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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ykki mr er vr skiljum f., the sooner we part the better; sv sem f. sgum vr, as we said before; f. en, before (conj.), sooner than; (2) rather.
fyrri, a. compar. former;
fyrstr, a. superl. the first, foremost; hinn fyrra hlut vetrar, in the early part of the winter; hit fyrra sumar, the summer before last; yrir fyrri frndr, your ancestors; vera fyrri til e-s, at e-u, to be the first to do a thing; eigi fellr tr vi hit fyrsta hgg, a tree does not fall at the first blow.
fyrri, adv. (= fyrr) before, sooner, rather (fyrri skal ek deyja, en).
fyrr-meirr, adv. formerly, in former times, previously.
fyrrum, adv. formerly, before.
fyrst, adv. superl. (1) first; gekk Hrtr fyrst (foremost) ok kvaddi konunginn; sem f., as soon as possible; f. sta, directly, at once; (2) conj. (rare) as, since.
fyrsta, f., fyrstunni, i fyrstu, in the beginning, at first.
fla, f. (1) foulness, stink; (2) dirty fellow (= mannfla).
fsa (-ta, -tr), v. to urge (f. e-n e-s) impers., mik fsir, I am eager, desire strongly (mik fsir til slands, heim); refl., fsast, to desire, feel desirous or eager; also ellipt. (hann kvast eigi f. til slands at sv bnu).
fsi, f. wish, desire (= fsn, fst).
fsi-liga, adv. willingly, desirably;
-ligr, a. desirable, attractive.
fsn, fst, f. = fsi; e-m er fst at gera e-t, one is desirous of doing (or eager to do) a thing.
f , f. (1) fewness, scantiness; (2) coldness (in intercourse); f. er me eim, they are on indifferent terms; taka f., to become melancholy.
fgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to polish; (2) to cleanse (f. sr).
fkka (a), v. (1) to make few, reduce in number; (2) refl., fkkast, to grow cold, unfriendly (heldr tk at f. me eim).
fla (-da, -dr), v. to frighten, scare (f. e-n braut); refl., flast e-t, to be frightened at; hestar fldust, the horses shied.
fling, f. frightening.
flinn, a. shy, timid.
fr, f. sheep.
Fr-eyingar, m. pl. the Faroe Islanders;
-eyjar, f. pl. the Faroe Islands.
fr-eyskr, a. Faroese.
fta, v. to have to do with (f. um e-t).
ftka, ftta (a), v. = fkka.
fa (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to feed, give food to; (2) to rear, bring up (= f. upp); (3) to give birth to (fddi Bergljt sveinbarn); (4) refl., fast, to feed, live on a thing (f. vi e-t; to be born; to be brought up (= f. upp).
fa, f. food.
fi, n. food (= fzla).
fing, f. birth, delivery.
fingi (pl. -jar), m. native; vera f. e-u landi, to be born in a country.
fra (-a, -r), v. (1) to bring, convey (f. f til skips); (2) to bring, present (f. e-m e-t); f. e-m hfu sitt, to surrender to one; f. e-m kvi, to deliver a poem; (3) to remove (f. kirkju, f. b sitt); (4) with preps., f. e-t at e-m, to inflict on one; f. skmm at e-m, to sneer at one; refl., frast at, to bestir oneself; mega ekki at frast, to be unable to do anything; f. e-n, to mock one; refl., frast ftr, to grow up; f. e-n fram, to maintain, feed; f. e-t hljmli, to hush up; f. e-n kaf, to plunge one under water; f. sik tt, to vindicate one's kinship (by a gallant deed); f. e-n nir = f. e-n kaf; f. korn (s) nir, to put down corn (seed), to sow; f. e-t sundr, to split asunder; f. e-n til kristni, to convert to Christianity; f. til rtts mls, to turn into prose; refl., frast undan e-u, to quit (release) oneself of; f. upp, to put up (f. upp vef); to lift up (f. upp xina); to take out (f. upp mat r katli); f. t barveggi, to enlarge the walls of a booth.
fr, f. condition of the roads.
fri, n. (1) opportunity; komast vi e-n, to get a chance to attack one; vera frum til e-s or um e-t, to be able to do a thing; (2) what one is able to do (ekki tla ek etta mitt f.); (3) fishing-line.
fri-ligr, a. (1) practicable, easy, (2) friligr hestr, a strong horse.

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