hs, n. vestry.
skri, m. (1) ornaments, raiment, esp. church vestments (vegligum skra skrddr); (2) gear, tackle.
skr-kli, n. pl. fine clothes;
-kyrtill, m. a kirtle of costly stuff;
-sokkr, m. = -hosa.
skrf, n. hay-cock, corn-rick.
skrf-hrr, a. stiff-haired.
skra (-dda, -ddr), v. to adorn, embellish; refl., skrast e-u, to put on, dress in (s. hrklum, sorgarbnai).
skrfa (-a), v. (1) to stack, (s. korn); (2) with dat. to make stiff and bristly (hann skrfi sem mest hrinu).
skra, f. old scroll, book.
skrfs, f. coward, = mannskraefa.
skrfast (-), v. refl. to act like a coward, be a poltroon.
skrkja (-kta, -kt), v. to screech, shriek (hrafn skrkti htt).
skrkr (pl. -ir), m. shriek, scream.
skrkta (-kta, -kt), v. = skrkja (krka skrktir).
skrktan, f. shrieking.
Skrlingjar, the native inhabitants of Vnland in America.
skrma (-di), v. to glare, shine.
skrmast (d), v. refl. to flee, take to flight (s. undan e-m).
skrmi-hlaup, n. sudden onset.
skrœpa (-ta, -t), v. to feign.
skrk (dat. skrkvi), n. faIse story, falsehood, invention (hvrt at vri s. ea sannindi).
skrk-lauss, a. true (at er -laust at);
-ligr, a. false, fictitious;
-mar, m. fabler, liar;
-ml, n. fictitious story, falsehood.
skrkmla-samr, a. mendacious.
skrk-saga, f. fictitious story, fable;
-samligr, a. false, feigned;
-semd, f. falsehood.
skrkva (a), v. to invent a story.
skugga-lauss, a. shadowless;
-ligr. a. suspicious-looking;
-mikill, a. shadowy, dark;
-samligr, a. shadowy, suspicious.
skuggi, m. (1) shadow; berr skugga e-t, a shadow falls upon (ar bar skuggann sinn af fjllunum); bar hvergi skugga , there was no shadow anywhere; (2) shade of a hat (undan skugga hattarins); (3) shadow, spectre (henni sndist a kirkjan full af hri- ligum skuggum); (4) fig., ganga r skugga um e-t, to show one's mind as to a thing; hann ba Halldr ganga r skugga, hvrt, he asked H. to say plainly, whether; hann sagi sr vera mikinn skugga , hvat Magns mundi tlast fyrir, he said he felt much mis-giving as to what M. had in mind.
skugg-sj, -sj, -sjn, f. mirror.
skukka, f. wrinkle, fold.
skukkttr, a. wrinkled (of clothes).
skuld (pl. -ir), f. (1) debt; gjalda s., to pay a debt; kaupa s., to buy on trust; ganga s. fyrir e-n, to be bail

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