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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-tr, f. deserted pen (for cattle);
-veggr, m. ruinous wall.
eyla, f. adder, = ela.
Ey-firingar, m. pl, the men of or from Eyjafirth;
-firzkr, a. belonging to Eyjafirth.
eyfit, adv. poet. not at all (e. hefi ek f; eyfit eitt, nothing at all.
eygr, a.= eygr.
eygja (-a, -r), v. (1) to furnish with a loop or eye (e. snru); (2) to look (til e-s, at one).
eygl, f. the ever glowing', poet. the sun.
eygr, a. having eves of a certain kind; vel e., with fine eyes; mjk e., large-eyed.
eyja-mar, m. islander.
eyjar-endi, m. point of an island;
-engi, n. meadow along a river;
-klfr, m. a small island close to a larger one;
mar, m. islander;
-nef, n. = -endi;
-skeggi (pl. -skeggjar), m. = -mar;
-skekill, -skiki, m. strip of an island, small island;
-sund, n. = eyjasund;
-vist, f. stay in an island.
eyja-sund, n. a strait between islands (ll eyjasund ok firdir).
eyjttr, a. full of islands.
eyk-hestr, m. cart-horse.
eyki, n. vehicle, cart.
eykja-fr, n. fodder for eyk(i)r;
-gerfi, n., -reii, m. = eykreii;'
eykr (-jar, -ir), m. beast of draught.
eyk-reii, m. harness of an eykr.
eykt, f. (1) half-past three o'clock, p.m. (var at nr e. dags); (2) time of three hours ( er gn hafi verit nr hlfa e.).
eyktar-helgr, f. = nnhelgr; -star, m. the place of the sun at half past three, p.m. (sl sezt -sta);
-t, f. = nnt.
eykt-heilagr, a. to be kept holy from eykt (half past three) of the preceding day, = nnheilagr.
ey-land, n. island;
-lendingr, m. islander.
eyma (-da, -t), v. (1) to commiserate, pity; e. sk, to lament; (2) impers., eymir af e-u, one feels sore after something.
eymd, f. (1) misery, wretchedness; sj e. e-m, to pity one; (2) stinginess, meanness.
eymdar-dagr, m. day of distress;
-ligr, a. piteous, pitiful;
-or, n. pl. wailing, lamentalion;
-t, f. time of distress or tribulation;
-tindi, n. pl. disastrous news;
-tmi, m. = eymdar-t.
eyra (pl. eyru), n. ear (eyrum hlir gestr, en augum skoar); setja hnefa vi e. e-m, to give one a box on the ear; leia e-n af eyrum, to get rid of one; koma e-m til eyrna, to come to one's ears, of news; hafa nef e. e-m, to put the nose in one's ear, to whisper to one, of a tell-tale.
eyrar-tangi, m. point of a gravel-bank (eyrr).
eyra-rna, f, poet. mistress, wife.
eyrendi, -indi, n. see 'erendi'.
eyrir (gen. -is, pl. aurar), m. (1) ounce of silver, the eighth part of a mark (tta aurar mrk); hringr, er stendr sex aura, a ring weighing or worth six aurar; verr at hlfri mrk vamla e., then the eyrir is equal to half a mark in wadmal; e. brendr = e. brends silfrs, an ounce of pure silver; (2) ounce (sv var haglit strt, at hvert haglkornit v eyri); (3) money in general, property; ljsir aurar vera at lngum trega, bright silver brings long, woe; ilir af aurum, a miser; gefin til aura (= til fjr), wedded for money; hann vissi ekki aura sinna tal, he knew not the tale (extent) of his riches; lausir aurar, opp. to 'fastr e', movables, chattels (lnd ok lausir aurar); frr eyrir (= frtt f, kvikf), cattle; (4) money, currency; Flosi spuri hverjum aurum hann vildi fyrir hafa, asked in what money he wished to be paid.
eyris-bt, f. a fine of an eyrir;
-kaup, n. a bargain to the amount of an eyrir;
-lag, n. the worth of an eyrir (-lag lrepts);
-land, n. land yielding a rent of an eyrir;
-skai, m. loss to the amount of an eyrir;
-tund, f. tithe of an eyrir;
-tollr, m. toll of an eyrir;
-ungi, m. the weight of an ounce.

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